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Book 1 Chapter 20: Learning and Meatball


A note from Lone

I hope you enjoy.

It had been three days since Lone and Sophie's visit to the library and Lone had learnt enough about Human anatomy now to start experimenting on the pirate bodies confidently, or so he thought. He could only do so this soon thanks to his newest skill.

Due to the host diligently trying to memorise several books, Gained Skill:
 Skill: Good Memory
Effect 1

 Allows the host to remember more of what they read to varying degrees depending on mastery 

Effect 2

 Allows the host to remember more of what they experience to varying degrees depending on mastery 


 Beginner Level 6 

Memory Capacity Increased


Thanks to this skill Lone had recently gained, he felt it was time to try experimenting, after all, he did have thirty-six human bodies to try his new knowledge on. He quickly put the book he was reading away and then went to the nearby fiction shelf where Sophie was reading her own book.

Two days ago she had stopped using Lone's lap and started to act normally again so Lone decided to teach her a few basic words as he thought that her knowing the local language might help her, so he got Sophie to start reading children's books since they were straightforward and easy to learn from. Indeed a fitting picture, a child reading a children's book.

Sophie could now understand a very tiny amount of both the written and spoken language. After collecting her, Lone immediately headed for the exit. Just as they reached the ground floor, though, a bespectacled, blue haired young woman stopped them.

"I-I'm sorry for my rude behaviour the other day, Sir!" Lilith said to Lone with a bow. She had been avoiding the couple for the last few days. "I wasn't thinking! Please, can we become friends?" she asked with all her courage. This had taken a lot for someone like her to lower herself in such a manner for Lone's sake.

"No," Lone answered her curtly. Lilith's heart immediately sank. "But we can become acquaintances. Lone Immortus." Lone continued.

'Hopefully, she'll leave me alone now,' Lone thought. He hoped his moment of false kindness was enough to ward off her advances.

"Yes! I'd love to! Lilith, just Lilith," she replied while practically beaming. Even though the two had introduced themselves to each other briefly, it was certainly more pleasant to do so in a formal fashion.

"Well, 'Just Lilith', we must be heading off. We'll be back soon though I'd wager," Lone told her after he had chuckled a little bit. He and Sophie then left the library.

"Just Lilith, huh?" Lilith said with a blush. She was happy at just being called her name by the man, no, by Lone.

After exiting the library, Lone turned to Sophie. "Hmm, I think we should go to the city hall and buy a house, a nice one with a basement hopefully, so I can safely perform my experiments. What do you think? I'm pretty sure I have enough money left for it," Lone asked her with some interest in his voice.

"Eh? But what about the money you paid the innkeeper for our stay?" Sophie asked him with worry at the possible loss of money.

"Hmm... we could use it as food expenses and just eat there for a few months I guess," Lone replied with a very reasonable suggestion.

"Ah! That's a good idea," Sophie commented. Sophie wasn't the best at coming up with ideas, so she felt it was best if Lone just used his head for this kind of stuff instead of asking for her opinion. She would voice a concern if one came up regarding his choices.

"Then it's decided," Lone declared before they started walking towards the city hall. It only took the pair about fifteen minutes to reach the city hall because it appeared that most of the public buildings were located near each other. The city hall was a long rectangular shaped building with a smaller square shaped building attached to it's front. It seemed to mostly be made out of wood with the only difference being the stone support beams.

'Hmm, I wonder why the town hall isn't made entirely from stone as the library is?' Lone thought before he turned to face Sophie.

"Hey Soph, want me to unsummon you while I'm in there? I feel like the capital's city hall might be kinda busy," he asked her in English as her local language skills still weren't very good yet. She took a moment to think as she put her left hand on her chin. She looked rather adorable while she was doing this which Lone took noticed of.

"Yes please, but don't take too long please. I don't like it in the summoning room," Sophie replied after she was finished thinking over the matter.

'Summoning room? Not 'the dark space'? Well, I guess I'm not the only one maturing,' Lone thought while he brought Sophie into an empty alleyway and proceeded to unsummon her. He then walked straight into the city hall with hopes of purchasing some land. He noticed a line with roughly 20 people in it waiting to be served by an exceedingly overweight male receptionist.

After marvelling at the human meatball for a moment, he too, joined the twenty-person long line. It took about an hour before it was Lone's turn as each person only had simple requests to give the slow working meatball of a man.

"Identification card," the meatball lazily said in Lone's general direction. 

'I completely forgot about that. I'll get one after I fix my hand I think,' Lone thought before sliding a single gold coin to the breathing meatball. He then proceeded to use his persuasion and acting skills to the best of his ability.

"I'm looking to buy a new house worth roughly ten gold coins. You see, I can't give you my identification card as I don't want..hmm... let's say some rather unsavoury types finding my new address. Is that okay with you, Mr.Receptionist?" Lone explained quietly then asked the man with a charming smile.

"O-Of course, Sir! Please wait for ten- no five minutes while I arrange your new address!" the meatball said with some added gusto after taking the gold coin from the counter.

Skill Persuasion has levelled up in mastery
Skill: Persuasion
Effect 1:  Makes persuading people easier to varying degrees based on mastery level
Mastery: Beginner Level 2
Increased Persuasion: 4%


'Well, that's a welcome bonus,' Lone commented internally at his increased mastery. He then waited roughly five minutes until the meatball stopped rummaging around the filing cabinet that he had gone over to and spoke once again to Lone.

"I managed to get you the deed to the best property within your price range, Sir. It costs a total of nine gold and eighty-seven silver coins, Sir." The meatball said with some enthusiasm.

"Hmm, very well, here's ten gold, keep the change for a job well done," Lone said as he handed over the last of his gold coins while taking the deed and keys to his new property.

"Enjoy the rest of you day, Sir!" The meatball chirped, to which Lone only nodded. He then left the city hall and found a deserted alleyway and summoned Sophie.

"Uh? It's always so confusing getting summoned... did you manage to buy us a house?" Sophie asked while still being somewhat disorientated.

"I did indeed. Let's go see it, shall we?" Lone said as he took her hand. Sophie nodded and smiled at Lone in response. They then proceeded to head towards their new home. It was nearing sunset as they reached what looked like a simple wooden manor of sorts.

"Wel, it looks decent enough," Lone commented on their new home. "I guess we should check the inside," Lone said before he got Sophie to unlock the door as he had given the key to her mid-journey.

"L-Lone! it's empty!" Sophie said in a slight panic.

"What are you so panicky about? I can just take out the furniture from the pirate ship and use mana creation for the rest. Hmm, although that might take a while. For now, I'll put down some beds, and we can get some sleep okay?" he said to her. He thought her panic was somewhat cute, but telling her of a solution and calming her seemed like a better choice than teasing her did.

"O-Oh yeah, I forgot. Let's do that," Sophie replied in an embarrassed tone. And so they went to sleep in their new home after Lone took out two single beds from his dimension and placed them in a room on the second floor. This would be the first night of rest here at their new wooden manor of much, much more to come.

A note from Lone

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