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Book 1 Chapter 29: Soul and Laughter


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After roughly an hour of their intimate embrace's duration, Lone noticed that Sophie had fallen asleep because she was lightly breathing and was drooling a bit on his blue shirt. "Am I really that comfortable?" Lone wondered aloud as he carefully placed the small girl on her bed before he got up to sit on his own. He then took out a history book to read it, but his mind was clearly elsewhere.

'Why does Sophie love me? Is it really because no one has actually cared for her? But even my concern was fake at first. At least it was until I noticed her feelings. The suspension bridge effect maybe? Ha-ah, she really has changed me... to think I would cry over my feelings for her... really, how pathetic,' Lone thought as he gazed at the girl in question.

{Congratulations, due to a change in the host, Lone Immortus's soul, Title: The Lone Wanderer, shall evolve}

"What? System?" Lone had said in surprise before a blue screen appeared in front of his eyes.

Due to the host's soul evolving from a Solitary type to an Accepting Solitary type, Title: The Lone Wanderer has had its effects changed
Title: The Lone Wanderer
Effect 1  the host gains 120% more experience in all things you do so long as you travel by yourself or with (an) accepted being(s)
Effect 2 the host gains a 2.4x modifier to all stats including hidden and locked ones
Effect 3 the host gains a 3.6x modifier to all social based stats
Effect 4 the host's feelings for accepted beings gain a 1.2x modifier
Effect 5 All accepted beings of the host gain a loyalty stat to the host with a 4.8x modifier
Restriction 1 All experience modifiers of the host are disabled passively when a companion of the host is not an accepted being

'An increase of 20% all round and the restriction changed from summons and pets to 'accepted beings', huh? I appreciate the loyalty stat but shouldn't I earn that myself?° Lone said in thought as he didn't want to wake up Sophie with all of his mumblings. He then tilted his head back as he ran his hand through his slicked back golden blonde hair.

'Ha-ah... I guess I should just read my history books and keep making metal objects until Soph wakes up then I'll ask her the rest of my questions,' Lone decided in thought before he started reading his book again. It then took Sophie eight hours to wake up after she had fallen asleep in Lone's arms.

"Uhh... good morning?" Sophie asked lazily since she was obviously still groggy. She stretched a little which emphasised her pitiful chest, and she arched her smooth back which caused Lone to raise an eyebrow.

'I wonder how sexy that would have been in her older form,' Lone thought while he was starting to imagine his companion in certain outfits and poses in her older body. He soon dismissed the thoughts as he needed a lot of time to get their relationship even close to that level. Sophie then lightly rubbed her eyes after she had finished her stretches.

"Good morning Soph, rest well?" Lone asked while he pretended to only notice her now by taking his eyes from a different book that obviously wasn't the one he was previously reading.

"Yeah... uhh... oh... did I fall asleep on you?" she asked while getting up and heading over towards Lone. Sophie clearly remembered not falling asleep on the bed, and she never was one for sleep walking, so she could only assume that she had childishly fallen asleep on her new partner.

'Partner? Don't get ahead of yourself, Sophie! He accepted you, nothing more... but we did kiss a few times,' Sophie thought to herself before she looked at Lone with somewhat worried eyes. "Lone," Sophie said with a pause to see Lone's response. He raised an eyebrow to her call, so she decided to continue her question. "What kind of relationship are we in?" Sophie asked.

"Huh? Obviously boyfriend and girlfriend. Unless you think differently? I can't think of any other terms that match it, after all, we can't be lovers since we haven't had se-" Lone's words were cut off by a red-faced Sophie slammed him jaw shut with an uppercut. This blow obviously didn't hurt him in the least, and he found Sophie's embarrassment to be cute, so he decided to swap topics.

"Well, answering your first question, yeah, you fell asleep on me, but I don't mind, anyway, take a seat, I'd like to ask you some questions if that's okay," Lone said as he stored the book he was holding in his hand in his dimension. He then gestured towards his side.

"Yeah I don't mind, you can ask whatever you want," She sweetly answered while she defiantly sat on his lap instead of at his side as a form of punishment for embarrassing her. However, Lone didn't care either way really.

"Hmmpf, I love you and want to sit on your lap, okay?" Sophie asked as she peered up at his face. Even if she was trying to act defiant, she was always a rather submissive girl, so she didn't want to push things if Lone was really against her behaviour.

"Huh? Yes sure, that brings me to my first question, why do you love me?" Lone asked as he wrapped his nine golden tails around her to make her more comfortable.

"Eh? Why? Uh... err... I dunno? Does love need a reason?" Sophie counter asked him with an unexpectedly reasonable argument.

"No, it really doesn't I suppose, hmm, any contributing factors that resulted in it then?" Lone asked after agreeing with her. He wanted some form of concrete answer. 'Maybe's', 'if's' and 'just because's' wouldn't sate his curiosity even if he answered vaguely at times himself.

"Uuuuu... er... you care about me, feed me, give me clothes, keep me summoned a lot, you don't like people much just like me and um... oh! You fixed my eyes... plus... you're really really good looking," Sophie tried to answer before she blushed at the last reason.

"I guess that makes sense, huh? So, next question, will I have to replace your eyes again? You said that mana sensing blinded you earlier," Lone said as he leant into her a bit in response to her last reason as a reward of sorts, or so he reasoned. She grabbed and hugged a few of the tails that were cuddling her.

"I-I don't know," Sophie said after her eyes had started to tear up as she remembered the pain when Lone first replaced them. She understood he didn't have a way to relieve the pain and that it was for her sake, but still hurt and extraordinary amount.

"Hey, it's okay. After I'm done brushing up on my history, I'll research medicine since that could be phenomenally useful in a lot of situations. Not to mention that I should be able to learn about sedatives that will really help you with the pain if I ever do have to replace your beautiful eyes again," Lone said in a charming voice while he hugged her and his tails from behind. Sophie noticeable relaxed and smiled after he had mentioned that. 

"Okay, last question for now, what powers can you use? I know your mana is recovering slowly but which of those ten powers if any, can you use?" Lone asked his last immediate concern. He felt confident in his abilities, perhaps too confident, but knowing every card in his hand would certainly be of use to him.

"I can only use my teleportation and mana sensing for some reason," Sophie sadly replied. She then started shuffling uncomfortably on Lone's lap for some reason. "B-But my teleportation costs a lot of mana and... and I used it often enough to always be near zero mana," She told Lone while she was once again, on the brink of tears.

"Why did you use it so often?" Lone seriously asked the small creature hiding in his fluffy fortress of tails. He was wondering if she had been doing something dangerous in secret.

"We-well, I woke up sleeping on top of you a lot and each time it happened I just panicked and teleported away..." Sophie said. She was apparently ashamed of not telling Lone of this sooner.

"Hah... ha... ha... HAHAHAHAHA... oh for the love of... hahahaha..." Lone broke out into hysterical laughter. After five or so minute and a scarlet faced Sophie later, Lone finally calmed down enough to coherently think.

"Haha... and here I... haha... here I thought it was a serious reason... haha," Lone said in-between his laughter.

"Bully, I should never have confessed this to you," Sophie grumbled in embarrassment. She thought Lone would be angry at her, but no, he was in fact, profoundly amused.

"Haha, sorry, I really am, but it's not my fault you're so cute, now is it?" Lone asked amusedly.  Sophie said nothing as she was caught off guard by Lone's nonchalant compliment. He was good at doing that without realising it. Sometimes he was too honest to the people he trusted, but thankfully he was merely praising Sophie, so no harm had been done obviously. However, this could have a negative impact on Lone in the future.

"Anyway, let's go get those medicine books and find a smith I can convince to teach me their craft," Lone said before he moved Sophie then standing up.

A note from Lone

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