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Book 1 Chapter 25: Feelings and Speech


A note from Lone

Just a heads up. Next chapter may take 2-4 days to be rewritten since I want to give more meaning to the reason Sophie got her powers and maybe change her traumatic experience to be more in sync with her personality.

Thanks to Treyon for pointing out the incorrect chapter number last chapter, I also answered your comment so go read that if you're interested.

I hope you enjoy.

Lone awoke in the morning of the next day, and he immediately felt five new fingers which obviously weren't there before on his left hand while he grabbed the blanket.

"Finally. Now I can start doing more complicated things, ah, I'm going to have to hide this hand from people that know it shouldn't be there," Lone commented out loud as he began wiggled his new fingers. It felt strange, yet familiar which Lone found to be rather curious.

"Good morning, Lone," Sophie grumbled. It seemed that Lone's comments on his hand had awoken her. She looked very cute because her eyes were lazily looking around while she stayed in her curled up sleeping position.

"Good morning to you too. Are you used to having regular sight again?" Lone asked as he hid his racial traits then got dressed.

"Uuuh kinda? I don't really know. Everything looks different from when I saw using mana, and I haven't seen using my real eyes in 800 years," Sophie answered as she too got dressed.

"Right, that makes sense," Lone said during the process of leaving the bedroom.

"How does your hand feel?" Sophie asked Lone in a curious tone. She figured some small talk would be nice since small talk never hurt anyone.

"The exact same as before it got cut off, but I did get the 50 HP back that I lost from not having the hand," Lone answered honestly. He was beginning to trust Sophie more and more, and he felt like he would honestly answer any question she gave, regardless of how insignificant it was. However, he also felt like something inside of him was changing, being altered in some was, and this worried him, but he couldn't fix it, unfortunately.

"That's good," Sophie said as she smiled to which Lone nodded. He then created a dark grey coloured metal gauntlet which went up to his shoulder like a sleeve to cover up his new left hand while creating a leather harness to strap it on.

This armour sleeve was clearly a very poor quality item, but Lone could only make this much with his inept knowledge on metal forging. The piece of armour had several plates of iron which overlapped at the top and bottom and there overlaps we're connected by a screw of some sort, or perhaps a bolt. This connection allowed lone's arm to have some freedom in it's movements.

'About half my mana, huh? Maybe I should apprentice myself to a Smith. Books can't teach me everything, just like with the limb creation,' Lone thought. Shortly afterwards, he created a black coloured blindfold for Sophie. It was apparently made from some sort of smooth cloth, silk most likely.

"I know you just got your sight back but wear this, please. We don't want to cause unnecessary trouble from people recognising you and seeing beautiful green eyes instead of the dead ones you used to have," Lone said while he handed it to her.

"I understand, so it's okay," Sophie said while she tried to hide her blush. Although she knew Lone meant nothing with his compliment, it still made Sophie happy because Lone cared very little about anything, so his compliment was obviously accidental and genuine. She quickly managed to hide her blush; she then started draining her mana again to allow herself to see.

"Thanks, I appreciate it," Lone said as he stored all of the books, fully intent on returning them today. The two then left the house and walked towards the inn, hand in hand since they were still pretending to be siblings. They received a lot of odd looks from the passing civilians for fairly obvious reasons. After reaching the Inn, the Innkeeper noticed the pair and beckoned them over.

"You look really intimidating what with only having that... interesting, yes, interesting armour sleeve on one arm. It makes you look confident in your strength, was that your project you mentioned?" The Innkeeper asked Lone as he eyed the arm the sleeve was protecting.

"Yes, it was. It took a lot of work to get the Smith to make it like this with the leather harness attached," Lone replied with a lie. He certainly couldn't tell the man that he had just created it from nothing.

"Well, I understand why you'd want to keep your 'hand' hidden. Anyway, I'm guessing you two came here for breakfast and not to gossip with little old me," The Innkeeper said with a small laugh. After a short farewell, Lone and Sophie went to have breakfast.

When they were finished having breakfast, they headed towards the library to return the books and hopefully borrow some new ones. Just before they arrived, they entered an alleyway and took out all of the books from Lone's dimension. The two then entered the library and went to the reception area where Lilith was sat reading a book like normal.

'Huh? Lone? No way... how is that gauntlet holding those books... ? Expert level metal magic?! Just how perfect can a man get?!' Lilith shouted in her mind after she had noticed Lone's metal left arm sleeve that was holding a few books. She had jumped to conclusions, but this saved Lone having to attempt to explain anything. Assumptions could certainly be a good thing at times.

"Hi, Lilith. I want to return these books as promised and then borrow some new books about history and races. Also, Soph here would like to choose her own books this time, right?" Lone said while he placed the books he was holding on the table then proceeded to pet Sophie lightly.

"... Yes..." Sophie eventually replied in the local language while smiling. She was nervous talking to another person, but she wanted to do her best to help Lone. 

"She can talk?" Lilith asked in surprise. It would seem that she had thought Sophie couldn't speak purely because she chose not to in the past.

"I never said she was mute now did I?" 'I did to the barber, but that's another matter,' Lone thought after saying so. "Soph is only blind. She can talk in our home language, and I'm teaching her the local one through the children's books," Lone said as he stopped petting Sophie. She frowned slightly at the lack of contact, so she took Lone's hand into hers as an act of compensation.

She found it odd how she enjoyed physical contact with the man who sealed her, but she just chose to ignore that because there were far too few things that genuinely made Sophie feel joy.

"Well, would it be okay to ask you to get those books for me as I help her get the ones she wants?" Lone asked Lilith kindly.

'So they really do love each other,' Lilith thought as she stood up. "Of course, I'll be ten minutes or so," she had said before she disappeared into the sea of bookshelves. Lone and Sophie quickly followed suit. They then returned after about fifteen minutes or so.  They then approached the reception desk with eleven new books in hand, and the pair noticed that there were seven books now sitting on Lilith's desk.

"Thank you, Lilith, I really appreciate this," Lone said while he and Sophie began picking the new books up.

"Don't mention it, that's what frien- er, uh, acquaintances do, help each other, right?" Lilith awkwardly replied. She was painfully aware of how she had messed things up between the two of them, hence why she was lending him books, even though such an action was a violation of the Library's rules.

'Wow, Lone really acquaintance zoned her, that's kind of funny,' Sophie happily thought. She was experiencing some schadenfreude right now which was exceedingly rare for a gentle girl like herself.

"Right," Lone had replied with a nod before they both left. After storing the books when they entered an alleyway, they went home. After reaching their wooden home, the two quickly went to the bedroom then sat down.

"So, now would you like to tell me why getting your eyes back was so special to you, Soph?" Lone asked her while she was taking the blindfold off to reveal her emerald eyes.

"Yes, I'd like to please," Sophie replied seriously. She then started to retell her tale.

A note from Lone

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