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Book 1 Chapter 46: Possibility and Fluffy


A note from Lone

Kinda short one.

I hope you enjoy.

"I would like my ninth power to be a power that will only let me enter fights that I have a possibility to win, no matter how slim, a possibility must exist, if there is no such possibility, the attacker, whether it be myself or someone else, their attacks would never hit, regardless of how certain the possibility of it landing was. Also, make this power apply to all of my accepted beings as well," Lone said which greatly shocked Sophie. She felt so touched that Lone would use a precious power choice for something like this. Despite how good it sounded, it had a major flaw. It would basically cripple Lone's possibility to gain enlightenment during extreme fights. He could still have moments of enlightenment, but sometimes the impossible is needed in order to grow, or so Sophie believed.


{Implementing power}

{Implementation successful}

{Converting power into a suitable skill or title}


{No suitable skills or titles found}

{Creating suitable skill or title}

{Creation successful}

 After hearing the system's final announcement, Lone saw a familiar tinge of blue in his sight. This was obviously a notification since his power choice had been converted to be compatible with his gaming system. He quickly checked it to see if the skill was exactly what he had asked for.

Due to the host's desires, the title, Lord of Possibility, has been created
Title: Lord of Possibility
Effect 1: Makes fighting anything that the host cannot beat by any means possible to them, impossible
Effect 2: Makes any being that attempts to fight the host when the host has no possibility of winning, unable to move for 12 hours as a result of the laws that this title contains
Effect 3: All accepted beings of the host are affected by these laws in the same way that the host is
Restriction 1: the host cannot attack any beings who have been forced to stop moving due to effect 2
Restriction 2: Fate and luck are not factored into the activation of this title

"Twelve hours of not being able to move? Well, that's a nice bonus," after saying so, Lone then explained the new skill to Sophie which instantly lit her face up. She was happy that Lone would no longer be in life-threatening danger as far as fights were concerned, or at least he won't get into a fight he can't possibly win. She merrily nuzzled her head into his chest as she squeezed him a little bit more. Sophie then felt something ridiculously soft and fluffy stroke her face. She turned to look at the object only to find a black tipped tail staring back at her.

"Black?" she timidly asked before she slowly reached her hand out to touch it. It then suddenly shot towards her hand and wrapped itself around her wrist as it stroked her palm. "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" Sophie squealed with delight as she grabbed the other black tipped tails. Sophie wanted to experience as much fluffiness as she possibly could. However, before she could immerse herself in pleasure, the door opened.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything. Where did you come from, little girl?" George Leston the second asked since he clearly remembered Lone being nearly naked and by himself the last time he checked in on him. Who was this girl and where did Lone's clothes and armour sleeve come from? George then noticed that the girl was the same one that disappeared even from his detection just before his 'fight' with Lone three days ago.

"We all have our secrets," Lone icily said with hate clearly showing in both his tone and expression. This startled George a bit. He was wondering how someone he had almost killed by mistake could so clearly make his feelings of hatred known. Surely Lone was aware that George could easily kill him, no?

"I suppose we do. Care to share?" George said as he regained his composure. He had decided to ignore Lone's insulting attitude.

"Fuck you," Lone curtly replied. This also shocked George. He knew how smart and cunning Foxkin usually were, why was this one so insolent? He was at a loss for words. He needed to teach this brat who was in the higher position here, so he threw a full power punch at his face, but miraculously enough it didn't connect at all. His entire body stopped moving as the air generated by his blow harmlessly twirled Lone's naturally swept back hair around a little bit. Lone then sported his happiest smirk he had ever done so in his life.

"Aha, it seems that my precautions worked perfectly. I'll be collecting my glaive before I leave. I'll come back sometime soon, to visit George junior of course," Lone happily taunted the man as he stood up and walked out of the temporary house while Sophie trailed behind him and held a few of his tails. They were far too soft to let them go unattended after all.

'How?! He was powerless to me three days ago! What the hell happened?! I felt no magic at all, how is this possible?!'° George panicked in thought. He tried his best to move, but he just couldn't regardless of what method he attempted. He was stuck.

Lone and the small creature attached to his tails, then made their way towards the main house to search for Lone's weapon. They looked around for a short while, but it seemed that all of the maids and servants didn't know anything about the whereabouts of his weapon. The pair were soon stopped by Charles, though, the Leston, family butler.

"Mr.Immortus, the Master, asked me to give this to you," he said with an enormous amount of unhidden disgust pointed at Lone. He had apparently talked to the immobile George after Lone's new title had taken effect. He then roughly shoved the Alterion glaive into Lone's hands before leaving. Lone found this to be rather odd. Why did he return this clearly valuable weapon to him when he has just essentially frozen the man for twelve hours, but as far as George knew, he could be frozen for all eternity.

"What are you up to George?" Lone said out loud before he turned and left with Sophie. Lone was lost in thought since he was unsure of George's motives in returning his weapon so peacefully. The pair then made their way to the tailor shop first, as Lone had three days of clothes and lessons to collect. His plan was to then immediately obtain his status card after sorting everything out with the tailor.

A note from Lone

I'm sorry if you're not satisfied with Lone's new power, I personally think it's very powerful and a nice tool to work with from an author's perspective. If you think it's too strong, it is, but so is Lone. His last power is even more absurd, so look forward to that if you haven't read ahead yet.

Point out any grammar mistakes I missed, please. And any duplicate paragraphs, Grammarly copies them whenever I split paragraphs and I can't stop it, so point it out if I miss any of those.

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