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Book 1 Chapter 47: James and Brooch


A note from Lone

 I hope you enjoy.

Lone and Sophie soon reached the tailor shop and were greeted by yet another familiar face.

"Meatball?" Lone uttered in mild surprise. When he thought about it though, it made some amount of sense. The tailor was clearly just as large, if not larger than the man standing directly in front of him.

"The Foxkin customer? Huh? I was sure pumpkin said that you had pure golden tails. Why do you look so familiar?" Meatball asked as he stopped sorting the clothes in his sausage-like fingers. His wife had told him about a well-paying demihuman customer who had nine golden tails of the fox kind. Apparently, he hadn't shown up for three days, but his wife still created his clothes and made time each day to teach the man in the event that he actually turned up. His wife was a very caring soul, despite how intrusive she could be at times.

"it's nice to see you again, you work in the town hall, no? I purchased a house from you a couple of weeks ago. I hope you put my tip to good use," Lone said with his usual fake smile. The meatball stroked his chins for a moment before he nodded his head in a moment of enlightenment.

"Aha! Of course. How could I forget such a generous man? I suppose it's safe to assume that you are indeed the man that had made a deal my wife, yes?" he said with a brighter tone now audible in his voice.

"Indeed I am. I've merely changed my looks a bit," Lone said as he approached the man and stretched his hand out for a handshake. 

"And your fluffiness," Sophie giddily mumbled while she continued to fondle his tails. She couldn't think of anything more enjoyable in the world than cuddling these fluffy majestic creations.

"It's truly reassuring to know that you have such a wonderful woman as your wife. You're a lucky man," Lone continued while he tried to not cringe at his attempted flattery. The man then grabbed Lone's hand happily after hearing the compliment about his wife.

"Ah how rude of me, I never told you my name, did I?" the meatball asked in an embarrassed tone. "My name is James Lewickson." James continued. Lone didn't really care, but it was nice to know instead of calling him 'meatball' for the rest of his interactions with James at least.

"Lone Immortus, and my companion here is Sophie Vladimirovich," Lone said as he introduced him and the creature holding his black tips with zeal.  "It's a pleasure to properly meet you. Now, what should I do about my outfits and lessons? I know I haven't turned up to collect them in the past three days, I was quite busy, but I really would like to apologise to your wife, and hopefully receive them," Lone said as he put on a helpless expression while he separated his hand from James'.

"Strange names... well, my wife did create three outfits for you, if you'd like, I could collect them for you and you could wait here and maybe try them on as you pass the time until she returns?" James suggested. Lone was honestly surprised at how nice the man was now that he knew how well he had treated his wife. He didn't even seem afraid of him in the slightest. Lone reaffirmed his belief that money does indeed, tend to speak louder than words.

"That sounds fine. I'll just wait here while you do that," Lone said, to which James happily nodded. James then went past the counter before he passed through the door hiding being it. Lone then proceeded to sit down on a nearby sofa or sorts as the creature glued to his tails found it's way to his lap before it settled down and continued playing with his fluffy wonders.

Lone took the time that James was away to study the tailor shop in more depth since the last time he was here, he was far too focused on the shopkeeper as opposed to the actual shop itself. It was a decently sized shop, maybe 20x30 meters in size. The walls were covered in different materials, maybe there in an attempt to show the customers what was available exactly? There was a large variety of dresses and outfits lining the inner side of the glass windows that separated the shop from the street. The counter that seemed to be the area where the customers would actually process their purchases, had a numerous amount of glass cases with wooden frames. They seemed to house a wide selection of buttons and different types of brooches. This gave Lone a bit of an idea. After about five more minutes of waiting, James returned with three nice looking boxes in his pudgy hands.

"Here you are Mr.Immortus, three custom made outfits, created specially to accommodate your tails," James said before he placed the boxes in front of Lone on a coffee table that was in the centre of the waiting area he was seated in. Lone then stood up and approached the brooch counter.

"Mr.Lewickson, I was wondering if I could order several dresses to fit my companion here, and could I purchase this butterfly brooch?" Lone asked while he looked at the brooch in question. It was a bright blue butterfly in mid flight, it had a lovely golden trim to it and two green gems in place of its eyes. Sophie's own green eyes widened at this gesture. She obviously knew that Lone had no interest in wearing the brooch himself, so who could it be for, if not for herself? She was truly happy at how hard Lone was trying to please her despite his inexperience in dealing with people positively.

"I don't see why not. The brooch will be twenty silver and any outfit made for the young lady will cost roughly two gold, as I'm fairly sure it will need a lot of frills and lacing, correct?" James asked in a very professional and business-like manner, completely swapping from his normal, friendly attitude.

"That's fine, here are her sizes," Lone said before he handed James a piece of paper he had prepared before.

'How does he know my sizes?! Is it because he's always squeezing me with his tails?!' Sophie thought in a panic because she had no idea that Lone was privy to such information. Just what else did he know about her? Lone ignored Sophie's distressed face and then handed a small bag of coins over to James.

"Here's twenty gold and twenty silver. I'd like ten dresses made if that's okay and I'll take the brooch," Lone said with an incredibly handsome smile. James nodded vigorously before he collect the bag of coins and took some notes. He then took a small wooden box out from under the counter, and opened it to reveal a silk like substance that was lining the insides of the box, he then immediately picked up the butterfly brooch before gently placing it the box. After James was finished with that, he handed the box to Lone.

"Thank you for your patronage, Mr.Immortus," James happily said. Although is wife's store was rather popular with the nobility, it was still fairly rare to get such a large order from a polite customer.

"Thank you for your services, well, we'll just wait here now until Mrs.Lewickson returns," Lone replied as he sauntered off back towards the waiting area.


A note from Lone

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