"I'm sorry, but can I help you?" Lone asked the two children. He clearly didn't understand what exactly was going on at the moment.

"Yeah! We need you to come home!" The girl happily replied. It would seem that she was bad at explaining things because she apparently believed that Lone understood why they were visiting him.

"But this is my current home," Lone said in confusion.

"No silly! Home to the Fox Clan!" she loudly exclaimed. She really wasn't the brightest girl it would seem.

"Shut up, Tiera. Let's just go. This cripple doesn't need to come with us," the boy standing next to the girl said after he had noticed Lone's missing left hand. His tone was clearly filled with hate for some reason.

'Fox Clan? So they're Foxkin, huh? I won't get in trouble if I cripple this little shit then will I since I bet they need my distinct lineage or something,' Lone thought before he took out his wooden spear from his dimension and moved faster than either of the two children could visibly see. Suddenly, a thudding sound could be heard.

"Eh?" Tiera noticed a noise, and when she turned towards it, she saw her brother was being held by his head with his mouth clamped shut, and he was missing his left leg. Oddly enough as she started shaking in fear, she still managed to notice that not a single drop of blood that was dripping from her brothers wound had touched the ground. Lone then slowly walked back into his house with the boy still firmly held in his hand.

'Hmm, storing the falling blood is tough,' he commented in thought. Lone then turned his head to look at the girl. "You. In. Now. Or I'll kill you both," he icily ordered the young girl.

"Y-YES!" she practically screamed as she wet herself a little bit. She was scared for both her and her brother's lives. Lone then went towards the basement and threw the boy down after ordering the girl to open the trap door leading to it. He then grabbed the girl who was standing behind him by the face and threw her down too.

"AHHHhhhhh-" her scream was cut off by the loud thump her body made as she landed on top of the boy. Lone then jumped down and closed the trap door, He then proceeded to move past the pile-up of children before he turned to face them.

'Good thing this house is kinda isolated or the loud noises might have been a problem,' Lone thought to himself in relief. He then toggled his Hide Racial Traits Skill off which let his tails rip the tip of his trousers without him having a care for the article of clothing because he could make new ones now thanks to the knowledge the tailor's book had given him.

"Trella... Trella... hic... don't die... hic..." the girl mumbled while buried her face into Trella's chest. The girl was obviously anxious about his well-being.

"You. Explain why you're here and I will save his life," Lone offered since he wanted answers. He fully intended to do as he said because he disliked breaking promises.

"Hic... we were ordered to save... hic... to save you from the human kingdom and bring you back... hic... to the Clan," She explained between her heavy sobs.

"Why you and how did you find me?" Lone asked. This amount of information was clearly not enough to sate his curiosity.

"We're the best at hiding our traits and we... hic... we found you by your smell," she further explained. Lone then walked over to Trella after Tiera was done talking.

"Y-You'll save him now, right? We're sorry..hic. We'll leave and never come back. Just save my brother please!" Tiera cried. Lone used what little mana he had regenerated to create an exceedingly hot flame then cauterised his wound to stop the bleeding. He then left the two in the basement after doing so.

"Why the hell did I get so angry when he called me a cripple? Is it because my class is a berserker type? I need to know more," Lone said to himself in frustration at his lack of knowledge. He then locked the trap door, fully intent on asking more questions later.

He then went back to Sophie and sat on a chair in their room before he began reading a metallurgy book. A few hours later, Sophie woke up and she immediately noticed the colour in her vision, and she started to cry silently in happiness.

"Good evening Soph. How are your eyes feeling?" a much more attractive looking Lone asked her while he put his book away.

'So this is what he looks like... he looks much better than what my mana sensing told me,' Sophie thought before she noticed Lone's arm no longer ended at his wrist.

"I feel fantastic! But your hand... ?" she asked as she got up and walked up to him. It would seem that she was more interested in the change than surprised by it.

"Oh, this? Yeah, no fingers yet but I have a palm again at lea-" he was cut off as the young girl hugged him tightly.

"Thank you... thank you so much... you have no idea how much having my eyes back means to me..." Sophie said as she nuzzled into his chest with her face.

"Well, you can tell me all about it later, okay?" Lone gently replied. He was aware she had something she wanted to say to him now, but first, he wanted to deal with the Foxkin children.

"Eh? Why not now?" Sophie said because she wanted to tell him all about herself to re-affirm her new feelings of closeness for him.

"Well, while you were asleep we had some 'visitors'," He replied somewhat vaguely.

"Where are they?" Sophie asked him while she gazed up at him.

"Well, there was two of them and one and three-quarters of them are locked in the basement," Lone replied in an evasive manner. He was clearly embarrassed by something.

"Huh? What do you mean 'one and three-quarters'?" Sophie had asked in confusion before she tilted her head to the side. This was a very cute action as far as Lone was concerned.

"Well... the other quarter, a leg and a gallon of blood specifically, are sitting in my dimension," Lone answered in an embarrassed manner.

"Huh... ?" Sophie said in utter confusion at his explanation and apparent embarrassment.

"One of them insulted me and I kinda lost it a little," Lone replied. This was indeed a very embarrassing moment for Lone. He had never done something quite so impulsive save for when he had sealed Sophie.

"B-But a leg... ?" Sophie continued. She was apprehensive. How did an insult turn into a missing leg?

"It just kinda... happened... ?" Lone said with an alarming laugh. An alarming laugh indeed.


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