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Book 1 Chapter 45: Frustration and Skills


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Lone closed his eyes and thought for a moment. He was angry. Angry at the situation he had been forced into, upset that he didn't know how he survived and angry that Sophie could have died if he hadn't quickly unsummoned her. He collected himself and took a moment to look at the notifications that had piled up while he was unconscious. He figured that since he was now alone, it would be an ideal time carefully sort through them.

Due to the host experiencing severe mana cancelling, Gained Skill:
Skill: Mana Cancelling Resistance
Effect 1: Dampens all forms of mana cancellation to varying degrees based on mastery level
Mastery: Beginner Level 4
Mana Cancellation Dampened: 8%

"I need to somehow get this skill evolved. If I can nullify George's power then maybe I can be the one sending the other to the stratosphere. Maybe I can trick him into levelling it up for me," Lone bitterly said to himself. He then resolved himself to somehow focus on this skill whenever he had the chance to.

Due to the host falling from the highest point on the planet and surviving: Skill Fall Resistance evolved:
 Evolved Skill: Fall damage Nullification
Effect 1: Nullifies fall damage to varying degrees depending on mastery level
Effect 2: Passively dampens all fall damage by 100%
Mastery: Beginner Level 1
Fall Damage Nullified: 2%

"First I fall from the sky, then the stratosphere... I wonder what I'd have to fall from to evolve it any further? What would be next, fall damage absorption? Can it even get evolved further?" Lone whispered to himself in frustration. He was upset that he didn't know how all of this stuff worked yet. Lone ignored this issue for now and continued inspecting the other notifications.

Due to experiencing extreme heats as the host moved exceedingly fast, Gained Skill:
 Skill: Heat Resistance
Effect 1: Dampens all heat damage to varying degrees based on mastery level
Mastery: Advanced Level 8
Heat Damage Dampened: 56%

"Just heat, not fire? Is there a separate skill or is it an evolution of this one? Is this just heat in general then and fire would be magic based? I guess testing is needed," Lone wondered as he noticed the skill only specified heat as the thing being resisted.

Skill Passive Regeneration has levelled up in mastery
Skill: Passive Regeneration
Effect 1: Passively heals all wounds to varying degrees based on mastery
Effect 2: Passively regenerates limbs at varying degrees depending on mastery
Effect 3: Can be temporarily boosted by sacrificing SP, or at a much less efficient rate, by sacrificing MP
Mastery: Intermediate Level 7
Increased Regeneration Rate:

Passively heals 64HP each second

Passively heals wounds and regrows limbs at 64% of maximum efficiency

 "I really need to start hurting myself to max you out," Lone said since he fully realised just how critical this skill was in preserving his life.

Skill Mental Pain Resistance has levelled up in mastery
Skill: Mental Pain Resistance
Effect 1: Dampens mental pains to varying levels based on mastery level
Mastery: Expert Level 6
Mental Pain Dampened: 72%

"Well, that helps I guess. I won't need to endure it quite as much now I suppose," Lone remarked as he saw his new mastery level of his Mental Pain Resistance skill. He had grown rather accustomed to the pain he felt when he used all of his mana, or just simple overdrew it.

Due to the host experiencing a third bloodline awakening, Race Evolved:
Evolved Race: Golden Fox of the Void
Effect 1: Grants immunity to all forms of darkness or black magic
Effect 2: Grants the control and rage stats
Effect 3: Grants maximum affinity for darkness and black magic
Effect 4: Enables you to learn void related skills
Restriction 1: Makes it impossible to hide the host's racial traits with a skill, magic or by other means
Stat, Control: Grants extreme control over the host's own emotions and makes it easier to keep a clear mind
Stat, Rage: Grants extreme power when the host is in a rage induced state but makes it so that entering such a state is easier based on how angered the host is

"Wow, a lot of ups and downs huh... well at least Soph will be happy that I can't hide my traits anymore... oh! Soph!" Lone commented as he remembered his companion that was still housed inside of her summon room. He knew he had unsummoned her, obviously, but he forgot how much she hated the summoning room, hence why he was a bit startled right now when he remember she had been locked inside for three days. Lone Immediately unstored some clothes and an armoured sleeve of the old design before clothing himself and equipping it. The ritual to summon Sophie was then performed. She appeared on the floor, curled up in a ball and Lone could hear that she was sobbing slightly. She was still wearing the same black lace dress, stockings and shoes Lone had unsummoned her wearing, but her hair was a complete mess.

"Lone? UUUUU!" She wailed as she shot up and hugged him tightly. Lone returned her hug in kind as he sat back down on the bed. He was about to apologise before he was promptly interrupted by the girl sobbing in his arms.

"I-I thought you were dead... what would I do if you had di-died? I was so scared of being alone, being trapped in the summon room for eternity..." she cried into his chest. Sophie was more scared this time than she was after Lone had made the legendary level 5 contract because at least she knew he would be taken care of by Grimsley in that particular instance, but this time? All she knew was that Lone was attacked and he immediately unsummoned her to protect her.

"I'm sorry, Sophie, I won't ever let anything like this happen again," Lone said with regret and determination flooding his voice. He then took a moment before talking to one of the beings that he fully trusted. The one being that he owed everything to, that had saved his life, and that had given him a chance to fulfil this one.

"System, I've decided what I want for my ninth power choice," Lone said to the only other being beside Sophie and Grimsley that he trusted with his life.

{Affirmative, please state the nature of the desired power, user, Lone Immortus}

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