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Book 1 Chapter 40: Emotions and Groping


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Lone quickly returned home after dropping Shana off at Grimsley's Smithy. Once there, he deactivated his bone armour but kept his sleeve on as he wasn't sure if anyone would target him for his earlier actions in the adventurers guild. He then went to the bedroom and resummoned Sophie once again. After the ritual was complete, the girl in question appeared in front of him. She then immediately took control of his lap before realising that he had once again, abruptly unsummoned her.
"Ah, Lone! I told you not to unsummon me like that! What happened with you and the Hero after you unsummoned me?" Sophie asked after telling him off. She a bit upset at Lone sending her back to the summoning room so abruptly, but it hadn't been very long since then so she wasn't too peeved by it. Lone then narrated what happened to the Hero, the Goddess, the slaves, the Guildmaster and Grimsley.
"You made the hero do what? Wow... a lot happened... but I don't get it, why do you look so upset?" Sophie asked in confusion.  She had noticed that during the entire time Lone was telling her of today's events, he seemed a bit upset and he was squeezing her a bit more than usual with his tails which he only ever did to relieve stress.

"Grimsley happened," Lone said while he started petting Sophie's head lightly.
"What? I know you, Lone. Despite how touching them meeting again was, you would never be affected by it like this, at least I think. What's wrong?" Sophie said with her voice overflowing with concern and love for the man she was sitting on.
"His emotions. I think some of them transferred onto me. I'm not sure yet, but I think the feelings of my accepted beings will be transferred to me in outbursts of extreme emotion. Grimsley was experiencing sadness. So much sadness, it was honestly quite startling. I can't imagine what he feels like right now considering what I'm feeling like right now is only a portion of what he's going through," Lone explained his theory to his laps occupant. Sophie's face quickly contorted into one of confusion.
"I don't understand. Basically, Grimsley was sad which made you sad?" Sophie said as she titled her head back to look up at Lone's face.
"Yes. Something like that. But if you felt something a lot, like for example, happiness, then I would also be subject to some of that happiness, I think," Lone said in an attempt to get Sophie to understand what he thought he was currently enduring.
"That's good!" Sophie exclaimed as she beamed a bright smile which reached the face she was gazing into. This baffled Lone. What did she mean? Lone had clealy made it obvious that this was a negative thing. This could easily become an issue of misunderstanding between the two if it was not resolved soon. Upon seeing Lone's confusion, Sophie chose to further explain.
"I-I mean... if-if I feel a lot of love for yo-you... then won't you feel it too?" Sophie explained her newfound realisation in embarrassment. Lone just dumbly stared at her for a moment. This had clearly stunned Lone into a stupor. How could he forget how his na├»ve minded lover thought about things? Sometimes it was better to have a simple outlook on things as opposed to a complex one, Lone discovered. He just observed his laps resident for a moment before gently lowering his head and planting his lips onto her small, pink ones.
"Thank you, Sophie. Really, this is why I love you, never change please," Lone requested as he squeezed her a little bit more with the assistance of his tails. Her face instantly bloomed into a deep shade of crimson before she managed to form a response.
I-I'll try not to... and y-you're welcome... for whatever you're thanking me for..." she uttered in embarrassment. She didn't mind Lone's affection, in fact, she craved it, but her innocent heart couldn't take sneak attacks like that one Lone had just issued her.
The two then continued to sit and canoodle for a short while until Lone decided it was time to practice his spearmanship once again. He then went to the manor-like house's garden with Sophie in tow before he took his alterion glaive and a few books out of his dimensional pocket. He then handed the books to Sophie before he stored his armour sleeve, coat, shirt and undershirt to avoid ruining them with sweat. Next, he took a stance with the spear in his right hand and began practising.
Stab. Swing. Slash. Slash. Stab. Slash.
Lone continued to attempt to get a feel for the weapon as a certain Cosmos Level Being tried her hardest to pry her eyes away from the exceedingly sexy, sweat covered man.

'Uuuuu... stop it Sophie... control yourself... uuuuu... it's so much harder to not stare at those muscles now that I love him... uuuuu,' She tried to tell herself as she struggled to fight down the urge to jump into his warm, sweaty, large embrace. Fortunately, she knew that it wouldn't be wise to and would only serve to disturb Lone when he was practising, regardless of how captivating he looked. After she had resolved herself to read, three hours quickly passed by as the two immersed themselves in their respective activities.

"So slashing seems to be the easiest to do huh... I guess that's to be expected from a glaive, but isn't this thing too damn heavy? I've only read about alterion, but is this thing even usable by most people? Although I suppose most people would use two hands, huh?" Lone questioned aloud, breaking Sophie out the world of the book she was reading. She looked up at him, controlled her lust, and then spoke.

"Are you done now, Lone?" She asked after hearing his pondering. She was honestly, rather bored as she was only reading to learn, which she enjoyed, but the children's books that she was reading could use a lot more story, and a lot less princess's and dragons.

"Yeah, all done for now," Lone answered as he noticed the lustful look in Sophie's eyes. A brilliant spark of inspiration hit him. He felt that killing the Hero wasn't exactly the best stress relieving method. All he needed to do was mess with someone really, and his joke with Grimsley got gravely affected by his reunion with his niece, so why not mess with his very own lover?

"Hey, Soph. Wanna wipe my sweat off for me?" Lone said in as disinterested a tone that he could make while throwing a white towel at her. She briefly looked at the towel before looking back at Lone. She had then suddenly disappeared before reappearing in front of him. Her hands then quickly started scrubbing and feeling his chest and back all over with the towel being the only thing from turning this into a full on groping session.

"Holy shit. Y'know, I was kind of joking... did you teleport here?" Lone asked in disbelief. Had the girl really wasted her valuable power to just feel him up?

"Err... maybe?" Sophie meekly replied as she immediately stopped wiping Lone down at his question. She had in her haste to take his offer, indeed teleported, just in case he suddenly decided to change his mind as she made her way to him.

"You're cute. Maybe I need to increase our cuddling time?" Lone said to the ever shrinking Sophie. He felt quite pleased as his stress started the vacate his mind at his success, or was it a failure? Either way, he felt happy at the eventual outcome. After petting Sophie a bit as an apology for teasing her, he got fully dressed again and rearmed himself with the armour sleeve before the two headed out.

Their destination was one of the best tailor shops in the city that Grimsley had recommended to them. Lone wanted to arm himself with some light armour to compliment his sleeve, and so they were going to try to get him a teacher so he could learn how to create some, much like they did with Grimsley and smithing.
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