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Book 1 Chapter 49: Past and Emotions


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Very short chapter.

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Roughly one thousand years before Hades requested his duties to be relieved of him, In the endless white space, the system was floating with his legs crossed as he stared at a screen that was displaying two Cosmos Level Beings fighting, presumably over supremacy as that was the usual cause for such beings to enter squabbles to the death. He continued to watch and was genuinely intrigued by how powerful the female one's immortality power was. He estimated that it would take nothing less of a divine level being to be able to permanently kill her, so he had already concluded who the victor was.

The fight ended after six short days. Upon which, the system rewarded the female cosmos level being with the title and dimension that belonged to the previous owner, as she had earned them, or so the laws the system followed had told him. He then sat there in the air for a few more decades just watching her, but he soon realised that she was doing nothing of importance or interest so he soon returned to checking all of the cosmos being's lives. He only had clearance to see the lives of beings up to that level which quickly got boring, but what else could he do? He knew nothing else.

After about four hundred years, a new cosmos level being was born. Astera, the Goddess of Light, or so she called herself. Her birth gave the system a lot more work than usual as she was the overly eager type. The system wondered why she couldn't just be like the cosmos level being peacefully living its life in its own little dimension. Why did she have to constantly summon heroes? It was a mystery to the system why Earth was the designated zone for summoned heroes. He did feel something akin to relief at the fact that he knew where to get the souls from each time they were summoned, but it was still a bit of a nuisance.

Four hundred years after that was the next, and probably biggest, event that was of interest to the system.


{Affirmative} he replied using his abilities as the system. Immediately afterwards, he sent a notification to the female cosmos being that was currently governing Earth. Then he moved the soul to her dimension after he created a temporary body for him modelled from his old one. The system then told the soul what to do and proceeded to fulfil its wishes to best of its ability. It then ran into an issue. The soul had asked to leave now and keep his power choices. This wasn't allowed by the system's laws so it immediately tried to deny him of his request.

[GRANT HIS REQUEST] the powerful voice ordered him once more. The system did as told and let the soul leave with his five remaining power choices. Shortly thereafter, he had used two more of his available power choices. It was about a month later that the soul asked for its eighth power. His next interaction with him was when the soul lost control of his emotions after fighting a group of humans and so the system tried to warn them that he had entered a hysteric mode but the humans either couldn't see or didn't hear, his announcement. 

System panicked a lot upon their next interaction. He had been ordered to save the soul's new life, by any means necessary. He didn't know what to do. The soul was being crushed to death by the pressure of a perfect scroll that he had accidentally created. After assessing the situation for a moment longer, the system deemed that the only way to save him in time was to possess him.

{Requesting permission to possess the soul's body in order to save his life}

[PERMISSION GRANTED] the voice instantly replied, as if it was waiting for the system to ask. After possessing the soul's body and consequently saving his life, something changed, something vital in the system had been altered. For the first time in its entire existence, it had felt emotions while it was possessing the soul's body, real emotions, not the simulated ones it usually experienced. For some unknown reason, the system sensed a very strong link towards the soul, no, the man, Lone Immortus.

When the soul regained his consciousness, it said that it considered him a friend, that it wanted to accept and help him however it could. This sparked something within the laws that were the very core of the system's existence. It gained an obsession, a drive, a passion. It wanted to be friends. It wanted that with the man, with Lone Immortus, it wanted it so much that the only thing in his vision was that goal, nothing more and nothing less. 

The next and most recent interaction it had with it's 'friend' was once more saving his life, only this time he wasn't aware of the system's involvement. He had been attacked and sent to the very edge of the planet, just shy of entering outer space. The system didn't even ask for permission this time. It immediately took control of Lone and assured his survival as he fell and hit the ground. It felt happy, so happy that it had been helpful, that it had assisted his one and only 'friend'.

It then had to deal with Hades's selfish request but it didn't mind. It took the system next to no effort controlling the underworld, in fact, he was far more efficient than Hades had ever been at it. He now silently continued to watch Lone, in hopes that he could once again, be helpful to him.

A note from Lone

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