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Book 1 Chapter 26: Sophie and Purple


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During the year of 1042A.C, at St Sophie's Cathedral in Novgorod, Kievan Rus, a man, woman and doctor were all inside of its halls busy dealing with the woman's childbirth.

"Push Anna, don't worry, everything will be fine," the stocky man told his wife in a commanding tone. She was lying down on a bed that had been built into the cathedral just for this occasion.

"Huff... huff... yes Lord Vladimir..." Anna replied to her husband. She held no feelings for him as their relationship was an arranged one, but she was content with this since it was the norm of the age. After a few more long hours had passed, Anna had succeeded in giving birth.

"It's a girl, Lord Vladimir," the man who could only be the doctor said before he handed the child to the Prince of Novgorod, Vladimir Yaroslavovich.

"A girl? Well, I already have a son, so this will do. I shall name her Sophie, after the Cathedral that we stand in!" Vladimir proclaimed in a loud and commanding voice. The mother, Anna, could only nod her head in agreement to this.

The girl then led a relatively easy life being the daughter of Vladimir Yaroslavovich as she had next to no responsibilities since he was too busy plotting against the Finns to care for, or even see her, save for rare occasions like when he visited her mother. Also, her brother, Rostislav, was busy learning how to rule and conquer, so he never had the time to play with her despite only being four years older than her.

Sophie spent most of her time with her mother and the two were very close, but today it was her tenth birthday, the fourth of October, 1052A.C. Her father, Vladimir the Prince of Novgorod, wanted to take her out of the city for once since he rarely ever saw her. He thought it would be a good idea to strengthen their relationship since he planned to marry her off shortly.

Vladimir and Sophie were riding horseback through a woodland trail and were happily chatting. Sophie looked jubilant to be treated by such a day out on her birthday. As far as she was concerned, this was the best gift that she could have been given.

However, the friendly atmosphere was soon disrupted by an arrow suddenly whizzing through the air before it struck Vladimir straight in his chest causing him to fall off the horse along with Sophie because she had her hands firmly wrapped around her father's waist. They both hit the ground, hard, which only worsened Vladimir's wound. A short man then slowly walked towards the two.

"Excellent. Now I can support your son to the best of my ability. He shall make a fine puppet," the man said in joy. It would seem that he was the assailant who had shot Vladimir with an arrow and succeeded.

"Vyshata?! Of course... haha of course... you never did trust me despite being my Voivode..." Vladimir said as he coughed up a mouthful of blood. A lot of inconsistencies he had witnessed over the past fourteen years now made sense to him. He could only sigh at his stupidity in failing to discover the truth until now.

"Ha! Your Voivode? Nevermind, both you and your daughter shall now die, farewell old friend," Vyshata had said in an icy tone before he began walking towards the father and daughter. He then crouched down before he slit Vladimir's throat, ending his reign as Prince of Novgorod. However, Vladamir didn't struggle or fight back. His pride wouldn't let him, he merely cursed his old general and wished for his daughter to stay safe while the life faded from his eyes.

After that, Vyshata got back on his feet and strolled towards Sophie in a leisurely fashion. He was so happy at his success that he didn't notice a dark purple glow that slowly circled Vladimir as if it was curious.

"No... no... please... p-please don't..." Sophie mumbled while she cried in grief over the father she rarely saw but loved regardless. Vyshata just quietly proceeded to slit her throat all the while ignoring her cries for mercy before walking off. Just before Sophie died, the dark purple glow shifted from Vladimir to circle the dying Sophie.

[What an interesting future... very well, I shall grant your request] A very powerful and ancient voice quietly said. It would seem that it had heard Vladimir's silent pleas for his daughter's safety. It quickly entered her body which caused it to spasm violently before Sophie finally lost her entire consciousness.

A few hours later, Sophie awoke. She was confused, her throat was completely healed. She didn't have time to think it over as she had to leave.

So Sophie did, she ran and ran then fled the country and travelled in hopes of finding answers. Every person that she met either ignored her as a beggar or thought she was a witch of some sort when all of her wounds healed, hence why she did nothing but flee for a very, very long time.

Sophie had been running, looking for answers and trying to do everything in her power to understand herself in the past 151 years. CONSTANTINOPLE, BYZANTINE EMPIRE

In Constantinople, a city in the Byzantine Empire, a group of roughly 8,000 Templar Crusaders and their temporary Commander Alexios IV Angelos, were surrounding an approximately 5'3 tall pale skinned girl who looked no older than fifteen years old.

"Show your true form, you Demon! We know what you really are!" Alexios shouted towards the girl. A few men then quickly approached the scared girl and threw a pot full of what looked like some sort of clear water on her which instantly made her scream in pain.

"Men! Capture her while she is weakened! Do not fear her as she has all but lost her powers due to the holy water bestowed upon Pope Innocence the First from our very own God! Do not harm her though, bring her to a deserted cave, we must continuously harm her eyes, and only her eyes as those are her power source! This was told directly to the Pope by our Lord himself! BELIEVE IN OUR DIVINE MISSION! FOR THE WILL OF GOD!" he bellowed to his troops. Alexios couldn't wait to return home and receive an infinite amount of merits for completing this important task that God had bestowed upon him.

"FOR THE WILL OF GOD!" the troops responded in a fanatic shout. The troops then easily captured Sophie and moved her to a nearby and secret cave. She was now back in her original form and chained to a wall in this cave.

Over the years she had realised that all of her wounds could heal and she had stopped aging. She could also transform her body into a one that made her look fifteen years old which was helpful in disguising herself from witch hunters and other people who wished to do her harm.

She had been using her transformed state for so long now as each 'holy crusade' was just an excuse to hunt her down on the orders of their 'god'. It took them four crusades to finally capture her since their God couldn' actually locate her, but only give a general direction, but she was caught in the end.

'God, if I ever meet you, I WILL kill you,' Sophie thought with determination. She was usually a gentle and passive girl, but even she had her breaking points. For a consistent year, her eyes had that 'holy water' poured into them daily. She had overheard the stationed Templars saying that the Commander that captured her had soon became the Emporer of Constantinople as some sort of a reward for her capture.

Another year quickly passed. Today Sophie had heard that the people were rebelling and trying to proclaim a new emperor in the temple, Hagia Sophie. It seemed the commander wasn't actually a Templar since he was betrayed and imprisoned along with his father when he asked the Templars for help in stopping the rebellion.

'Serves him right! I hope they execute him!... ha-ah... Sophie, huh? The temple... it has the same name as my birthplace... father, mother, are you watching? I'm still alive and I will escape this place!' Sophie said in her mind while she gritted her teeth before her eyes were damaged once again by the 'holy water'.

Over the following next thirty years, Sophie started sensing something, something in the air. It felt powerful, but the more she felt it, the more her eyes began to dim. Sophie was going blind. She accepted that as she greedily tried to feel that something as much as she could in hopes it could help free her.

Sophie had lost track of time, but she could tell it had been more than 150 years since she was imprisoned here. The Templars left, abandoning her in the cave 68 years ago which had driven her almost insane. It was much better when her eyes were being damaged since she could at least hear people talking, but this loneliness was killing her mentally.

It had seemed that a King, named Philip, had forced the current Pope, Pope Clement V to disband the Templars and Sophie was already completely blind anyway at the time that they went into hiding so they felt no need to watch over her as her apparent power source was now disabled according to their God.

Suddenly a snapping noise went off in Sophie's head and she was no longer in the cave but in an endless white room with an old man staring right at her.

"Impossible! How have you become so powerful without using your eyes?! There is only room for one God here!" he screamed before he attacked her. 

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