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Book 1 Chapter 32: Waste and Contracts


A note from Lone

 I hope you enjoy.

"Urrrggh... where? Where am I?" Lone said as he sat up in confusion. It seemed that he was in a bed in an unfamiliar room. Before he could think about where he was for much longer, Lone heard a voice coming from his left side.

"Mornin' sleepin' beauty. You bet'r have a damn good reas'n for fookin' up ma smithy an' for sleepin' in ma bed for a week, (Morning sleeping beauty. You better have a damn good reason for fucking up my smithy and for sleeping in my bed for a week,)" The voice to Lone's left side said in anger and curiosity. It was mostly filled with curiosity, though, thankfully.

"Grimsley? Wait, a week? A WEEK?! FUCK!" Lone shouted in frustration at the amount of time he had been unconscious. This was far too long a period of time as far as Lone was concerned. All of the things that Lone could have done during this period were replaced by simple sleeping, which upset Lone.

"Fook, dinny scare ma like 'at. What's wrong? (Fuck, don't scare me like that. What's wrong?)" Grimsley asked in response to Lone's outburst. Lone stayed silent before he suddenly plunged his hand into his chest which greatly frightened Grimsley. "WHAT THE FOOK DE YE THINK YER DOIN'- huh?" Grimsley had shouted before he asked Lone in confusion.

The girl that had disappeared when the contract was signed between him and Lone had appeared once again as soon as Lone had pulled his hand back out from inside of his chest. Such a thing wasn't unheard of. Grimsley was aware of similar summoning magic rituals that summoned a being of some sort. Each ritual was unique to the beings involved, but Grimsley had never heard of a humanoid being a summoned being before, hence his surprise.

"Grimsley, leave us, please. I will tell you everything after we have had a moment to ourselves," Lone asked Grimsley as he kept eye contact with the girl that had appeared from seemingly nowhere. His gaze was fierce yet full of feelings of regret and apology.

Grimsley only nodded before he left the room, he was a rude man, but even if Lone had a lot to answer for, Grimsley still knew that now would be a good time to act tactfully towards him. He had waited a week already, what was a few more minutes? After Grimsley had left the room, Sophie jumped onto Lone and started wailing uncontrollably while punching his bare chest.

"IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!!! I thought you might have died... hic... I was so worried... idiot..." Sophie wailed into his chest while she weakly slumped onto him after losing her strength from hitting him.

"I'm sorry," Lone whispered in Sophie's ear as he stroked her head and back gently. He didn't say anything else because he didn't need to. All of his feelings were conveyed in those two words to Sophie. She also knew that it wasn't 100% Lone's fault so there was little reason to remain upset at him when he only unsummoned her to protect her as neither of them knew what would happen if she died since she had lost access to her power of immortality.

After Sophie had calmed down a bit, Lone took a moment to look at all of the notifications he could see while he still firmly cuddled the girl he had left all alone for an entire week.

{Due to extreme stress on the body of the host and due to the host, Lone Immortus, lacking consciousness, requesting permission to possess users body to save the hosts life}

{Confirming permission granted, possessing user, Lone Immortus's body}

{Possession successful}

{Prematurely activating user, Lone Immortus's racial ability, awakening, to offset the damage done to the host's body}

{Activation successful}

{Neutralising the source of the danger by releasing unique title: Lord of Contracts}

{Release successful}

{Canceling the possession of the host, Lone Immortus}

{Cancelation successful}

"System... so you saved my life huh?... Thank you, really, I will return this favour, someday, somehow, I swear, I will," Lone thanked the system quietly only to be met with silence which he expected because the system would only talk to him if he had any questions about, or had made a choice regarding his last two powers. Lone then checked the rest of the notification that he had received.

Due to the host being granted the title forcefully with the assistance of the system, Gained Title:
  Title: Lord of Contracts
Effect 1 the host can create contracts of all levels for free.
Effect 2 the host is immune to all forms of contracts.
Effect 3 the host can break all levels of contracts.
Effect 4 the host is passively immune to the pressure emitted by higher tier contracts.
Restriction 1 the host may only use effects 1 and 3 once per week.

"Wow, seriously, I really owe you big time system, if I can meet you properly one day, assuming something like that is possible, I will accept you as a true friend," Lone stated out loud which startled Sophie. She knew just how much that meant to Lone, being accepted by him was a relatively big deal as far as Sophie knew, but she remained silent while she cuddled him as she knew that he wasn't finished checking his notification just yet.

Due to the host  enduring impossibly large amounts of pressure, Gained Skill:
  Skill: Pressure Resistance
Effect 1 Dampens all types of pressure regardless of the amount by varying degrees depending on mastery level
Mastery Master Level Max
Pressure Dampened Increased 100%


Due to the title: Lord of Contracts, Gained Skill:
  Skill: Contract Appraisal
Effect 1 the host can passively appraise all types and levels of contracts.

Not available due to the nature of the skill


Skill: Passive Regeneration, has increased in mastery.
Increased to: Intermediate Level 4
Increase of Limb Regeneration and Passive Healing Passively regenerate limbs and heal wounds at 56% of maximum efficiency. Passively regenerate 56HP each second.

"Wow, these will be extremely useful I'm sure," Lone said before he turned his attention back to the girl resting in his arms. "Sophie, I love you," Lone expressed in a manner that caught Sophie completely off guard. She could only bury her face into Lone's chest even more so than before while she mumbled her reply. Lone couldn't quite hear her, but he knew it was probably something along the lines of 'I love you too, idiot' which pleased him.

He then gave Sophie as much affection as she wanted until she felt comfortable letting go of him, then after about fifteen minutes or so, Lone got up and took some clothes out of his dimension before he got dressed since he was reduced to his boxer shorts. This was probably because Grimsley didn't want him to get a fever from being too hot while wearing all of his clothing in bed.

Lone then sat down on a nearby chair and Sophie immediately claimed his lap for her own personal use. He then called Grimsley back in after making sure that Sophie was comfortable.

"I guess it's about time I told you a bit about myself," Lone said while the Dwarf reentered the bedroom. Grimsley took his own seat which was directly opposite to Lone's one.

"Aye, I think it is." Grimsley simply replied.

A note from Lone

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