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Book 1 Chapter 21: Books and Basement


Lone awoke to an empty room save for the beds he and Sophie were laying on. The interior of the house was very similar to the exterior in the fact that it was plain and made from nothing but wood.

"I need to spruce this place up a lot. I guess I'll do that after breakfast and after the first experiment. Haaaaah," Lone decided as he yawned away his morning drowsiness. He then got dressed and quickly woke Sophie up after a few light shoves.

After the pair were ready and prepared, they headed towards the inn. Upon reaching the hotel, Lone decided first to tell the Innkeeper of their new residence. The Innkeeper stopped what he was doing when he noticed the two and approached them.

"I'm glad to see you two siblings are okay, I was worried when you never returned last night," he said with relief clear in his voice. Although he could be greedy, he was a man who cared about his customers a fair amount.

"Ah, I'm sorry for worrying you. My sister and I purchased a simple house yesterday and simply fell asleep as soon as we reached it since it was already rather late at that time," Lone said while putting on a helpless expression. He didn't really care about the man's concern, but he felt the need to continue using a false attitude to deal with people.

"A new house, eh? Well, I'm glad you're both fine. What do you plan to do with the room now that you've gone and bought a house?" the Innkeeper asked in a curious tone.

"Hmm, I thought we'd still come here for our meals for say, four months? And continue using the bath until we get one installed in our house. Assuming that that's fine with you," Lone suggested to the Innkeeper. Lone's indifference was getting the better of him. The fact that Lone could be so dismissive was one of his biggest weaknesses.

"I don't see why not, you've got a good head on your shoulders, but why'd you buy a house four days after booking the deluxe room for two months?" the Innkeeper asked Lone. He felt like this was a rather foolish move on Lone's part.

"I have a project I'm working on you see, but it seems like it's gonna be a bit messy and harder than I expected. I also had the money so why not?" Lone explained before rhetorically asking in a joking manner.

"Hahaha, why not indeed? Well, you're welcome to use the bath and the food for as long as you asked for. Best of luck with your 'project'," the Innkeeper laughed as he went back to what he was doing before which seemed to be nothing more than sitting at his desk lazily.

"Well that went well. Did you get any of that Soph?" Lone asked her in English as they walked towards the dining room.

"Um... something about a bath?" Sophie answered as she slightly cocked her head in confusion. It would appear that she had tried her best to concentrate during the conversation, but got distracted or bored mid-way and stopped paying attention.

"Hmm, It's better than nothing I guess. Basically, we can eat here for four months and use the bath in our room until our house gets it's own one, which I guess means we can keep the room until then," Lone briefly explained to her.

"Oh! Okay, got it, thank you, Lone." Sophie replied along with with a squeeze of the hand. They then sat to have breakfast before heading the library for a quick visit.

Later at the library, Lone approached the seated Lilith, and as soon as he was sure she was paying attention to him, he spoke to her.

"Good morning Lilith, I was wondering if it would be possible to stretch the rules a little bit and was wondering if you could let me borrow a dozen or so children's books?" Lone asked Lilith. He wanted something for Sophie to do while he was busy and her literacy skills were just good enough for children's books or so Lone thought.

"I don't really mind so long as it's you that's asking but isn't your fiancĂ©e blind?" Lilith replied bashfully before she followed up with a question filled with confusion.

'Fuck! I never thought of that. Hmm... actor skill, work your magic,' Lone thought in a rare moment of panic.

"Yes, she is, but not deaf. She's loved children's stories ever since she was four years old and we forgot to bring any for her on this trip to the capital. I've always read them to her, and I don't intend to stop now," Lone explained while visibly squeezing Sophie's hand for added effect.

"O-Of course! That makes sense. I'll go get a variety of them for you; please wait here." Lilith replied in embarrassment at her seemingly stupid, but actually valid question. 'Of course, he'd read for her, stupid girl!' she then told herself. After disappearing for ten minutes or so, Lilith returned while carrying about ten books or so.

"Fantastic! We'll be busy for a few days to a week, so I really appreciate this," Lone said as he and Sophie took the books from her.

"A w-week? O-Okay. I'm glad I could help," She said rather sullenly. She didn't push the matter because she was aware that she had already made a poor impression on Lone.

"Indeed, a week. See you then, Lilith," Lone replied. He and Sophie then left the library and the sullen teenager. They then entered a nearby alleyway. Lone then stored all of the books in his dimension, fully intent on giving them to Sophie after they returned to their temporary house.

"Thank you, Lone. I really appreciate having something to do while you're busy fixing your hand," Sophie happily said. She obviously knew why Lone had borrowed those books. Even if she had a short attention span, she wasn't stupid.

"Don't worry about it, it will help me too if you knew more about the language here as well," Lone replied while they walked back home. Upon returning home, Lone took the children's books out of his dimension before handing them to Sophie.

"I'm gonna fill this place up with a bit of furniture after some initial experiments. So if you need any help with the books, just ask me, okay? I should also see if this place has a basement to perform those experiments in, if so I need to reinforce it with wood to stop any smells getting out, if not then I need to create one somehow," Lone told Sophie before he trailed off on a mumbling tangent.

"Okay, I'll try my best to read without needing your help," Sophie replied with a small nod before going off to read. After that, Lone searched the house and luckily found a wooden trap door.

"Lovely, this makes things much easier," he said to himself before he climbed down the wooden ladder. "Hmm, it's pretty dark, I guess I'll mana create a lit wooden torch. I wonder how much mana lighting it will cost me?" Lone wondered aloud. A bright wooden light, a wooden torch fixture and 3000 MP later.

"Not nearly as much as I expected, maybe because of my past life's knowledge?" Lone thought out loud while he reinforced the walls of the small basement and then created a long wooden table. He then took out a pirate's corpse from his dimension and laid it on the table.

"Well, let's begin shall we?" Lone said with a slight smirk.


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