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Book 1 Chapter 37: Astera and Gilbert


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"W-Wait! T-The sla-slaves! Y-You can-can h-have t-them!" Daisuke uttered amidst the sound of his chattering teeth since he was still exceedingly frightened of the man holding him by the throat, despite being the hero of light.

[Well now, isn't that interesting. Dwarf girl, come here] Lone ordered the petite, girl with shaggy but short red hair. Suddenly, her feet started to move towards Lone without her control nor her consent which scared the girl nearly senseless. She knew that she could resist this, but she felt like it would be wrong. Like she had to obey this man. Shortly after that, she was standing right next to the intimidating figure that was Lone.

Lone moved his empty hand to hover above the young Dwarf's head which scared her even further than she already was and this action made everyone else present curious to what his next move would be. They were all rather unsure as to what Lone wanted to do after all since it seemed like he wanted to make a point, but everyone knew it was impossible o break contact collars hence their curiosity.

[Contract release] Lone said while everyone present was staring at him, then suddenly, a golden light radiated off of the girl's collar before the entire thing shattered into a million pieces. The Dwarf girl slumped onto the floor into a heap of sobs when she realised exactly what had just happened to her. Lone had somehow broken her unbreakable contract collar.

The entire collection of people who saw this while being under the effect of Lone's aura had one common thought, 'The hero is fucked.'

[Daisuke, you're running out of bargaining chips] Lone told the Hero in a light-hearted manner since he was greatly enjoying the situation he had put the Asian man in. Daisuke's pupils dilated, and he began to panic when he noticed how terrible his current situation was. This was even worse than when he nearly got executed by the King for trying to molest his daughter, the Princess.

'I need help! Oh Astera, Goddess of Light, here my plea, please, save me!' Daisuke screamed in prayer. He then used his one and only opportunity that he was allowed to summon his Goddess to assist him in a clear attempt to save his life from Lone's hands.

Suddenly, a flash of dazzling white light appeared which was shortly followed by the sound of bells ringing. These two things quickly subsided after five seconds or so. Everyone in the hall then immediately noticed that a new being was present in the room, hovering closely above Daisuke.

A woman who was tall, busty and beautiful was wearing a light toga and was clearly surrounded by a constant aura of light which complimented her long, curly blond hair. This was the appearance of the being that had appeared.

[Who dares attack my faithful servan-... you, who are you?] the woman asked Lone while she floated in the air as she was eyeing him carefully. She had obviously answered the summons of her hero, but the aura Lone was emitting was giving her chills. She was rather inexperienced after all, despite being a Goddess.

[You may address me as Lone Immortus, who are you?] Lone replied cautiously. He felt the same sensation from this woman that he did from Sophie when he first met her, so he assumed she was a Cosmos Level Being which he obviously couldn't defeat. That is assuming he didn't wish to waste a power choice on dealing with her and ruining his journey to power.

[Please forgive me for not recognising someone such as yourself straight away. I am Astera, the Goddess of Light. Might I ask you for the reason of my servant's treatment?] she carefully responded while every pore in her body was telling her it would be wise the stay in this man's good graces. Astera wasn't sure why, but she had the feeling that Lone could kill her if he was forced to. Such intuition belonged to all beings at her power level.

[His eyes sullied my companion, and I dislike his treatment of these young girls. I am losing my patience. Leave us now] Lone answered before ordering Astera to leave. He was very stressed by her arrival; he could only hope that his aura and persuasion skills could pull him through this situation.

[Of course. Thank you for dealing with this unfaithful servant of mine. No true hero bound in service to me would ever think of doing the things that he has] Astera had said before she left in very much the same flashy manner that she arrived in. Although she valued her hero, she could easily summon more, and it was one of her hobbies to do so. This action caused Daisuke to lose all hope and spirit. What could he do when even his goddess had abandoned him?

Due to the host manipulating a cosmos level being successful, Skill Persuasion has evolved into the skill:
  Skill: Greater Persuasion
Effect 1 Increases the chances of people listening to and being persuaded by the host's words to varying degrees depending on mastery
Effect 2 the host can force any being weaker than them to do their will once per month regardless of the request
Mastery Beginner Level 1
Increased persuasiveness 4%

[AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha... oh... this is just perfect," Lone commented while he stopped channelling mana into his aura mid-sentence. He then threw Daisuke onto the floor since he was still holding the hero by his throat before he took a moment to think.

"Hahaha, Daisuke, I forgive you," this sentence of Lone's shocked everyone present. Why would he forgive Daisuke when Lone had just threatened a goddess in order to kill him. They immediately understood after Lone's next words, though.

"I forgive you, so castrate yourself before you kill yourself, as a show of good faith okay, buddy? I order you," Lone said as he crouched down and lightly slapped Daisuke on the face with his bone armoured hand. Lone then smiled before walking away.

"Slave girls, come with me, you too dwarf. Whoever collects and gives his belongings to me after he has completed my order shall earn my favour and five gold coins. I don't want to dirty my hands with his corpse," Lone said after pointing at the 'hero.' This offer caused a few of the quicker witted and stronger ones amongst the crowd to move around Daisuke to wait for him to finish completing Lone's order.

The slave girls cautiously looked at Lone and then slowly followed Lone while he headed towards the closest reception desk.

"Ah... ah... no... NOOOO... .AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Daisuke screamed while he castrated himself against his own will causing him to vomit a bit. He then moved his sword against his neck as he began weeping. The sword then found its way through his throat, causing a large flow of blood to exit his new wound. Daisuke then died while he gurgled on his own blood and vomit. The surrounding adventurers then started fighting amongst themselves to claim his possessions in order to offer them to Lone.

Lone had reached the counter at this point and found it to be empty. Lone was about to leave the guild and planned to return tomorrow, but an elderly man then suddenly appeared in front of Lone, as if he had been waiting for him. He was wearing a long Chinese-styled robe, he also had very long white hair that was tied in a ponytail, and he held his hands behind his hunched back in a sage-like manner.

"Hello, I'd imagine your request would require a little bit more attention than we're used to here. Please, follow me," the mysterious old man politely asked Lone before he walked off. It seemed that he too was affected by Lone's title, Lord of The Cosmos and his previous aura.

"And who might you be, sir?" Lone asked with caution. He didn't want to start a conflict with a person of power again so soon.

"Sir? Who? Little old me?" The elderly man asked while he turned his head to face Lone. He then laughed a little. "I'm the Guildmaster. But you, you can call me Gilbert," he continued saying with a smile before he resumed walking away. Lone thought for a moment, but then followed Gilbert while the slave girls followed Lone.

A note from Lone

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