Lone: The Wanderer



Book 1 Chapter 41: Tailor and Déja-vu


A note from Lone

I hope you enjoy.

"Hello?" Lone called while he walked into the tailor shop, oddly named 'The Spun Pig'. In response to his call, a door behind what looked like a counter, opened up revealing a tremendously large mound of flesh that appeared to be living as it moved and owned a face or a large collection of chins, it was difficult to tell the difference unless inspected very closely, which was something that Lone has absolutely no intentions of doing.

"Yes? How can I hel- oh my, those tails! You absolutely must let me make you an outfit to suit such wondrous things!" a clearly female voice coming from the apparent face exclaimed after seeing the tails swinging from Lone's hips. In response to this, Sophie collected as many of those swinging tails as her little arms could hold in a clearly defensive manner. It appeared that she was threatened a bit by the tone of the 'woman's' voice.

"I don't really mind, but I need to learn how to work leather. Would it be possible to work out some sort of exchange?" Lone asked as he moved to stroke Sophie's soft, golden braided hair with his left hand and stroke the rest of her with his tails in an effort to reassure her that his tails did indeed, only belong to her and that she needn't worry about them so much. The 'woman' put one of her hands on her many chins for a moment, as an act of apparent thought.

"Let's see, for each set of clothes that you let me make for yourself, I'll teach you one lesson about Leatherworking and I'll sell each outfit to you for one gold, which I'll have you know is rather cheap for my particular brand of work," she replied with hints of arrogance in her tone as a piece of what looked like cured ham made it's way to her face with her free hand. Lone marvelled at the sight before him for a moment. He then took a small pile of golden coins out of his dimension but made it look like he had withdrawn them from his coat pocket.

"Here's twenty gold coins, as a down payment, I imagine that there are quite a lot of different types of leather that I need to learn how to work with, no? And I would rather not pay you every single time we make a transaction," Lone suggested as he handed the coins over to the tailor's outstretched hand that was occupying her chins only mere moments ago. She took the small amount of coins immediately before turning around and re-entering the door she came from. As she did this Lone turned to Sophie, which consequently made her let go of his many, fluffy tails.

"You wait here, okay Soph? I imagine that she needs to measure me now," Lone said with a slight shudder before continuing. "So I want you to wait here until she's finished, okay? It shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes, or so I'd think," Lone finished his sentence as he lightly patted the girl he was talking to on her golden-brown, braided and soft head of hair once more.

"Okay... I can sit here for fifteen minutes, just... don't let her touch any strange places... okay?" Sophie requested with clearly visible upturned eyes. Lone immediately nodded his head in response. At this point, the tailor returned with a few measuring tools in her hands.

"Well now, let's begin," she said before she walked into what looked like a changing room of sorts. Lone then after a final head pat, followed in after her. Fifteen minutes later, he walked out looking clearly disgusted, but otherwise fine. The tailor made a few notes in a black notebook that paled in size compared to the palm that was holding it while she moved her way back towards the counter.

"Come back tomorrow, I'll give you your first lesson then, and maybe your first outfit, I'm not sure if I can make it in one night or not," she said dismissively as she walked past the counter and through the door of her original emergence. Lone then grabbed Sophie's hand and forced her to stand before he tightly hugged her. Sophie had no idea what had happened, but she could tell that Lone was close to tears.

"I need to stop feeding you sweets; I won't let you get like her, ever," Lone said this in an almost broken voice. Sophie started crying at this. Why? Why her sweets? She was a Cosmos Level Being! She couldn't put on weight, even if she tried to! After the couple had wallowed in their collective misery for long enough, they left the tailor shop and made to return home, as the afternoon was quickly becoming night.

Meanwhile, a certain nobleman, a youth, was busy complaining towards his escort as per usual.

"How is it possible that we haven't found him yet? I say, we're a Duke household now, thanks to father's exploits in battle, surely finding one man can't be that difficult, right?" the noble youth asked his Knight's Captain as he rode a lavish looking carriage through the street. The Captain gave an inaudible click of the tongue at the boy's clearly abundant ignorance.

"The capital is very large, Sir. There is also a wide variety of free and enslaved demi-humans living in the city, so finding one in particular, no matter how rare or common his variant is, will be a difficult task, Sir," the Knight Captain responded to the youth's question to the best of his ability. The noble in question then thought for a moment about the Captain's words.

"Ha-ah, I suppose you're right but surel- what's that? Ahead of us on the road," the youth asked before he pointed at the thing of interest. The Knight Captain suddenly and without warning, experienced an extremely strong sense of déja-vu before turning to look at the gestured area. There stood a nine tailed man with golden fur on each of his bushy tails. He was holding the hand of a very young looking girl and was quite well dressed. The nine tails turned his head upon hearing the sounds of the horses pulling the carriage before he spotted the young nobleman. His golden, black centred eyes widened a little bit in surprise at the appearance of the young noble, and likewise, the noble's blue eyes widened as he apparently had had the exact same realisation as the nine tails.

"George?" the nine tails suddenly asked.


A note from Lone

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