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Lone then went to have a quick bath but as he was heading to the bathroom he noticed that he was being followed by Sophie for some reason. When Lone noticed this, he stopped and turned around to face Sophie. She seemed to be lost in thought and accidentally bumped into his chest. "Soph, what are you doing?" He asked her in confusion.

"Eh? A b-bath... t-together..." Sophie muttered a reply in embarrassment. Lone sighed in response to this. He then crouched down so his face was level with hers and gently kissed her soft lips.

"I'm okay with cuddles and kisses, but anything more than that and I need time, baby steps, okay?" Lone asked the flustered girl with a very gentle voice. He knew she was just as inept with relationships as he was, but he wanted to preferably take things slowly as opposed to her wanting to speed things up.

"Ah! R-Right... sorry," Sophie Replied in a tone that was clearly full of depression. She was ashamed of her handling of the situation so she decided to run off to read on her bed in a poor attempt to flee from the awkward scenario she had accidentally created.

'I wonder if that was the loyalty stat at work,' Lone thought as he entered the bathroom and started preparing his bath. After he was finished with his exceedingly refreshing bath, Lone reentered the bedroom and approached Sophie who was lying on her belly reading a book while still in her pyjamas that Lone had created for her. He silently stretched his hand out to stroke her lovely golden hair.

"Eh? Uuuuu... ah... uh... ahn... L-Lone... st-stop please... ahn..." Sophie pleaded amidst moans as Lone was petting her. It looked like she was on the verge of experiencing an orgasm which greatly startled Lone.

"What the hell?" Lone said while he immediately stopped petting her, then he clearly saw or figured something out that made all of the emotion that previously occupied his face to completely disappear.

"I-I'm... going for my bath... huff... idiot, Lone," Sophie said before trying to collect herself and she then escaped to the bathroom with her face being rosier than ever. Lone watched her briefly and then looked at the reason for this event once again.

Due to the host's soul's evolution, and the care put into petting an accepted being, Gained Skill:
  Skill: Ultimate Petting Technique
Effect 1 All petting regardless of the area petted will make the target feel an increase of pleasure by 200%
Effect 2 All accepted beings shall feel 4x the pleasure when petted
Effect 3 Can toggle the skill
Mastery Not available due to the nature of the skill.

 "Ah fuck. Well, at least I can toggle it. Ha-ah," Lone sighed before he sat down on his bed. This was certainly a very odd skill. 'Well, while I wait for Sophie to finish her bath, I think I'll try to create some gold, maybe the auction house that was on the map sells some good stuff and if so, I'd best fleece the city for all it's worth before I leave,' Lone thought as he imagined a golden coin. Shortly afterwards, a coin appeared in his hand with a golden shimmer accompanying it.

"500MP, huh? Not bad I guess since I know nothing about gold, maybe it was cheap due to its size?" Lone pondered aloud. He was curious about this since it would affect his chances of getting good items at any future market or auction. Lone had next to no business talent, so he would very much so like to cheat the system by creating coins, but they were a bit expensive right now. Then Sophie finally came out of the bathroom after Lone had created his eighth gold coin.

"Hey Soph, I need to tell you a few things," Lone said to her as she had sat down to braid her hair. Sophie had learned how to do so over the last week thanks to a few visits to the barbershop.

"What? Is something wrong?" Sophie asked him while she was wondering if she had made him mad somehow and now he wanted to talk about their relationship in a negative way.

"No, not at all, anyway, let me start with my title..." Lone began to explain his recent changes. Thankfully, Lone didn't like skirting around explanations with flowery words and just gave to main points so he was done after ten minutes.

"Accepted beings and petting skill huh..." Sophie mumbled as she was cuddling a fluffy tail. 'What if he pets me in places that aren't my head?!' She frantically thought when a certain possibility had crossed her mind.

"Yup. Well, now you know, so let's go get breakfast then head to the library before finding a smith, it's gonna be a busy day," Lone said while he tried his best to ignore Sophie's cheeks which had entered a state of furious blushing.

"Eh... ? Uh, yeah, sure," Sophie absentmindedly answered because she was still lost in thought.

Lone then hid his racial traits before getting properly dressed and equipping his armour sleeve. Sophie followed suit by finishing her hair and getting properly dressed before blindfolding herself again. The two then went to the library after a quick breakfast at the inn.

The exchange was the same as normal at the library as Lone borrowed the medicinal books except this time it seemed that Lilith truly wanted to only befriend the knowledge-seeking Lone and his 'fiance'. She even told them where they could find the best smith in town after Lone had mentioned he was searching for one, which he genuinely thanked her for. Upon reaching the aforementioned smithy, the pair immediately entered the dirty metal front door.

"Hello?" Lone called in hopes of finding the owner of the building.

"Whatcha wan', Sonny?" An extremely gruff voice asked him. When Lone had found the source of the voice by following its sound, he saw a very short but stocky man with a beard braided like Sophie's hair.

"A dwarf... ?" Lone asked since he wasn't very sure. After all, he hadn't seen many dwarfs in the city, so his knowledge regarding their characteristics was limited.

"Aye, now fook off if ye'r 'ere onl' te gawk," The dwarf rudely replied.

After taking a moment to collect himself at how absurdly similar the dwarf's speech and accent reminded him of his homeland, Scotland's one, Lone started trying using his homelands tongue to get a better response from the dwarf, or so Lone hoped.

"Sorry 'bout that, I was onl' wonderin' if I cou' learn smithin' from ye?" Lone asked in his original land's accent. This caused the dwarf to raise an eyebrow in interest.

"Why?" The Dwarf responded with curiosity. It would seem that such a ludicrous explanation had peaked his interest.

"'Cause I'm prob'ly the most talent'd smith there ever fookin' will be, that 'ought te inter'st ye?" Lone replied with confidence and a smirk. 'Urg, I hate this way of speech, I don't sound cringy, do I? At least I have his attention now,' Lone complained in his mind while he tried to ignore Sophie's gaze that was filled with pity.

"Is that so, lad?" The smith replied in a threatening manner.

'Please don't tell me I messed up,' Lone hoped internally.

A note from Lone

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