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Book 1 Chapter 17: Clothes and Guards


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"Hmm, well I guess most importantly right now, I need to get some new clothes, I can't have people think I'm just some sort of basic-looking villager forever, now can I?" Lone said to himself in English which on earned him a few odd looks from the passing civilians.

"Oh, right, new language. I better start using it normally," Lone mumbled. He then proceeded to move toward a guard in hopes of getting the nearest tailors address.

"Excuse me, sir, could you point me to the nearest tailor shop?" Lone politely asked him. The guard looked at Lone for a moment before his eye's gained a look of superiority in them.

"What? Get lost. Can't you see that I'm busy here?" The guard snorted in disdain after he saw Lone's attire. He obviously didn't want to waste his time on some peasant.

'Ha-ah... of course, I still don't want to cause a scene so let's not kill him. Another bribe I guess?' Lone sighed in thought at the terrible attitude of the guard.

"Sir, I think you dropped this, no? You must keep an eye on your pockets; you never know when you might lose something. Now, about that tailor shop..." Lone said as he handed the guard a silver coin just like he had done so with the gate's guard.

"Of course! Just keep walking down that street there for... uhh... five minutes? There should be a tailor shop there, can't miss it, almost the entire front wall is covered in windows," the guard happily explained after pocketing the coin that was equal to a month of his work's pay.

"Lovely! Thank you for your help, Sir," Lone said before he started to walk down the road as mentioned earlier. Just before he reached the tailor shop, a young girl in a rag, presumably an orphan, or perhaps a beggar, suddenly approached and hugged him.

"Big bro! I've been looking for you for ages! Where did you g- Eh?" she questioned as she looked up into his golden and black coloured eyes.

"You're not my brother!" She exclaimed in apparent shock.

"I'm glad you noticed. Now get off of me before I throw you off," Lone icily ordered the unhygienic and young girl.

"Y-yes, I'm s-sorry Sir!" she replied while she let go of him. The girl then ran off into a nearby alleyway.

"Well, there goes another silver... I need to stop just giving those away," Lone whispered before he entered the tailor shop. It would seem that Lone had pitied the girl and put a silver coin in his pocket as she was rummaging about in them. Maybe this action was an after effect of the events on the ship? Lone wasn't sure.

"Hello!" A cheerful voice exclaimed. It originated from a young woman who was standing behind the counter. She immediately frowned upon seeing Lone's attire.

'Hmm, it seems that no matter how handsome I am now, I still just look like some nobody villager in everyone's eyes?. Lone thought. He could only reaffirm his decision to get better dressed after this.

"Don't worry miss, I have money, plenty, so prepare your finest outfit of my size, please," Lone said in an attempt to clear up any confusion.

"Of course... Sir. I'll just take your measurements then," The young woman then ushered Lone into a changing room of sorts with uncertainty at his claims of wealth.

"Oh while you're at it, get a dress and a pair of shoes that would fit a girl of around the age of 10." Lone then quickly added after he had remembered about the person he had spent the last year with.

'I'll just create the panties; I don't want to send the wrong message by asking for a pair,' Lone thought. He wasn't sure if asking for underwear suitable for under-aged girls was okay in this world, but he refused to do regardless of if it was or not.

"Of course... now please remove your clothes and weapon so I can take accurate measurements please, Sir," the woman asked in a manner that was clearly a bit too eager after she had noticed Lone's muscles, but even though he had seen her obvious eagerness, Lone still complied with her request. He first unstrapped his spear before leaning it against a wall. He then took off his shirt, shoes and trousers.

'O-oh... wow... for once I actually wish a client would attack me... how is it possible to be so sexy?!' the woman thought as she took his measurements. Then she finished, but she took as long as she could in hopes that Lone would attack her, take her and ravage her.

However, she had no such luck as Lone had no thoughts about the lady except that she was certainly taking her time. So she then gave him her best set of clothes that fit him and the requested dress for a total of 14 silvers and 30 coppers.

After donning his new outfit which consisted of a sleek pair of gray shoes and trousers, a nice shirt and vest combo coloured navy blue and blood red respectively, and a grey overcoat, he proceeded to move into a nearby ally way. Lone then immediately summoned Sophie.

In the endlessly black space, a little girl was sitting on the floor playing with some numbered wooden blocks. Suddenly, her surroundings changed into that of an ally way.

"Huh? L-lone?" she asked, block still in hand, towards the well-dressed man she noticed standing over her. It would seem that her companion had changed his fashion for the better while she was locked away.

"Wear this, and be careful putting the panties on, they took a lot of mana to create," Lone told her to do so as she was still wearing the simple villager clothes that Lone had made for her. He then handed her a gothic styled black lace dress, a pair of similar black panties and a pair of black shoes before she suddenly found herself back in the dark space.

"Huh?" She once again asked. Sophie was very confused. Lone then proceeded to wait roughly 15 minutes before resummoning Sophie as he assumed that was enough time for her to get changed. A stunningly beautiful girl appeared clad entirely in black, in front of Lone.

"Wow, you look really beautiful, sister." Lone said as he marvelled at her good looks. She truly was a rare beauty. If she looked several years older, Lone might have instantly fallen in love with her.

"H-huh? W-what are you saying... wait. Sister?" Sophie replied in a bashful, then confused tone. She didn't hate compliments, but she was quite confused by his term for her. When exactly did they become siblings?

"Hmm? Yeah, sister," Lone confirmed what Sophie had thought she had heard.

"I might need to use you in some situations and us being siblings is the most believable thing I can come up with, plus I figured you were lonely." Lone then explained in a rather poor manner. Even if he was rather intelligent, he could still be a fool at times.

"Right! Don't unsummon me with almost no warning for two weeks! It was really boring, even with all the toys..." Sophie pleaded as she remembered her recent and crushing boredom.

"I'm sorry? I need alone time occasionally," Lone said in an attempt to remind her of his solitary nature. Even if he appreciated her companionship, there was obviously times that he wanted to be alone.

"Now hold my hand, we're going to find an inn then get everything else sorted out like getting your really long hair braided and fixing my left hand," Lone said to her while he held out his right hand towards her general direction.

"Huh, your hand?" she questioned and then noticed his missing left hand after inspecting it for a moment.

"What happened to your hand?!" Sophie exclaimed in a panic. She was hoping that his tails were still safe and okay.

"It's at the bottom of an ocean I think," Lone replied. He then followed up with a more in-depth explanation.

"On the pirate ship one of them got me by surprise and cut it off, I then entered a frenzied berserk state of sorts and one of the pirates must have kicked it off during the confusion as it wasn't there when I checked after storing the ship." Lone briefly explained the whole massacre and following events.

"That sounds horrible," Sophie sadly commented before realising something.


"I guess. Anyway, let's go," Lone said before he grabbed Sophie's hand gently and pulled her along with him as he walked onto the main road.

'Guard, guard, guard... ah! There's one,' Lone thought. He then began walking towards the guard he had spotted. The pair were gathering a fair amount of attention as they approached the guard due to their extravagant appearances.

"Those two are so beautiful..."

"Are they nobles?"

"Maybe they're a couple?"

"No, I think they're brother and sister, look, their hair has the same golden shine to it."

Lone completely ignored them while Sophie looked like she was about to cry from all of the undesired attention.

"How can I help you, sir?" the guard nervously asked Lone. He had clearly assumed Lone's status to be above his own.

'Hmm. He thinks I'm a noble? Maybe I should act like one,' Lone thought after seeing the guards submissive reaction.

"Hmpf, my sister and I are not from the capital and we wish to stay in the finest Inn that this city has to offer," Lone explained in a disdainful fashion. "I'll give you 30 copper coins if you tell me where to find it," Lone continued while he raised his chin condescendingly.

"I-I dare not to give you bad directions, Sir!" the guard exclaimed in fear. He was scared that such an answer ould anger Lone, but he didn't want to take the risk of doing so by misleading him with verbal directions. "May I suggest I escort you and your sister to the best Inn myself instead, sir?" he asked whilst practically oozing cold sweat.

Lone eyed the guard critically for a moment. Then handed him the 30 copper coins mentioned earlier.

"Twenty more after you safely escort us there, chop chop," Lone ordered the man. The guard happily took the coins before once more being taken over by his nervousness.

"Y-yes Sir!" He then immediately started escorting the two through the city.

┬░Uuuuu... why can't I understand anyone? Help me Lone... stop speaking gobbledegook... uuuuu.┬░ Sophie cried in her mind. She was very, very confused by everything that was going on.

A note from Lone

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