A note from Lone

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George Leston the Second then threw a well-timed and soft punch when he had neared Lone, at least by his standards and it was aimed directly at Lone's face. As soon as the two met, Lone tried to swing his glaive into George's abdomen but failed to connect his attack as he was hit by the incredibly fierce and powerful blow that George had prepared while running straight to his him. Lone was instantly sent rocketing back through the courtyard while all of the bone armour covering his face was smashed to pieces. A large impact was made as he slammed against the nearby wall, almost breaking it, he then slumped to the floor.

"I didn't kill him did I? That punch should have been easy enough to handle if received by a level 100 at least... just how low is his level?" George thought out loud in worry. He had no intentions to kill Lone, at least for the meantime.

A spitting sound could suddenly be heard from the area that Lone had landed. His mass of bone armour suddenly started to shift and move.

"Fuck fuckfuckfuckfuckFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!" Lone shouted before he accidentally activated his Rage Skill. His bones instantly turned black as he spat out a few more clumps of dark fluid, presumably blood. All of the now black bone armour started to contort and contract until it settled into an ominous looking set of heavy bone armour that was littered with spikes and skulls.

"... I... will... destroy... you..." came an incredibly cold, almost death-like voice from the full bone plate helmet that now covered Lone's face. The only part of his body that was now visible was his tails, which now had black tips and his now bright void-black eyes.

"What the hell? Well, that's not very reassuring. Is he a new golden variant type? This is gonna be hard without killing him... what a pain, this was just meant to be a test," George mumbled in dissatisfaction at the changes Lone had just displayed. He quickly jumped to Lone and punched him in the chest this time blasting him up into the air. He wanted to end things quickly now that the circumstances had changed. Lone barely had any time to react at all which was amazing considering he was running off of 95% instinct right now. As he was free falling through the air during his decent, he started to laugh manically.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... PERFECT... MORE... STIMULATE ME MORE... BATTLE... WONDERFUL!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs to George. Lone then destroyed the ground with his weight as he landed in a kneeling position before screaming a battle cry and charging at George with his alterion glaive in hand.

"Did he lose his marbles? That's a scary skill, or magic... I've never heard of it, class related maybe?" George wondered aloud while he continued not to take Lone seriously. As soon as Lone had reached him, George axe kicked Lone in the head before he shuffled to the right to avoid the spear.

"Wow, that's a great quality weapon. I'd better be a little bit more careful, who knows, you might hit me, eh boy?" George had teased before he started the hear more laughter coming from Lone.

"hahahaha... hand," Lone said along with a giggle. This caused George to check his right hand. His face instantly hardened upon looking. There was a small cut noticeable on his palm.

"I guess I should take this a little bit more seriously. Even with that poor technique, you managed to nick me. Impressive," George complimented while he licked his wound with a wicked grin plastered on his face. His long blue hair then started to sway violently as he had clearly activated a skill related to gravity of some sort.

Lone suddenly found himself floating in the air just above where his body was firmly planted.

"Be careful on your way down, okay, boy?" George said as he kicked Lone as hard as he possibly could upwards. George then turned to where Charles and his son were standing.

"Charles, go bring a bed out here and build a house of some kind, use your wood magic. He won't be returning for an hour or so," George said to his butler before he cracked his neck and walked off. Both his son and Butler gulped audibly at the implications of George's words before Charles moved to do as he was told. He then moved his hands in a strange fashion before several wooden beams sprouted out from the ground as they quickly took the shape of a simple house. He then created a simple bed before leaving to collect some bedding, medicinal ingredients and bandages. George Leston, the Third, simply stood there, dumbfounded.

'No way... he took four hits from father... how was he alive after the third? Do I really want him as my friend?George stood there in thought for about forty minutes thinking over the matter. He loved procrastinating quite a bit. His time-wasting activities were soon cut short by the sound of something quickly falling through the sky, almost like a meteor.

It was certainly covered in flames like a meteor would be due to the ridiculous friction and speed it was experiencing. It then smashed into the ground, creating a huge crater that just missed the new wooden house. Charles walked up to the crater and saw Lone sitting in it, completely red, most likely due to bleeding too much. His Bone armour was splintered and missing chunks all over. Charles didn't even care to check if he was alive, he just picked him up and moved him to the bed he had created, after that, Charles bandaged the areas that he could as he didn't want to remove Lone's armour in fears of causing even more severe injuries. He was a butler after all, not a healer.

A few days quickly passed after this and Lone hadn't even moved during his recovery these last few days, but now he had suddenly awakened.

"Urrrgh... oh god... I feel like shit... what happened?" Lone mumbled while he struggled to move.

"Don't move, idiot! You're still healing!" a familiar voice said to him. He turned his head slightly and opened his eyes just enough to see the owner of the voice. Its owner was a person he knew, not very well, but he did indeed recognise her.

"Good morning, Lilith. The last time this happened, I was out for a week, how long was it this time?" Lone asked the familiar librarian.

"You're not surprised it's me?" Lilith questioned Lone's surprise as she failed to hide her own. She wasn't sure how Lone had known, or at least not been surprised by her being from the Leston family.

"You all have blue hair, and your brother mentioned having a little sister who lived in the library, it's pretty obvious," Lone pointed out in an attempt to mock her surprise. He was getting very bored of the topic, and his indifference was starting to slip out.

"I guess that makes sense, huh... oh, em, you were unconscious for three days, Daddy gets a little rough if you manage to hurt him," Lilith sheepishly said as she was clearly embarrassed by her father's battle habits. It would seem it was a somewhat common occurrence.

"Rough? The guy flung me to the stratosphere more or less, how is that rough by any standard of the word? Wait, three days? What about the Guildmaster?" Lone said sarcastically before he followed up with a new found concern. He was trying to ignore the fact that he was alive. Undoubtedly, he should have died. Lone had no answer for his survival though, so he could only note it down and try to learn from this experience.

"It's fine, Daddy talked to him, and he agreed to wait until you were healed before having the meeting with you," Lilith patiently explained to the patient. She, and her entire household, even the Guildmaster were astounded at how Lone had survived. They were also amazed at how quickly he healed, he had already healed about 4% of his injuries, which was amazing considering he was barely alive when he fell.

Lone noticed the lack of his bone armour and grey steel armour sleeve, he assumed his bone armour had naturally deactivated after six or so hours and his armour sleeve was unfortunately completely destroyed due to the pressure of his ascent and following descent.

"Ah well, I guess I should heal myself, eh?" Lone rhetorically asked before he started channeling all of his mana into healing himself. His bones started to quickly crackle and snap as the physical pain was soon replaced by mental suffering.

"Wow... that's... is that how you got your hand back? Amazing, I'll go get Daddy!" Lilith mumbled before she exclaimed. She then ran off, leaving Lone by himself. He noticed that at the end of each of his tails was a black tip. If he had a mirror, he would see that the same was true of his ears and his eyes black centre had expanded its radius a little bit. It would seem that a lot of unexplainable things had happened to Lone recently.

A note from Lone

I'm honestly quite proud of this chapter's title. Black for Lone's traits and blue for the Leston's hair, but black and blue also symbolises getting beaten up. I spend like 20 seconds on my titles usually, hence why I'm proud of this double meaning one.

Point out any grammar mistakes I missed, please. And any duplicate paragraphs, Grammarly copies them whenever I split paragraphs and I can't stop it, so point it out if I miss any of those.

A big thank you to all of my patrons.

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