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Book 1 Chapter 33: Legendary and 971


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"So, I guess I'll start by saying that everything said from here on is a secret and will not, I repeat, will not leave this room, am I understood?" Lone firmly asked Grimsley. He knew that the contract should prevent anything he was about to tell Grimsley from leaving the Dwarf's lips, but Lone was the type of person to get easily paranoid over such things.

"Aye, ye are. I dinny want te get off'ed by the contract, now satisfy ma curiosity, boy, 'fore I lose ma temp'r, (Yes, you are. I don't want to get killed by the contract, now satisfy my curiosity, boy, before I lose my temper,)" Grimsley impatiently replied. He was very interested in what Lone had to say for himself regarding these matters.

"Well, I guess the biggest thing would be that neither Sophie nor myself are from this world," Lone said as a stupid smile found it's way onto Sophie's face since Lone had started to gently squeeze her with his golden tails which she obviously loved.

"Ah, so yer like that 'ero 'at show'd up a few weeks back, (Ah, so your like that hero that showed up a few weeks back,)" Grimsley assumed. It would seem that this world received its fair share of otherworlders from Grimsley's nonchalant statement.

"What, hero? No, we're not I'd imagine, please, you don't happen to know his type of sexual preference do you, assuming he's a male?" Lone eagerly asked. He had just found a new way to relieve stress. Lone could only hope that the hero was a stereotypical one like from the stories back on Earth.

"What? 'e's a guy alrig't, real creepy too. 'e 'as a thing for the wee uns', though, I guess so de ye, (What? He's a guy alright, real creepy too. He has a thing for the little ones, though, I guess so do you,)" Grimsley replied with disgust overflowing from his tone. It would seem that he detested relationships with minors, which was perfectly understandable.

"Hey, now I've thought of something fun to do... hehehe... oh, by the way, Sophie here is around 1000-years-old, and if you're assuming we're in such a relationship, then you're right, but I'm not interested in her body. I love her for her personality," Lone said, shocking Grimsley into disbelief. For one he couldn't believe Sophie's apparent age and secondly, he found Lone's honestly regarding their relationship to be strange.

"971," Sophie stated as she pouted. However, she was also trying to hide a growing blush from Lone's words. Almost any girl would adore it when a man she had feelings for said they loved her for her character and not her looks so genuinely.

"There you have it, by the way, I'm 25-years-old. Now go ahead and ask as many questions as you'd like," Lone said cheerfully; it seemed he was somewhat amused by that exchange. He could sense a feeling of closeness being created between him and the Dwarf. 'Hmm? Is this how my accepted being are decided? Odd.' Lone thought upon feeling the sensation.

"Ha-ah... fine. First, what ar' ye two, real'y? (Ha-ah... fine. First, what are you two, really?)" Grimsley asked Lone. This was the most important question for now as far as he was concerned.

"Well, I guess I should properly introduce myself. Lone Immortus, The Lone Wanderer, Lord of The Cosmos, Surgeon of Death, Lord of Contracts, nine tailed golden Foxkin, blah blah blah," Lone answered by listing his titles then race before he got bored and rudely ended his sentence which caused nothing more than a raised eyebrow from Grimsley.

Lone noticed this, but just shrugged his shoulders and squeezed Sophie a little bit more with his tails. It would seem that they had revealed themselves while he was unconscious at some point but Lone didn't care too much. His tails then surrounded all of Sophie except for her face which made her look very adorable.

"Your turn now Sophie, try your best," Lone said in an attempt to encourage her to speak the local language since she was still somewhat unfamiliar with it.

"Sophie Vladimirovich... creator... cosmos being... human," Sophie said as she struggled to speak the words save for her name.

"Great job," Lone said as he kissed the top of her head. Sophie just lowered her head in a blush. Grimsley eyed the two quizzically.

"Ye sure she's yer lover an' not yer daught'r? (You sure she's your lover and not your daughter?)" Grimsley joked. He found the pair to be a nice couple of people. The two seemed rather genuine to his eyes which livened his attitude when dealing with them.

"Oh fuck off. She's still learning the language here. Next question," Lone said in a tone that clearly wasn't very amused. He didn't like being made fun of, but he wasn't particularly angry since he knew it was just a joke.

"HAHAHA, fine, fine, so, wanna tell ma what te fook 'appened with te contract? (HAHAHA, fine, fine, so, wanna tell me what the fuck happened with the contract?)" Grimsley replied after having a quick laugh at Lone's response.

"I'd like to know what happened as well, let me check," Lone said before he used his new skill Contract Appraisal on himself for the first time ever.

Target has two contracts bound to them
Target name: Lone Immortus
Contract Type Held Contract Rank and Level
Summon Contract System Issued
Mutual Agreement Contract Legendary Level 5

"Hmm, it seems like I created a legendary level five contract when I thought of a perfect contract using one of my skills. How rare is that, Grimsley?" Lone asked as he assumed it was a pretty high level. Grimley's eyes had practically fallen out, and his jaw was now as wide as a snake's.

"Legend'ry lev'l five?! Fook me. Thanks, lad, had ye not smack'd me upside te head with 'at spear, I'd certainly be mush attach'd to ma smithy floor by now. And I've nev'r heard of a contract bein' higher ranked than ultra rare, (Legendary level five?! Fuck me. Thanks, lad, had you not smacked me upside the head with that spear, I'd certainly be mush attached to my smithy floor by now. And I've never heard of a contract being higher ranked than ultra rare,)" Grimsley said while he wiped the cold sweat from his brow away.

"Well, it was my fault for making it so irresponsibly in the first place," Lone stated in an attempt to deny Grimsley's thanks since he felt like he didn't deserve them.

"Right, well, last question, why'd ye wanna learn 'ow to Smith from me and can ye prove yer tal'nt now? (Right, well, last question, why did you wanna learn how to Smith from me and can you prove your talent now?)" Grimsley asked his final question. Lone closed his eyes which had a slightly larger black dot in the middle of them now. This action caused Grimsley to panic.

He thought Lone was going to create another stupidly powerful contract again. However, before he could flee, a dark grey metal armour sleeve and a leather harness appeared on Lone's left arm and chest respectively.

"I can create anything, but the more knowledge I have on what I'm creating, the less burdensome it is on my mana to create the things I have knowledge on. A really fun and balanced power. That's why I want to learn, to make armour and weapons for a more reasonable mana sacrifice than right now," Lone explained in enough detail for Grimsley to understand the general ability of Lone's skill. "That's why, please teach me your craft, Grimsley Metalborne." Lone earnestly requested.

He then bowed his head slightly which made his chin rest on the currently silent Sophie's head. Grimsley took a moment to think and then replied after coming to a decision.

A note from Lone

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