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Book 1 Chapter 42: Father and Hostility


A note from Lone

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Earlier that day, before George had met with Lone, he was currently meeting someone he would rather avoid if at all possible.

"Why did you call me here, father?" George said in a somewhat more timid tone than usual. He was addressing a tall, well built and clearly strong man who appeared to be in his late 40's. The man was sitting at a desk that looked to be situated in the centre of what looked like a meeting room of some kind, with bookshelves a-plenty and paper reports lying on top of nearly every surface they possibly could.

"George, my boy, I just got word that someone is being protected by the adventurers guild's Guildmaster. This, someone, killed the hero, well no, he forced the hero to kill himself to be accurate, he also miraculously managed to persuade the Goddess of Light, Astera, to not interfere. We must, I repeat, we must get such a person to join our household or at the very least, feel indebted to us. We've only just received our Dukedom due to my exploits, our position is far too weak on the noble's social ladder. I want you to find and befriend this person before you bring them back here to meet with me. You are the most sociable and easy to get along with out of your siblings despite your many flaws. I would do it myself if I didn't have so much paperwork to do at the moment, so do this favour for me please, my son. Here's his description," George's father requested of his son as he handed him a rough drawing of a bone covered man with nine tails visible behind the drawing of the demihuman.

"Okay father, I'll try my best, is it okay if I use Fredrick and his knights to assist me in this task?" George asked as he was honestly not very eager to perform this task his father had assigned him. Thankfully for George, his father nodded in acceptance at his son's request. Shortly after seeing his father's agreement to his selfish, but still reasonably desired aid, he left the room to go prepare to leave in search of the mysterious man. It didn't take him long to find everything he needed so he quickly set off. Sadly George had no desire to please his father, all George ever wanted was to live a simple life, he didn't mind running the occasional errand like now, for example. However, if he could, he would completely avoid such tasks in favour of lazing around like the ignorant sloth that he really was. He soon found the man in question after roughly an hour or so of searching.

Back to the present time, Lone stared at the well-dressed youth who was sitting in a nearby carriage for a moment before he seemed to have recognised him.

"George?" Lone asked with a mild hint of uncertainty in his voice.

"My apologies, you look familiar, but I can't seem to put a name to your face, regardless, my father requests your presen- AH! Lone?!" George started saying in a monotonous and mechanical tone before his surprise took over. The nine tails had hidden his racial traits in a clear attempt to raise his recognisability.

"It's been a couple weeks since our last meeting, sir Leston, I'm sorry for my rude actions during your journey that you were kind enough to let me accompany you on. As you can see, your language lessons have paid off astronomically," Lone said with a small bow because he didn't want any trouble with the noble he was now standing in front of. Just moments before George could respond, Fredrick noticed Lone's armour sleeve, but he clearly remember him having only one hand, so he immediately made his suspicions clear to all.

"You! How did you get such a finely crafted and clearly unique armour sleeve? And what is that glaive made out of? it doesn't look like iron or steel to me," Fredrick asked with hostility clearly held in his voice. He was upset that the man that his Lord had placed so much importance upon was merely the illiterate commoner that was suspiciously clean. 'Just what kind of stupidly absurd luck had this bumpkin gone through?' was all Fredrick could think of at the unfairness of the whole situation.

"I made it and the glaive was a gift," Lone said dismissively while purposely being vague. "You mentioned that your father was looking for me, sir Leston?" he then continued to ask George. This action infuriated Fredrick to no end. He, a Knight-Captain, sworn to serve a Duke, was being brushed aside as if he was dirt on the road? However, before he could do anything more George replied.

"Yes, Lone, my father, George Leston the Second wishes to meet you, would you mind coming with us? Oh and please call me George, I taught you how to speak, so we're clearly friends, right?" George explained as he followed up with a clearly excited question. He felt truly accomplished, he had never done anything of real worth in his life before, but now a commoner that he had invested two days of time into teaching had appeared as a powerful new player in the city, but most importantly to George, he could speak clearly now which was the most important fact as far as George was concerned.

'Maybe I really should apply for The Academy?' he thought, further convincing himself of his prodigious talent for teaching.

"I don't particularly mind, I had no plans for the rest of the day. Is it okay to bring my companion along with us too?" Lone asked after mentally confirming that he had no plans until his meeting with the Guildmaster tomorrow afternoon. The companion in question was firmly glued to Lone's side in fear of the large group of knights, there were at least twelve of them this time as opposed to the five that were escorting George on his return trip to the capital when Lone had originally met him.

"I don't see why not, come, get in the carriage, talking will liven up the return trip, I'm sure," George answered with a smile at how much fun he anticipated the ride home would be now that he had reacquired his talking partner from two weeks ago. The convoy then made their way back to the Leston family estate after Lone and Sophie had made their way inside the carriage. Fredrick never stopped emitting hostility in his eyes for Lone as he stepped into the carriage. While Lone and George were talking, Sophie was still glued to Lone's side but she was no longer as afraid as she was outside because she was inside the carriage now, away from the knights and she was distracting herself with a much more serious matter.

'Why my sweets... uuuuu... my precious, precious sweets' she cried to herself. It would seem that this Cosmos Level Being valued her treats very highly.

A note from Lone

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