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Book 1 Chapter 31: Scroll and Tower


"Well, ye wanna go prove 'at 'ere claim of yers, Sonny?" The Dwarf said as he gave Lone a scrutinising gaze. Lone quickly took a moment to think while looking around the well-sized smithy. It appeared to be very fantasy based since the forge was apparently powered by fire magic or at least Lone thought it was.

'Should I try that? I think I have enough mana left for a nice little test run,' Lone thought with a smile before he replied. "'Course I can, but I need ye te sign some'ing first," Lone said mysteriously in response. He was rather excited about what he was going to attempt.

"What?" The Dwarf said with suspicion in his voice. He obviously thought that the human in front of his eyes was full of hot air and trying to fool him for some reason. The Dwarf cared little for this reason since it wouldn't be the first time someone had tried to deceive him for his wares.

'If this works, this is gonna hurt so damn much from mana depletion, but I'll be able to trust people more,' Lone commented in his mind. Trusting people more was a critical part of his plan to change for the better. Lone then imagined a magically binding scroll contract.

He almost immediately collapsed as his mana hit zero instantly when a scroll appeared in his hand. Sophie had clearly noticed that Lone had overdrawn his mana, so she rapidly moved to support him as her face was covered with worry.

"Fuck... you got a pen?" Lone asked while he dropped the accent he was trying to imitate as he was too busy trying to stay conscious even to bother caring about appearances anymore.

"Aye, 'ere te fook did 'at 'ing come fae?" The Dwarf asked as he grabbed a pen hastily, seeing that Lone would soon lose consciousness from whatever he had just done.

"I created it. Now I'm gonna make an oath, once I sign the contract after saying the oath, you make an oath not to speak a word of this and sign it too. The contract will then magically bind our agreement, I think," Lone explained as well as he could in his current state. The Dwarf nodded, it seemed this wasn't his first time seeing such a contract which relieved Lone.

"I, Lone Immortus, hereby swear to tell the other being contracted by this agreement about the reason for my confidence, lest I am struck down by the power held in this contract," Lone said in a voice that clearly didn't belong to him, it sounded like he had been possessed by another being far stronger than himself. He then signed his name in English before the dwarf recited his oath.

"I, Grimsley Metalborne, hereby swear to never reveal a single thing the other being contracted by this agreement deems to be a secret, lest I am struck down by the power held in this contract," Grimsley stated in a similar voice to the one Lone used before he also signed his name, but he signed in Dwarven, presumably his native language.

Sophie found this all to be very strange. She was lost in a trance of sorts. For some reason, she felt that the voice which was speaking for the two men was very familiar to her, almost as if it was a family member or maybe even more than that.

The contract then started pulsating with a golden light and then an incredibly heavy pressure that encompassed a radius of roughly four meters appeared, clearly coming from the contract scroll. The last thing that Lone did before he lost consciousness from the immense pressure was unsummoning Sophie to protect her from the pressure then he quickly unstored his spear and threw it at Grimsley as hard he could handle end first.

This took Lone no more than two seconds to accomplish, but his body was already incredibly ravaged by the pressure at this point. He then saw that Grimsley had been sent flying across the room from the impact of his spear, forcing Grimsley out of the area affected by the contracts pressure.

"What te flippin' fook?" Grimsley said while he got up from the wall he had slammed into. He began rubbing his chest which was throbbing with pain. He then noticed that the man who was wanting to learn to Smith from him, Lone, was lying on the floor, naked, and all of his skin was ripping and then restoring itself extremely quickly, but it seemed that it was tearing more than healing and his body was evidentially fighting a losing battle. Then suddenly nine tails and a pair of ears appeared on Lone's body.

'WHAT?! A FOOKING NINE TAILS?! An' 'at scroll, what kind of pressure is this? Jus' te magic in the air is makin' it impossible for me te move, how is 'e still alive in the mid'l of 'at?!' Grimsley thought in a panic, but before he could think of anything else, the nine tails slowly stood up and Grimsley immediately noticed that his previously golden eyes were now pitch black.

Lone then arched his back and started emitting an extremely thick aura of death. He appeared to be trying to accomplish something, but failed and then suddenly inhaled before roaring. "RELEASE!!!" Lone roared, but oddly enough, the sound didn't leave the smithy. It did, however, nearly burst Grimsley's brain just from the shockwave it caused in the smithy.

The contract scroll then started violently spinning for a few seconds before then disappearing along with the pressure it brought. The nine tails, Lone, then collapsed.

"What the fippin' fook," Grimsley said as his body fell on the floor before his body quickly got covered with a thin layer of cold sweat.

Meanwhile, in the Foxkin Clan Elder's study, the Elder was writing on a sheet of paper in a language that would be unfamiliar to Lone before her body suddenly jerked slightly. "What happened?!" The Elder had screamed before she started vomiting blood. Her eyes darted around the room until she slowly realised what had happened.

"No, that's absolutely impossible... he... he awakened again?! How? What happened?! Tiera, Trella, return soon... we need to help him before he kills himself," the Elder prayed to herself with her eyes closed.

At the same time, in the tallest tower made entirely out of a dark and ominous looking stone of The Academy's centre building, a man was writing something on some parchment that sat atop of a very elegant looking table. He suddenly stopped before turning his head to face westward.

"Oho? This magic... interesting... It seems I need to send out an invitation this time personally... hahaha... interesting indeed," the seated man who looked no older than seventeen-years-old said to himself.  He then continued writing with a clearly visible smile on his face.

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