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Book 1 Chapter 22: Surgeon and Eyes


A note from Lone

My apologies for not uploading in the past 30 or so hours. I have been very very busy. I'll try to rewrite a few more chapters before I go to sleep in a few hours.

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"Let's start with a dead finger, who knows how much a living one will cost me mana wise?" Lone mumbled to himself. He then created a sharp, and wooden Elven dagger for 70 MP. Lone then swiftly cut off the body's left hand's pinky finger.

"Well, here goes nothing," he said while he imagined a new dead finger on the man's left hand. 1000 MP quickly left Lone before a new dead pinky finger replacing the severed one.

"1000 MP is a lot for a dead finger. I guess I should dissect these scum a bit to learn what a book can't teach. This isn't going to be pleasant. Ha-ah," Lone said before he sighed.

Lone had then quickly used up all of his mana after a few more tries to make fingers more efficiently, so he stored the body and rinsed the room with sea water to get rid of the blood before he decided to furnish the house. The house now looked much more lived in after he had filled it up with paintings, chairs, tables, rugs and other such things.

"Hey, Soph, now that I'm done here, I'm gonna go visit the tailor shop again to buy us some more clothes, then I'll arrange to get a bath installed while I wait for my mana to regenerate," Lone informed the girl who was reading a picture book happily. "You wanna come with me or do you want to be unsummoned to continue reading? I'd rather not leave you alone again if I don't have to," Lone continued. He then waited for her decision.

"Umm, I really wanna understand you when you're talking to people, so I'll go to the summon room to keep reading my books, please," Sophie said to Lone despite her disliking of the place.

'I have toys and books in there so I guess I should be fine, right?' Sophie thought in an attempt to convince herself of the correctness of her choice. Lone nodded at her response, and then unsummoned her along with the books.

A few hours later, Lone had proceeded towards the library after successfully buying a few more identical sets of clothing and a book that described the outfits in detail from the tailor. He had got the book in hopes that he could learn how to create the clothes himself efficiently. He had then hired some men to install a bathtub inside of his home. Apparently, it was a relatively easy task to install a magic based bath in one day if you were persuasive enough and had a lot of silver.

After reaching and entering the library, Lone headed straight for Lilith. Lilith quickly noticed him since he did stand out a fair amount.

'Eh, why is he back so soon? And alone too. It's only been a few hours,' Lilith asked herself in confusion.

"Hi again, Lilith. Hmm, how to put this, In my earlier rush, I forgot to get myself a book or two, would you mind if I borrowed some more books about human anatomy and some about metallurgy?" Lone explained briefly before he asked her with hope evident in his, voice. He knew he was being somewhat demanding, so he could only hope that Lilith would agree to his selfish request.

"Like weapon crafting and explanations of different types of metal and weapons, spears specifically. I recently obtained an interest in that," Lone elaborated with the most charming smile he could pull off to add some extra leverage in this request of his.

'Urg, why can't I say no?! He's so perfect!' Lilith thought to herself due to Lone's acting skills being so great. "O-Of course! Give me about fifteen minutes, please. We don't have much on metallurgy, so it's a little bit harder to find," she complied to his request surprisingly easily.

Skill Persuasion has levelled up in mastery
Skill: Persuasion
Effect 1:  Makes persuading people easier to varying degrees based on mastery level
Mastery: Beginner Level 3
Increased Persuasion: 6%

'Hmm? I didn't expect that. Is borrowing books really that unusual?' Lone wondered. "Take you time, I'm not in a hurry." he then replied to Lilith. She nodded and then returned about twenty minutes after leaving to find the books.

"I finally found the metallurgy books. They were well hidden," Lilith said as she handed Lone 5 books which he tucked under his left armpit or held in his right hand. "S-So I was wondering i-if we could maybe get a mea-" she started saying before Lone rudely cut her off.

"I appreciate the gesture, really, but I am quite busy for the next week. I am also very much so in love with my fiancée despite our age gap," Lone said during his interruption of Lilith obvious date request. 'Thank goodness Soph isn't here, her heart would have exploded thinking I was being honest,' Lone thought in relief. He knew Sophie held feelings for his tails, so he didn't particularly want to add fuel to the already burning fire.

"Y-Yes! Of course, well, goodbye, Lone," Lilith halfheartedly replied. 'Maybe I should just give up? I don't really know anything about him anyway,' Lilith thought while Lone left the library. This would most likely be her final attempt to earn Lone's interest. Lilith wasn't the strongest willed girl after all.

Lone then quickly headed home. Six days soon passed, and after many dissected pirates and a much clearer image of dead hands, Lone tried to create his first live one on a body. After draining 5000MP, a twitching hand appeared on the corpse.

"Hahahahaha! Success! Now I just need to create my own new hand!" Lone exclaimed in excitement while he watched the pirate's left hand twitch about violently before it entering a state of death just like the body it was attached to. Suddenly, a screen flickered in front of Lones eyes.

"Hmm... ? What's this?" he questioned it first before checking it.

Due to adding life temporarily to death: Gained Title:
Title: The Surgeon of Death

"Surgeon of Death? That sounds ominous," Lone commented on his new title's name.

 Title: The Surgeon of Death
Effect 1

Enables the host to modify user's limbs and bones to varying degrees based on mana usage

Effect 2

Allows the creation of limbs and body parts to be free of cost when using mana creation to create them for others

Effect 3

Evolves skill Weak Passive Regeneration to Passive Regeneration

Restriction 1

Cannot be used on the host

Restriction 2

Can only create limbs and body parts for others twice every 24 hours

"Wow, so I'm the perfect 'after battle healer' now, eh?" Lone had commented before he went to check his newly evolved skill.

Due to the title The Surgeon Of Death, Skill Weak Passive Regeneration has evolved into the skill:
 Skill: Passive regeneration
Effect 1

Passively heals all wounds to varying degrees depending on mastery

Effect 2

Passively regenerates limbs at varying degrees depending on mastery

Effect 3

Can be temporarily boosted by sacrificing SP, or at a much less efficient rate, by sacrificing MP


Beginner Level 1

Increased Regeneration Rate

Passively heals 4HP each second

Passively heals wounds and regrows limbs at 4% of maximum efficiency

"So basically, I don't need to regrow my hand by using Mana Creation now? Well, at least I didn't completely waste my time this past week," Lone said as he admired his new skill and title.

During the past six days, Lone had slowly started to understand fingers to near perfection before he moved onto palms then onto wrists. Then he tried creating dead hands on the pirate corpses repeatedly until it cost no more than 1000MP per time. It was at that point that he decided to try making a live hand on a dead body which led him to now.

"Well, I'm nearly out of mana and stamina, so I guess I'll head upstairs to tell Sophie the good news," Lone mumbled before he went towards the ladder leading towards the ground floor. After reaching the ground floor, he went towards his and Sophie's bedroom on the first floor. Upon reaching it, he saw Sophie lying down on her belly on her bed swinging her feet in the air with a book in her hands.

"Eh? Lone? You're finished early, did something happen?" she asked as her legs stopped swinging and slumped onto the bed. Lone usually stopped his experiments in the late evening, currently, it was only the mid-afternoon.

"Yes, something did," he firmly answered.

"Wha-what?" Sophie said as she gulped because she was slightly afraid of Lone's serious tone.

"I got a title that basically lets me fix my hand automatically and maybe fix your eyes. All without using a power choice," he replied before he turned his expressionless face into one that was smiled.

"Geez, don't tease me lik- What?! MY EYES?!" Sophie yelled as she jumped up off the bed to grab Lone.  "Can you actually fix them?!" she frantically asked while she began shaking Lone's body.

"I think so. I mean, I got the title from doing something with mana creation, and it also made my regeneration power evolve so this titles effects should be pretty powerful," Lone informed her very briefly of his newest changes.

"Please do it! I want to be able to see with my eyes again!" Sophie said in an almost pleading tone.

'No hesitation, huh? Does it mean that much to her?' Lone had thought in wonder. "Okay okay. But first I need to remove your current eyes so my title can regrow new ones," Lone said while he peeled Sophie off of him.

"O-Okay..if it means getting my sight back..." Sophie said while trying to ignore the thought of the pain she would definitely go through during the process of her eyes getting taken out.

"Well, let's start then, I think it doesn't use any MP or SP but it is limited to being usable only twice a day so I'll use it once for each eye," Lone said to which Sophie shakily nodded her head in response. She was clearly quite frightened The two then went into the basement.

"Climb on the table. I'm gonna restrain you so you don't hurt yourself, but scream as much as you want, it will hurt, a lot since I have no knowledge of this world's painkillers and you'd only wake up if I knocked you out," Lone informed her.

'I know it will, idiot! I wish I had more of my power back so I could cancel out the pain,' Sophie lamented while she tried ignored Lone's non-existent tact. She then got up onto the wooden table, and immediately wooden restraints held down her thighs, wrists, waist and forehead.

"I guess I'll begin. It might hurt a lot more than normal as I only took out the eyeballs of a few of the pirates that still had heads but trust me.You'll be able to see when we're done," Lone said as he mana created a wooden eye scoop with the mana he had regenerated. "Hopefully..." he then whispered in a voice that only he could hear.

"Y-Yes, I trust you... kinda..." Sophie replied in a mumbled. Lone only nodded and decided to begin. He then started to scoop out her left eyeball.

"Ah... ah... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Sophie screamed in pain as she tried to thrash about in an attempt to deal with the immense pain. Lone just acted like nothing had happened and finished taking out the left eyeball before storing it in his dimension.

"Hah... hah... haaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Sophie screamed again as Lone moved to take her right eyeball out without letting her rest for more than a few moments. He quickly stored it after he had taken it out. He then moved his hand over her eye sockets which were covered in blood and willed his title to work. A flash of golden light covered his hand, and her face and Sophie's screams turned into light grunts.

After about five minutes of staying still like that, Lone stopped and lowered his hand to his side. When he looked at Sophie's face, he noticed it was covered in tears and a smile. He then saw the beautiful emerald green eyes that were staring at him.

"... Thank... you..." Sophie weakly said as she fainted.

Lone silently removed the restraints and picked her up off the table before unsummoning her. He then made his way to her bed before summoning her again and laying her in it. As Lone was about to read a book while he waited for her to wake up or for his SP and MP to regenerate, he heard a knock at the door. Curious to who it could be, he went to answer it.

"Hello... ?" Lone asked while he opened the door. Two identical looking children with red hair, a boy and a girl were standing there.

"It's him! Hey, you, we're here to take you home!" the girl loudly said to him in the human language.

"... huh?" This was Lone's only reply.

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