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Book 1 Chapter 34: Window and Departure


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"Fook off lad," Was Grimsley's exceedingly direct reply. This really surprised Lone and made him wonder why Grimsley had denied him so bluntly. However, before Lone could even start cringing at the Dwarf's response, Grimsley spoke again. "'Owever, if ye pay me fifty silv'r a day, I'll train ye, (However, if you pay me fifty silver a day, I'll train you,)" He said with a large grin.

"Ha-ah... of course, that's fine, I'll make a common rank scroll, and we can sign on it, okay?" Lone said as he started stroking Sophie's body with his tails as a form of stress relief at the earlier trick Grimsley had played on him. Lone didn't like being fooled, and Sophie wasn't complaining at his attention. She was clearly enjoying her fluffy fortress as made evident by her closed eyes and upturned lips.

"Sure, but it bett'r bloody be comm'n rank this time. Yer no fookin' up ma hoose on top of ma smithy, (Sure, but it better bloody be common rank this time. You're not fucking up my house on top of my smithy,)" Grimsley said as he warned Lone not to create a hole in the floor like the last scroll did with its absurd pressure.

"Don't worry. I have more control over it now." Lone said as he slowly closed his eyes. Grimsley immediately got up and stood next to the window, fully intent on jumping out of it if the situation went 'tits up', as he would say.

Lone then used effect one from his latest title to make a common rank contract scroll, free of cost. Mere moments later, a white scroll appeared in his left hand, and he lightly grabbed it with his gauntlet. Lone then slowly stood up while holding Sophie with his free hand and tails to make sure she didn't fall as he got up. He then let her stand on the ground before he created a simple pen. Then he walked over to Grimsley and started reciting his oath.

"I, Lone Immortus, hereby swear to pay the other being contracted by this agreement an amount of fifty silver coins per day as it teaches me it's craft and I shall also pay an additional fifty silver coins per day if the other being contracted by this agreement teaches me it's home language, lest I be struck down by the power held in this contract," Lone said in his own voice this time before he signed the contract with his name in English once again.

Grimsley raised an eyebrow at the added condition but didn't particularly mind as his home language was no secret. "I, Grimsley Metalborne, hereby swear to teach the other being contracted to this agreement all of the requested things at the contracted price, lest I be struck down by the power held in this contract," he said in his own voice before signing his name in Dwarfen. He then immediately opening the window and proceeded to jump out of it swiftly.

Lone then heard a shout from below, so he hid his racial traits and moved to the window. "LAD! IS MA BEDROOM SAFE?!" Grimsley yelled from the street half as a muse and half in seriousness.

"YES, IT IS!" Lone said as he too jumped out of the window while holding Sophie. He soon landed perfectly without taking any damage thanks to his Fall Resistance skill. "That was fun, I should do that more often," Lone mumbled while the passing people gave both him and Grimsley weird looks.

"... Please... please don't," Sophie weakly said while she still clung to Lone's waist extremely tightly. It would seem that the sudden exit had frightened the little cosmos level being. After she had collected herself, though, the three made their way back to the smithy.

Meanwhile, at the Foxkin clan, two young crimson-tailed Foxkin had just returned. "ELDER! ELDER! WHERE ARE YOU?!" a frantic and high pitched voice screamed as loudly as it could.

"Tiera?!" The elder exclaimed when she found the source of the voice. She saw Tiera pulling Trella along with her as fast as she could in the hallways while she was apparently searched for her, the Elder.

"What happened?! Where's the nine tails Foxkin?! Why are you so panicky?!" the Elder quickly asked in succession. She could see that the two children were fine more or less, but the golden variant was nowhere to be seen.

"ELDER!" Tiera had shouted before she jumped into the Elder's chest. She then immediately started crying and didn't calm down despite the Elder's attempts.

"Trella, what happened?" She asked the sibling who didn't seem to be an emotional mess. He jumped a bit at her calling his name but then started to narrate what had happened to them upon finding and meeting the nine tails. After he was done, he found himself lying on the floor. He had been slapped.

"You fool! You immediately insulted him?! You of all people should know how emotional we Foxkin can be! You should be thankful he spared your life let alone healed your leg!" the Elder shouted in anger. It was a commonly known fact that most beastkin were very emotional, especially the Foxkin, hence the Elder's anger at Trella's actions.

"Ha-ah... but nature, space, illusion and that strangely powerful life magic. Just what have you been through to awaken so many affinities let alone awaken your bloodline twice in a month, you poor, poor child," the Elder wondered aloud. "Tell my daughter that I shall go myself, I must help the boy personally. I'm leaving immediately," she said to Trella.

"Y-Yes Elder," Trella replied in fear. He had never been hit before by another clan member let alone the elder so he could tell how serious she was about this entire matter. However, before Trella could say any more, the Elder disappeared from sight, leaving the two children by themselves in the hallway.

A note from Lone

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