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Book 1 Chapter 24: Healing and Unfamiliar


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After the pair had stayed like that for a few moments longer, Lone gently stood up after Sophie had let go of him. "So Soph, you wanna see our visitors as well, or do you wanna just wait here and read or do something else while I deal with them?" Lone asked her while he stretched his back because he had been sitting still for a few hours as he waited for Sophie to wake up.

"Who are they anyway?" Sophie asked him while she crawled back into her bed.

"Hmm? Staying here then?" Lone asked Sophie when he saw that she was making herself comfortable again. She nodded her head in response to Lone's question. "Well, as far as I can tell, they seem to be Foxkin kids who were looking for me. I'm going back to see them to find out more," Lone briefly explained what he knew about the situation to her.

"Okay, just be careful. Oh and don't steal any more legs, please," Sophie requested before she smiled at Lone. It was a bit concerning that he had done so, but Sophie was fairly sure he would do no such thing to her, so she saw no reason to care too much about it. Sophie did come from a time-period where such things weren't normal but were certainly far more widespread than they were in Lone's time.

"Haha, I'll try," Lone smiled back at her and left the room quickly since he wanted to deal with the Foxkin children as soon as possible.

'I made him laugh, and that smile was so attractive! Urg... friendship first Sophie, friendship first, for now... maybe... the fluffy tails... ' Sophie told herself before she buried her face in her children's book. It would seem that she was developing more than just feelings for Lone's tails.

Lone quickly reached the basement and made use of his tails to climb down because he wanted to be ready in case the two children tried anything dangerous on him during his descent. Lone could understand if they held resentment towards him. After all, he had gone far too far when he assaulted the boy, but Lone couldn't go back in time, so the only thing that Lone could now do, was lie in the bed he had made for himself.

Lone reached the bottom and noticed the boy was sitting on the floor while holding his stump with a look of agony on his face as the girl hugged his right side in worry. They both noticed Lone, and the girl started shaking while the boy's pain-filled face quickly morphed into one of hate.

"Hi there, I think we got off on the wrong foot, shall we try this again? I'm Lone Immortus, nine tails golden Foxkin," Lone said while he made three elven chairs using mana creation, two were facing the one he had decided to sit on.

'Nature magic?! He knows nature and space magic?! How could we have only noticed him now when he's so strong?' Trella wondered in amazement. Knowing such magics was relatively rare for any being, let along a Foxkin when they usually only had an affinity for illusion magic. Terra was wrong in assuming that Lone knew such magics, but his misunderstanding only helped Lone to intimidate him.

Tiera stood up and then helped her brother sit on a chair before she sat on the only other empty chair.

"T-Tiera... one tail Crimson Foxkin," the young girl said before she undid her illusion magic which let her red tail and fluffy-looking red ears show.

"Trella, four tails Crimson Foxkin," the boy proudly stated before he too, undid his magic which revealed similar tails to Tiera's one.

"What are you so proud of, huh? You only have four tails, and in case you forgot, you're missing a leg," Lone said as he smirked at Trella. Trella's face instantly clouded over at Lone's mild taunt. He was a very proud Crimson Foxkin. The Foxkin species was widely known for being very emotional, and they always had at least one emotion that was far greater than the other ones. Pride seemed to be this emotion for Trella.

"Having four tails at eleven years of age is incredible! If only you hadn't appeared, then I would have been the next Patriarch..." he mumbled in a depressed tone. He might have been very prideful, but he knew when not to antagonise Lone more than he already had. Trella knew it was stupid of him to insult Lone in the manner he had and he was honestly surprised that he was even still alive.

"Well, I think with you as the future leader, your 'clan' would soon be doomed," Lone teased in a rude manner. He spoke again while interrupting Trella's anger filled expression that was clearly about to refute him.

"It doesn't really matter anyway. You two answer all of my questions, and I'll let you go. I'll even give you your leg back," Lone offered them what he considered to be a relatively good exchange.

"My leg? But that's imposs-" Trella started to deny the possibility of getting his leg back but was interrupted by Tiera.

"I'll answer! Just please fix my brother and let us go!" She pleaded with hope clear in her voice. It would seem that she believed Lone to some degree.

"Of course," Lone replied with a broad smile. "Now the first question. I know how you found me, by smell as Tiera said, but how did you know I even existed in the first place?" Lone asked the two what he felt was the most important question to start with.

"The elder used a special spell unique to our clan in a scrying room that lets her find Foxkin, and she noticed you when you unlocked your class,  I think," Tiera answered to the best of her knowledge. She wasn't completely sure since she didn't care too much about the details when she was sent on this mission.

"Hmm, magic?" Lone rhetorically asked before his face took an expression that clearly stated he was busy thinking.  "So, what did you mean by, 'we're here to save you'?" Lone then asked the siblings after he had ended his thought.

"The elder said you were on a slave ship in the human kingdom, so we just thought..." Tiera explained as she quietened down.

"You thought I was enslaved on that pirate ship. Ha-ah... okay. Last question. Why did he insult me as soon as he saw me?" Lone said as he used his new palm to point at Trella. He knew they were children, but that still didn't excuse the boy for his exceedingly rude words. This action shocked the two Foxkin children because they knew that palm wasn't there before.

'Maybe he can heal me? Dammit, just how powerful is he? I'll just tell the truth, and hopefully, he'll spare us,' Trella thought as he ground his teeth. His life and the life of his sister were far more important than his pride, regardless of how enhanced the emotion was by his Foxkin blood.

"I was angry," Trella said in a small and almost inaudible voice. It would appear that saying this was quite a challenge for him.

"Hmm? Angry? Why?" Lone asked while he put his right hand on his chin and shot Trella an interested look.

"I'm eleven, and I have four tails. You have nine tails and are a golden variant. Who do you think would become the next clan leader out of the two of us if we brought you back?" Trella said in a defeated tone. He had apparently been trying to predict the future after hearing about Lone's existence.

"Wow, are all of the Foxkin as stupid as he is?" Lone asked Tiera with a surprised expression.

"Hey! what do you mean stupid?!" Trella shouted in response to Lone's mild insult.

"Figure it out yourself. Okay, I'm done now. I'll heal your leg and let you go so when you return to your Clan; please tell your elder I want to meet them," Lone said to the two before he then swiftly cut open Trella's wound and then used his Mana Creation Skill to make him a new leg using 2500MP.

"He really healed it..." The siblings said in unison. Lone then got up and left the basement while he was being followed by the two siblings. Lone then led them to the door in silence. "Okay, hide your traits, then get lost," Lone ordered the two.  They nodded before doing as asked.

A few minutes later, after the two had left, Lone returned to the bedroom. A pair of beautiful emerald green eyes looked into his golden, black centred ones.

"Everything went okay?" Their owner asked Lone in a somewhat worried manner.

"Ha-ah," Lone sighed as he walked right up to her. "It's been a really stressful day. First I was cutting up bodies, then I replaced your eyes, then I cut off a kids leg then interrogated two children before letting them go since I was in the wrong. But yeah, all in all, everything went okay today," Lone explained before sitting next to Sophie on the bed. Sophie put down her book and then gave Lone a light hug.

"Hugs help with stress, I think?" Sophie asked cutely while she hugged him. Lone put his arms around her to return the hug.

"Thank you, Sophie. It does relieve stress it seems," Lone gently said to her with a charming smile.

°'Uhh, that's not fair... I was just being friendly, then you thank me genuinely with my full name while hugging me?!' Sophie screamed in her heart. Lone then let her go and undressed before getting into his own bed.

"Good night, Soph," Lone said to the slightly flustered young woman. He was experiencing feelings that he was unfamiliar with, so he decided to just go to sleep and think about them later.

"Good night, Lone," Sophie whispered while her face was hidden under her blanket due to it being as crimson as the Foxkin's hair. 

A note from Lone

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