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Book 1 Chapter 48: Victoria and System


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Lone then, after sitting back down, opened the box with the brooch inside of it and gently took it out. He then turned to Sophie who was still standing with a stupid smile spread across her entire face. She obviously knew what Lone was about to do, and it pleased her greatly. Lone moved his hand that was holding the brooch to hover just above her left breast.

"Here, Soph, this is for you. I hope you like it," Lone said with a hint of embarrassment in his tone while he pinned the brooch to the location his hand was hovering over. Sophie was so happy that she was about to burst out with emotions. This was Lone's first gift he had ever properly paid for and given her while thinking of her happiness. She pulled him into a hug as her eyes started to wet.

"Thank you, Lone, I love it," she said as her head cocked up to look at his face with a bright smile. James clearly saw all of these happenings and only smiled at the scene. He didn't know the relationship between the two, but he could tell they cared deeply for one another. It reminded him of his golden years with his wife. He and she had had many a moment that reflected similarly to this one, those were better days, or so he thought while he basked in his nostalgia.

"I'm glad," Lone smiled back. The sat down and continued to maintain a loving atmosphere while they waited for the tailor to return. Roughly thirty minutes later, a towering figure made its way through the entrance. This could only be Mrs.Lewickson, or so Lone had assumed. The figure quickly noticed Lone and Sophie after it had walked near the waiting area.

"Oh, my! The boy with the lovely tails! You've finally come back," she happily said. "I see you got your outfits, are you still here to receive your lessons?" she continued after she had spied the outfit boxes sitting on the coffee table, the coffee table that was positioned just across from where Lone was seated.

"Hello again. Sorry for not coming to your shop sooner, I really was rather busy. I never gave you my name the last time we met. I'm Lone Immortus, and this is my companion, Sophie Vladimirovich," Lone said as he fought back the disgust for the woman in his voice that was quickly raising its ugly head. He still hadn't forgotten whatever the woman had done to him when she took his measurements, apparently. Sophie had quickly grabbed seven of her best, fluffy, friends in an act to protect them as she couldn't hold the other two, unfortunately. She knew that the tailor was evil, she had clearly had her way with the tails, so she needed to safeguard them at all costs. Lone ignored Sophie's actions.

"Victoria Lewickson. So, about those lessons?" Victoria asked while she eyed Lone's now differently coloured tails and ears. She found these changes to very interesting. Lone couldn't tell the meaning behind her interest, so he chose to ignore it.

"Yes, if you have the time, I'd love to learn about Leatherworking now," Lone then replied to her question. He really did need to learn about this. The last thing he wanted was being forced to cover his entire body in bones again as that was very draining on his mana if he needed to constantly repair it during a battle.

"Excellent! Dumpling, since you got today off from work, be a dear and deal with the customers as I teach Mr.Immortus here a thing or two," Victoria said to James before she motioned for Lone to follow her through the back.

"Of course, Pumpkin, you can rest easy knowing that the customers are in good, no, great hands!" James happily replied, knowing that he was being helpful to his wife. The trio of Lone, Sophie and Victoria, then made their way to the back room after they heard his response. Lone noticed that there was a rather thick smell of something that he couldn't quite put his nose on. He also noticed a few racks with leather covered in some sort of sticky substance hanging off of them.

"Well then, I think I'll start by teaching you the basics, first is the different types of leather..." Victoria began explaining all of the different types of leather before she moved onto to explaining the tanning process in a fairly large amount of detail as she thought that this was the most vital part. After she was done with those explanations she moved on to live demonstrations of tanning, cutting, dyeing, shaping, branding and a few other techniques before she got both him and Sophie to leave. She told them to come back tomorrow for the next set of outfits and for Lone's next lesson.

"That went a lot more smoothly than I thought it would," Lone commented as he stroked Sophie's head a bit, he had to make sure that his petting skill was inactive since he didn't want to cause another scene in public. A beautiful young-looking girl having an orgasm in public would certainly not help Lone in any way shape or form right now.

Meanwhile, in a space similar to Sophie's summoning room, yet different due to its endlessness being of a white nature, floating in the air was a short, dark-skinned and fully naked, young boy with hair so long it exceeded his height by a fair amount.

"Friend... talk... again... when..." he said in a very crackly, mechanical voice to himself. It was an unfamiliar language to the boy since he had never had to speak directly before.


"Hades... yes..." the boy replied. He then connected Hades to him. He had no choice but to follow the orders of the voices, despite the boy own absurd powers and abilities.

"Ah. System? Yes, hello. I saw that a certain soul didn't find it's way to my underworld, so I was just wondering, y'know, do you mind if I stop being the keeper of it? You do it, I'm gonna live amongst the mortals for a while," Hades said with excitement in his voice.

"... Why?" The system asked. He was confused, why now? Why did Hades so suddenly wish to quit his job?

"Wow, you finally learned how to speak... even more proof of my reasons. Well, you see, that soul never showed up, like, at all. I at least see the summoned hero's souls before they go on their merry way. A Darren McCullen I believe? Anyway, even you've started speaking. I'm so bored sitting in the underworld just twiddling my thumbs. So let me have a change too please? You have no idea how boring walking Cerberus can get, even he doesn't want to go for walks anymore! It's ludicrous! So do me this one favour, please," Hades asked in a childish manner since he was feeling very jealous of all the new changes happening whilst he was left sorting through the dead.

"... Under... stood," the boy, System, replied.

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