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After confirming his success, Lone stopped manipulating his bones, forcing then to go back into his skin after about two minutes of being used since he was about to run out of mana entirely. He then stored his new glaive and armour sleeve before heading up to the bedroom that now only had one king sized bed in it instead of two single ones. Lone then stored his clothes and put on his new pyjamas before he summoned Sophie again.

Sophie immediately appeared sitting on the bed wearing her own pyjamas. Lone then got on the bed, revealed his racial traits and wrapped Sophie in them before the two went to sleep while cuddling. They had started doing this four days ago after Sophie had asked if it was okay and Lone didn't see why not as it was only cuddling. Lone also wanted to try developing their relationship in some way or another, and this was perfect as far as Lone was concerned.

The next morning, after waking up and getting dressed, Lone went over today's plan with his companion, Sophie.

"Well, I've finished learning from Grim for now, and he gave me this powerful glaive which is a real shame. I was gonna make and use a sword spear but this is much more powerful, and I can't create one as strong as this without killing myself from overdrawing my mana, which I'd personally like to avoid," Lone said to himself as he took the Alterion Glaive out of his dimension and gazed at it briefly.

He then took out and equipped his new armour sleeve and its harness, before he strapped the glaive onto his back by putting it in a leather sheath of sorts that was a part of the back of the harness. Lone then briefly explained his bone manipulation to Sophie when he was asked what the holes in his armour were for by Sophie since she was a bit curious as to why he had made it like that. Lone then continued with telling her today's plan after she understood his reasoning for the holes.

"Grim told me that the 'hero' frequently visits the Adventurers Guild and I really want t- No, I really need to fuck with him. Cuddling and kissing you can only relieve so much stress," Lone said before he took a second to think. "And I should really get some ID from there if I want to go to an auction as I'd imagine I won't be able to bribe my way in there that easily. So that's what, three birds with one stone?" Lone further explained to which the now properly dressed Sophie nodded. "So let's go, oh and no need to wear your blindfold now, you look more beautiful with your eyes on display, which is perfect for my plans," Lone added after seeing her putting her blindfold over her eyes.

"Eh... okay... if you say so," Sophie said with a blush before taking Lone's right hand with her left one. The pair then left and grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Inn before they reached the Adventurers Guild.

It was an enormous building made from stone, and it looked almost like a huge inn. There was a relatively large amount of people in and around it. They were all dressed like adventurers with robes, leather armour or heavy armour and they were all carrying a variety of weapons. Lone felt that he seemed a bit underwhelming right now since he looked fairly ordinary with his nice clothes and armour sleeve.

'In for a penny, in for a pound... if I'm humiliating the hero today, I may as well show off a bit, right? My fame won't earn itself,' Lone thought as he entered an alleyway and activated his bone armour to cover the left side of his upper body including his face. 'Now, let's have some fun,' Lone concluded in thought while he left the alleyway.

As soon as he was on the main road, Lone released all of his hatred for people by thinking of his parents, the banker, the 4300 goblins, the 500 or so Tusk Boars, the pirates, the slaves, the Foxkin and how Sophie had been treated by 'God'. Lone then saw a blue screen just before he was about to enter rage mode unintentionally.

Due to the host's title: Lord of The Cosmos, and all of the hatred and bloodlust the host is releasing, Gained Skill:
 Skill: Extreme Aura of Dominance
Effect 1 All beings who feel the host's aura will feel the oppressive urge to lower themselves in the host's presence if they have a lower status than the host or are weaker willed than the host
Effect 2 Passively active at the lowest possible level
Effect 3 Can be increased in intensity and even solidified if enough MP is sacrificed
Mastery Not available due to the nature of the skill

'This is perfect!' Lone exclaimed internally. He then walked up the first set of stairs that led into the building and subsequently entered the Adventurers Guild.

Meanwhile, in the Guild's main hall, the most recently summoned Hero was heading towards the reception desk with three young girls trailing behind him.

"Come on girls, let's turn the quest in," the short, black-haired, Asian man of around 28 years of age, dressed in white armour with a golden sword strapped to his waist, said to the group of three, roughly ten-year-old girls who had metal collars covered in runes that seemed indestructible placed around their necks.

"Y-Yes Daisuke-sama!" the three girls replied in fear at the same time to him.

'Yare yare, they were sold as sex slaves, so why are they so scared of me just because I fucked them?' Daisuke said to himself internally as he approached one of the reception desks. 'Ha-ah, if only I had another loli to play with then I wouldn't need to fuck these ones so hard all the time, why are these three the only beautiful ones around? Maybe because they're demihumans?' Daisuke thought, but his train of thought was then interrupted by a commotion happening at the entrance.

It seemed that a man with an intimidation aura who had half of his body covered in bone had entered while holding the hand of an astoundingly beautiful little girl who looked no older than ten years of age. 'Her! She's the one! I need to own her!' Daisuke screamed in his mind after he had seen the girl. He immediately approached the two, and as he reached them, the intimidating man spoke.

"You're the hero, Daisuke Tamiko, right?" he said in English while he noticed Daksuki's gaze that was clearly lustful as he looked at the beautiful girl.

"English? Another hero?" Daisuke said in confusion. The man then scanned Daisuke's slaves and their expressions. A Foxkin, an Elf and a Dwarf. All girls and all around ten years of age who looked terrified of the hero.

"I can save them this time it would seem," the man said sadly but clearly with hope in his voice. However, his face was alarmingly emotionless. Daisuke was confused by the man's muttering, but before he could even ask was he meant, a feeling of helplessness overtook him as a humungous, phantom-like golden fox head appeared above the man's body.

The fox head looked so frightening, it looked like it was demanded everyone in the guild to submit and revere the man and if they refused it would devour them whole in response.

[Change of plans Sophie, I'm going to kill him] The man said in a domineering voice before the young girl, Sophie vanished, seeming into thin air. [Now, let's have some fun, shall we? I'll tell you what, since you're new to this planet; I'll let you hit me once before I kill you] the man said in a belittling voice.

"Shit... SWORD OF THE GODDESS!" Daisuki screamed as he stabbed his holy sword into the man's chest causing a blinding light to come off of it. After he had waited for a moment, he pulled his sword out from the man's chest; everyone looked at the results of his attack. They were all paralysed with fear upon seeing the results.

The man's wound had healed almost instantly, and his torn clothes also fixed themselves. He then walked slowly towards the shaking hero and picked him up by his throat before speaking once again.

[Well, that certainly tickled, I guess it's my turn now, no?] he asked lightly with a small chuckle. It would seem that this man was having some fun.

A note from Lone

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