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It didn't take the trio long to reach the finest Inn in the city. It was a tall building made entirely out of white stone, and it appeared to be immaculate considering the condition the rest of the town seemed to be in. The city wasn't dirty, but it was certainly a step down from the building that stood in front of Lone.

Just before Lone and Sophie entered the inn, Lone turned towards the guard and handed him the extra promised copper coins before scoffing in his general direction to keep up his nobleman persona. The guard happily accepted the coins before he briefly bowed with a smile and he then returned to doing whatever he was previously doing before Lone interrupted him.

Lone and Sophie then entered the clean looking Inn that was called 'The Sleepy Fortress', still hand in hand, and they noticed almost everything was made out of stone save for the wooden furniture.

'I wonder if masonry is rare in the culture around here?' Lone thought after seeing most of the Victorian-styled buildings he had seen so far had been made mostly out of wood or clay.

The pair then walked up to what looked like a reception area and were quickly greeted by a well-dressed elderly man who was reading a book of some sort.

"How may I help you, Sir?" the old man asked as he put his book away in a manner that clearly said that they were merely customers, no more, no less. It would seem he was accustomed to dealing with nobles or similar people.

'No more acting arrogant, huh?' Lone thought as he appraised the white-haired old man. He was wearing some sort of suit and had swept back hair, much like Lone did. His face was wrinkled, but he was clearly a handsome man in his youth.

"My sister and I would like to rent a room for, hmm, two months should be long enough I think," Lone answered the receptionist after he was finished appraising him.

"Very well, Sir. Would you like a regular room, double room, or a deluxe room?" The elderly man happily asked after he had heard the length of Lone's intended staying period. Such an extended stay would surely equate to a significant profit.

"Hmm, what are the price differences and benefits of each option?" Lone quizzically asked because he would prefer an option that let him and Sophie take a proper hot bath.

"Well Sir, the regular room costs fifteen copper coins per day and includes a tub of clean, cold water each evening, breakfast and a single bed. The double room includes a tub of fresh hot water every night, breakfast and lunch and a double sized bed at thirty copper coins per night. The deluxe room includes a preinstalled bathroom with running hot water powered by magic, a fire magic based lantern, three meals a day and two king-sized beds for two silver coins per day," the old man explained patiently to Lone. He was used to reciting this explanation.

'How much silver do I have left? Let's see... four hundred and seventy-two? Those pirates must have been doing well. I even have a dozen or so gold coins,' Lone thought while checking his dimensions money folder.

"I think we'll take the deluxe room, how much would two months cost us in total?" Lone asked after deciding on the best option since it included hot water.

"Excellent, Sir, let's see... that would be sixty days so, the total would come to one hundred and twenty silver coins or one gold coin and twenty silver coins," the old man calculated in eagerness at his sudden windfall. Such a sum was somewhat rare for him to get in one transaction.

'Well, that answers the questions of how the money works here and how many days to a month, thirty days each and one hundred lesser to one greater currency, huh? I guess I'll just use a gold coin and some silver, I feel like I won't spend much gold so I may as well do it while I have the chance to,' Lone thought. He then proceeded to take out the twenty-one needed coins and handed them over to whom he presumed was the Innkeeper.

"Excellent, Sir. Here's your key, it's the room at the very top of the stairs," the Innkeeper said after handing Lone the key to his room.

"Oh! One more thing, my sister and I aren't from the capital so you wouldn't happen to have a map of the city that we could have or buy, would you?" Lone asked in hopes he had such a thing. The map he had gained from the pirates was a sea chart so it wasn't particularly useful for Lone's plans for his adventure on land.

"Of course I do, here, Sir, take it as a thank you for your patronage," the innkeeper replied as he handed Lone a simple looking map.

"Thank you, we'll be heading up to our room now," Lone said happily at having gained a map. The Innkeeper nodded in response then proceeded to eagerly but safely store his new earnings. Lone squeezed the still very confused Sophie's hand and led her up the stairs to their room. After entering the room and locking the door, after letting go of Sophie's hand, he then proceeded to strip.

"W-what are you d-doing? I-I'm not ready..." Sophie weakly said as she stared at him with drool building up at the corner of her mouth. His body was certainly attractive to her, but she was incredibly inexperienced and had no idea why Lone was taking off his clothes.

"Hmm? I can't let my tails out without wrecking my new clothes. I feel really uncomfortable with my traits hidden so get your mind out of the gutter. I'm going to take a quick nap then we're heading to the library to get some information. Go take a bath or something," Lone suggested as he toggled his Hide Racial Traits skill off, letting his ears and tails appear once more. He then crawled into one of the two king sized beds leaving Sophie standing alone by the door.

"The fluffiness... ha-ah... I guess I will take a bath... stupid Lone," Sophie sighed at him before she headed towards the other door which could only be the door to the bathroom. Several hours then passed and Lone was awoken by a familiar feeling.

"Well that explains the heaviness I was feeling on the island," Lone said as he noticed Sophie curled up on top of him while wearing nothing more than her new pair of black panties.

"Uuuuu... eh?" sophie groaned as she woke up and stretched a little. "Eh... um... eh... I-I can explain!" She frantically said after she noticed that she was sitting on top of Lone. Lone gently picked her up and sat her aside. He then got off the bed and hid his racial traits before he started getting dressed again.

"I don't mind. I understand you've been alone for a long time so you surely must feel something, if not for me then definitely for my tails considering how much you love them but be patient okay? I'm still struggling with our friendship so try your best to not do that again, okay? At least not dressed like that. I'll let you pet my tails occasionally if you need to." Lone told her his feelings on the matter. Sophie only nodded weakly while blushing and then got dressed herself.

"Well then, shall we go get some knowledge, sister?" Lone said as he extended his right hand towards Sophie after they had finished getting dressed.

"Y-Yes," she answered as she took it. Lone immediately let go of Sophie's hand.

"Huh?" Sophie asked in confusion.

"Ah, I keep forgetting that I only have one hand when it comes to trivial things like this," Lone explained as he took the room key out of his pocket and unlocked the door with it. They both then left the room and Lone took Sophie's hand once again after locking the door again. They then entered a dining room of sorts after going back down stairs.

There were a few people eating there but as this was a high class inn the other customers offered the pair no more than a single glance. The couple soon found a place to sit and ordered some simple food, but they were happy with anything so long as it wasn't Tusk Hog meat. They had eaten far too much of that in the past fourteen months.

"So Soph, I plan to go to a barbershop to get your hair sorted out since it's really long. Then I'll head to the library to try get some knowledge on human bodies for obvious reasons, so you just wait for me at the barbershop while I do that, okay?" Lone told Sophie of his plan all in English because he fully understood that she didn't know any of the new languages like he did.

"O-okay, you won't take long will you?" Sophie asked in worry. Even if she hated Lone at first, she still didn't want to leave his side after the two had spent more than a year together almost non-stop.

"Of course not, an hour, maybe two, at most three. It is pretty late already after all," Lone said as he pointed out the time. It was roughly two o'clock in the afternoon. It would seem that the pair had napped for a decent length of time.

"Oh, one more thing, don't speak okay? You seem like you can't understand the language here. So just play the blind, and mute, cool beauty, alright?" he continued. Lone didn't want to explain to other people why she was speaking a different language to him. Lone could be quite lazy at times.

"Okay, I can do that, I'm not very good with strangers anyway," Sophie replied with a small smile. Lone thanked her for understanding. They then left the inn and headed for the nearest barbershop after finishing their meal and checking the map the innkeeper had given them. The map had a detailed section of the city and a brief overlook of the continent drawn on it.

They were still getting some attention but not as much as a few hours ago as they seemed to now be in a somewhat more high-class area.

After a roughly 15 minute long walk, they reached a decent looking building which had two glass poles on either side of the doorway that seemed to have red, blue and white coloured fireflies swirling around inside of them in a patterm of some kind. The two then entered the building after watching the fireflies for a moment and a particularly busty woman spoke to them.

"Hello Sir, Madam, how may I be of help?" the woman asked.

'Madam? That's the first time anyone's actually addressed Soph's existence, hmm. Interesting,' Lone noticed in thought.

"My little sister here loves her exceedingly long hair, but quite honestly, it's a nuisance. Would you mind braiding it for her? I'll be going to the library and shall be back in one to three hours to collect her and pay for your services," Lone told her of their purpose and his immediate plans.

"Of course Sir. Please, sit over here, Madam," the woman said as she gestured towards a leather padded wooden chair.

"One more thing. As you may have noticed, my sister's blind, but she's also mute so do take care of her properly, please," Lone informed the woman as he led Sophie towards the chair.

"Certainly Sir. She's in good hands," the woman assured him before she prepared the necessary tools. Lone nodded towards her then left for the library.

It took Lone about twenty minutes to get to the library after leaving the barbershop. It was a large building that was about two hundred meters wide and maybe eighty or so long, it also seemed to have three floors. The library, much like the inn was made mostly out of stone save for a wooden shutter here or a glass pane there.

Lone entered the building and walked over to the reception desk. Sitting behind it was a petite young woman with short blue hair and a pair of thin glasses on, she was perhaps nineteen years of age, and she was reading a book about birds before she turned to address him.

"How can I help?" The girl said with hints of annoyance in her voice.

'No 'Sir' this time?' Lone wondered. Her attitude seemed rather rude considering how he looked like a noble. "I'm looking for any books about the human body, the more detailed, the better," Lone explained to her. Although she was rude, Lone didn't really care. He just wanted to read some books.

"Second-floor third row to the left ninth shelf," she stated as she turned back to read her book. Lone offered the woman no thanks as he was all right with her somewhat rude, but blunt answer. He soon found the mentioned bookshelf and took a book before sitting down but upon opening it his face immediately blanked.

"Oh fuck. I know hardly anything about the written language save for what was on those maps," Lone remembered. It was going to be a long few hours for Lone. A long few hours indeed.

A note from Lone

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