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The trio and their escort soon arrived at the estate after Lone and George had been given enough time to experience a good chance to catch up with each other, although there wasn't much to talk about since it had only been two weeks since the two had last met. The only main points of interest were that Lone was actually a demihuman and that George's father had returned from a war with a wyvern colony and had received an extremely large amount of battle merits which consequently resulted in his peerage elevating to that of a Duke's.

A tall and slim man who was wearing a well-tailored suit approached the trio as soon as he got word of the young master's return. Sophie was in somewhat of a daze. It would seem that she was phenomenally bored and just wanted to lie down and sleep or something.

"Welcome back home, young Master George. I take it that you must be the nine tails that the young master was tasked with collecting?" the butler asked in doubt upon seeing Lone's human appearance. Lone had still yet to release his racial traits after hiding them from when he met George.

"Ah! I forgot because I was enjoying my talk with sir Leston on the way here, Lone Immortus, it's a pleasure to meet you... ?" Lone said as revealed his foxy features. He was quite curious about this apparent butler, he gave Lone a very dangerous feeling, not quite on the level of the Guildmaster, but he was certainly stronger than Lone by a very wide margin. The butler's eyes flashed a dangerous light before he regained control of his emotions, it seemed that he had some sort of history with Foxkin, or perhaps just demihumans in general.

"My apologies. I am Charles Xavier, the household butler in service to the Leston family," he said in apology while he bowed down which fully exposed his bald head. Lone blanked for a moment. He was wondering if his good hearing skill was working properly.

'You're fucking with me, right? Charles Xavier? And he seems to not like demihumans and can walk just fine from what I can see,'° Lone thought as he marvelled at the inconsistencies. It was funny to him that this Charles seemed to dislike those different to humans when that was all the fictional one had ever lived for.

"The Master wishes to see you immediately, Mr.Immortus," Charles said while he ignored Lone's obviously conflicted facial expression. It was like he had recognised him, but he wasn't the way he expected him to be which annoyed Charles. He knew that the fox clan was a very crafty bunch on most occasions. They don't have much individual power usually, depending on the variant, but regardless of the variant, Foxkin were always crafty, always. Hence why he was so distrustful of Lone despite just meeting him and Lone's clearly falsified facial expression only amplified this prejudice of Charles's.

The group then followed Charles after Lone had accepted his master's summons. The four of them left the courtyard and headed towards wherever George's father was. Lone found himself being pleasantly surprised at the abundant amount of art in the hallways. There were paintings, statues and even different types of exotic flowers. Upon seeing his expression, George deemed it necessary to explain a little bit to his new 'friend'.

"All of these belong to my younger sister, although she's rarely home to even view them. I think she spends most of her time in a library of some sort, probably reading I'd imagine," George said with jealousy in his voice. He wished that he too, could laze about all day in a library.

The group soon reached their destination after George's explanation. They were now standing in what looked like a training courtyard of sorts. As soon as they had reached the middle of said courtyard, a sharp whizzing sound made itself known before Lone quickly shifted his body to the right. A moment later, his clothes by his left leg tore as a cut was displayed on his thigh before it quickly healed itself. Lone's gaze turned serious. Everything was telling him that someone several, if not hundreds of times stronger than him had just attacked him.

"Well, well, well, you certainly move fast considering you're roughly 600 levels lower than me," a powerful voice boomed. Lone started panicking, he immediately activated his aura to the maximum output that he could while he tried to find the source of the voice, but as soon as he activated his aura it suddenly disappeared.

"Now, let's not have that false bravado being flaunted around here, show me what you're made of, Fox," the man said before he showed himself to Lone at last. It was now clear to both George and Charles, who the assailant was.

"Father?" George asked in fear. He feared his new friend would be receiving an epitaph a little bit earlier than he should have. George Leston the Second only smiled at his son before he moved to attack Lone once again. Lone was frightened, he could hardly think, there was no talking his way out of this and he was clearly the weaker of the two.

'Shit shit shit shit shit! I'm fucked! Why is he attacking me?!' Lone frantically thought before he unsummoned Sophie and prepared his spear. He then covered his entire body with bone armour. He was choosing to make his last stand. Lone knew he didn't have enough time to use his ninth power choice nor did he have the abilty to flee, Sophie could only teleport a short distance right now so that wasn't an option. If he was going to die here, he would die together with George's father. He immediately activated his only viable trump card. A skill he didn't want to use since it seemed to work against anything and made things far too simple. Lone had used Mental Destruction.

Nothing happened. George's father was still slowly approaching him.

"Oh, magic huh? That was pretty powerful, too bad I'm immune to magic, better luck next time, eh?" he joked after feeling Lone's magic then seeing his hopeless expression.

"Fuck," Lone said before he moved to attack the colossally stronger opponent. As he did this, Charles went and grabbed George Leston the third before he moved away so he didn't get hurt in the one-sided fight that was about to begin.

"That's the spirit boy!" George Leston the second shouted before he too began to lightly run at a speed that matched Lone's pace. It would appear that he had no plans to outright destroy Lone. Perhaps he was testing him?

A note from Lone

Just wanna say that this isn't a cheap way to show Lone is a small fish in a big pond, it's just a poor match up and there are other people weaker than George who can do this to Lone, but also stronger people that Lone can kill with Mental Destruction. It's his cheat skill that he doesn't wanna use since it's not fun.

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