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Book 1 Chapter 27: Immortality and Confession


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Before Sophie could say anything in response to the old man, a beam of golden light left his eyes and directly hit Sophie in the chest without giving her any time to respond. A hole instantly formed around the area where the man's attack impacted.

He was very satisfied thinking he had won and killed her instantly. Mere moments afterwards, though, the hole in the centre of Sophie's chest sealed itself up as if on instinct. A frown immediately appeared on the man's face before it contorted into a look of absolute shock.

"IMMORTALITY?! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY GET SUCH A POWER FROM AWAKENING?! AREN'T ALL POWERS EYE RELATED?!" the elderly man screamed in confusion. He had managed to awaken several abilities in his lifetime, but all of them required the usage of his eyes to activate, and he had never met another being who had special powers save for himself, hence his misunderstanding.

"No! I only just started to establish myself as God properly... I can't lose it all now... there must be a way to kill you!" God had roared in a quieter tone before he launched a torrent of endless attacks towards Sophie.

'God?! This guy?! How do I kill him?! Uhh... why are all my abilities defence based... wait... I'll exhaust him then destroy his eyes! They seem important to him. Hopefully, that's enough,' Sophie thought while her body was being destroyed and repaired regularly. She wasn't the smartest person, but even she could see this plan as being the best available to her.

And so she did. Sophie waited an entire six days before God had finally run out of energy and collapsed in defeat. Unfortunately, Sophie had no attack power what-so-ever, so she had to let her body be destroyed multiple times, hundreds if not thousands of times. However, thankfully his attacks were useless since Sophie healed after each and every one.

God had used a lot of different abilities with his eyes in various attempts to kill her, but even his 'holy water' which was just his tears, no longer worked in hindering her as it never did anything more than cause her to feel extreme pain in the first place. The only reason Sophie was ever caught and chained for 200 years, was because she had no offensive abilities to speak of at all.

"Hah... how... can... hah... an awakening ability... hah be so powerful?" God mumbled to himself while he struggled to stay conscious. He had really pushed himself to the very brink of his endurance.

"I don't know! But thank you for trying so hard to deal with my eyes. Thanks to that, I got a new type of sight... but I want to see colours again, I don't want rough descriptions from my sensing... I want to see! So I'm going to take your eyes to let you know what blindness feels like!" Sophie shouted as she cried. She had decided not to kill him and to only punish him by removing his eyes since God's actions had led to Sophie's blindness.

"No!... not... hah... not my... hah... anything but... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" God screamed while Sophie tore his eyeballs out. She didn't want to hear any of his excuses.

"NO... NO... no... no... n..." God's voice faded as he died. It would seem that his entire being relied on his eyes which would naturally include his life.

"He really used his eyes for everything, didn't he?" Sophie mumbled before she sat down on the floor, and cuddled her knees and then started crying. 200-year-old revenge didn't feel nearly as good as she'd imagined it would. Sophie didn't intend to kill God, but now she had, she only felt empty inside.

{Congratulations, due to killing a cosmos level being while having just entered the awakening stage of the cosmos level, the host may choose enough powers to fill up all vacant slots}

"E-Eh? What, what is this?" Sophie said in a panic as this new situation frightened her. She had just gone through a very traumatic experience, so she was rather emotionally vulnerable right now.

{Scanning host, Sophie Vladimirovich}

{Detected three awakened abilities}

{Detected ability: Immortality}

{Detected ability: Minor body transformation}

{Detected ability: Cosmos level mana sensing}

{Granting user, Sophie Vladimirovich, the inheritable title: The Creator, due to killing its previous owner}

{Title granted}

{Granting seven additional power slots}

{Power slots granted}

{Please choose your first power, user Sophie, The Creator}

"Uh... eh? J-just make all my powers defence or evasion based. I don't want to get hurt again," Sophie said in a somewhat dismissive manner as she went back to hugging her knees. She was too emotionally distraught to think much about this incredible opportunity she had been granted.

{Affirmative, granting relevant powers}

{Successfully granted powers}

{Granted powers; Void Walking, Teleportation, Unique Magic: Barrier Magic, Armour Creation, Phasing, Immunity to All Negative Effects and Minor Time Control}

"Thank you..." Sophie mumbled as the system finished. She continued to sit like that for a while until she finally decided to get up. "No point getting too sad, Sophie! The evil man is dead... uuuuu... what do I now?" Sophie said to herself. She then eventually decided to spend the next 600 years playing games from Earth by creating them with the dimensions ability as soon as Sophie realised that she could create whatever she wanted in the dimension.

She didn't want to be near more mortals again. Sophie understood that not all of them were evil and would lock her in a cave for two centuries, but being surrounded by 8000 people who meant her harm had left its mark on the girl, so she decided to drown herself in something fun, games. Sophie could only play with word and board games for several centuries until more advanced ones were made.

Sophie also learned about her powers and how they worked and was happy in her dimension, her world, or so she believed. Then she met a unique soul and soon got trapped in a dark and lonely place once again, just like the cave, but as time flowed on and she got to know her captor, she noticed that he was constantly changing, growing. She even started to like him mildly.

He cared for her, asked for her opinion on things which were things no one had done to her in a very long time, he even healed her eyes, which caused new feelings to sprout from her heart for him.

"... then I began having strange feelings for a loner-idiot who fixed my eyes," Sophie said as tears were streaming down her checks from recalling her memories.

"Lone, I think I love you," Sophie said as a conclusion to her life story. She had finally told Lone everything that she wanted to.

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