A note from Lone

Quite short, but the original was like 700 words long. I added some thoughts from Lone but otherwise, I left it mostly untouched. Also, I removed Grimsley's translation, it was too out of place, just ask in the comments if a particular word makes no sense to you.

I hope you enjoy.

Lone quickly noticed the way that the two Dwarfs were looking at each other and he decided that now would be as good a time as ever to get his revenge on Grimsley for the time that he called Sophie Lone's daughter.

"Oh? You two know each other... wait... don't tell me... no, Grimsley, I thought better of you! To think your old flame would be this young Dwarf... I'm going to have to lower my opinion of you now," Lone said with a straight face and a serious tone. He internally thanked his Actor Skill for not letting his built up inner laughter from escaping. Grimsley took a moment to process what Lone had just said.

"... Oh for fooks sake lad! Firs' ye come up te ma door lookin' like a mass murder'r with a girl 'oo looks just like ma dead niece, Shana, then ye go an' say I had a thing wea 'er? Fook ye," Grimsley replied in a fit of rage. It was a miracle that his face hadn't ruptured from all of the blood vessels that were visibly pulsing on it at a rapid pace.

"Hahahahaha... .oh that felt good... Grim, you were too easy, are all Dwarfs so easily wound up?" Lone said to the angered dwarf while he ignored how easily wound up he too could get. The two then started bickering a little bit, not seriously as Grimsley now knew it was just a joke, but suddenly the two were disturbed by the sob filled voice of the Dwarf girl.

"U-Uncle, Grimey?" cried a very weak, almost inaudible voice. At the sound of it, Grimsley stopped. Grimsley had only ever had two nicknames in his life, one his new friend and student, Lone, had gifted him, Grim. However, the other, the other he was only called by his six-year-old niece who had gone missing, presumed dead four years ago. Grimey. A name he never thought he would ever be called again.

"Shana?" Grimsley said with a choke and doubt clearly lacing his voice.

He didn't dare believe, how could he? He, and he alone had searched for his precious niece for three long years. The three longest years of his life, those years had led him to this city. Those three years were the longest years of his life. How could he ever forgive himself when the daughter of his brother who had died far before his time, had gone missing while in his care? How could he deserve the hope that his friend had delivered to him? He couldn't. He deserved to be punished. He wanted to be punished. How could he possible face her when he gave up his search after just three short years? Simple, he couldn't. The only problem was that he had to, he could tell his niece still looked at him with the same eyes, those same eyes filled with hope, life, vibrancy, but most importantly, filled with love.

That one word was more than enough of a confirmation for Shana. This Dwarf in front of her was indeed her uncle. She immediately moved as quickly as her little feet would take her, she moved, she walked, she ran. She had found the one person she needed right now, the only person who cared for her anymore. The person she missed the most during the last four years of her life. The one person that gave her hope, a reason to live, a reason to continue, to push through the strife, the hardship, the pain. The worst chapter in her story, but now she could feel relieved. Put her guard down. Let herself be protected, to be cared for, to be loved. She jumped into her dear uncle's chest and sobbed her heart out in joy and sorrow.

Grimsley had no idea what to do. His niece needed him, to say it was all okay now, that he was here. But where was he the past four years? He didn't know what to do until he felt a large, care-filled hand gently pressed onto his back.

"It's okay," was all its owner said. Lone had seen the two and was reminded of his past and has visions of his future. He used to love his parents before their disappearance dearly and could somewhat understand Shana's feelings. However, this situation scared him. What if he lost Sophie one day only to find her several years later in a state similar to Shana's? Lone know this was next to impossible, but the thought still chilled him to the bone, hence why he know Grimsley needed some support right now. He then walked away from the pair in a rare moment of tact for him.

Those two words were all that Grimsley needed. Permission. Not to forgive himself, but to accept his failure, his betrayal of her heart, her still overflowing love for him. Permission to leave the past behind, not to forget it, but to move past it. He had been given a chance. An opportunity. He had to take it, grab it, control it. If he didn't take the one chance fate had given him, then what was he to do? He had to be here for Shana.

"Thank you... thank you, Lone," Grimsley said as he teared up and finally returned the girl's hug.

"Fate huh... what a fickle bitch," Lone mumbled to himself while he walked through the city with bitterness clearly overflowing from his voice. It would seem that he was similarly having thoughts of the mysterious force known only as fate. Today's events had left its mark on all participants.

A note from Lone

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