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Book 1 Chapter 16: Academy and Arrival


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"What should we do Sir?" Fredrick asked the young man in the carriage because he had no idea how to handle the man's apparent request for help, or perhaps to offer his own help to them? He was nothing more than a suspicious looking man to Fredrick, but he was unsure if the young man he was protecting had another plan for the apparent villager.

"Hmm, well it seems more entertaining to bring him with us rather than doing nothing for, how long was it again, Fredrick?" The young man replied with hints of mirth in his voice. He had been far too bored on the trip so far and assumed it would at least bring some joy to the dull journey.

"Two days, Sir," Fredrick unwillingly retold the well-dressed youth. The young man was far too ignorant for his own good. It amazed Fredrick that such an amazing father, could rear such a questionable son, or so Fredrick thought.

"Yes yes, two days, maybe I could teach this lone villager some more words to amuse myself on the way," the youth said, convinced of his choice. He really did need a better way to pass the time back to his destination. The villager's golden-black eyes practically shined at the word 'Lone'. It would seem that he had recognised it.

"And look at his body, he looks like he knows how to handle that weapon on his back a little bit, no?" the youth asked in an attempt to persuade his father's knight of his choice.

"Indeed, he is well built-" Fredrick couldn't complete his sentence before the young man had assumed him to be finished.

"See? Two birds, one stone. I get to have some entertainment and you get an extra hand, so to speak, in the event of an emergency. Now get the man in here, I wish to start immediately," he ordered a little bit too quickly, he was clearly very excited. So Frederick did as told, despite not liking it one bit.

He gestured towards the man with his hands then towards the carriage. As soon as he had done so, the man had put his arms by his sides again and moved to enter the carriage, he seemed at least somewhat intelligent.

All five of the knights watched him intently as he entered and Fredrick made sure to keep much closer to the carriage now, to make sure the young man was safe. He may hate how ignorant the boy was but he was still his Lord's son.

The man had entered the carriage and had taken a seat across from the well-dressed youth. The youth then smiled and extended his right hand before declaring his name.

"George Leston the Third. Pleased to meet you," George stated with a smile. He was excited to try his hand at teaching. His younger sister would be far more suited for such a thing, but he assumed it would be fun, even if he was bad at it.

"... Lone..." the villager replied while shaking his hand in good faith.

"That's your name? How peculiar. Well, how do I go about teaching you words, Lone?" George asked while not really expecting an answer from him.

"Speak... teach... I learn." Lone surprisingly answered George in an understandable manner.

"Oh? So I just talk and you learn? I must be a teaching genius, perhaps I should apply to be a teacher at the academy?" George narcissistically mused to himself. Lone's eyes rolled because he could understand the gist of what George had said. He then realised that George had said something of interest.

"... Academy?" Lone asked while obviously hoping for an explanation.

"You don't know? Just how much of a bumpkin are you? Surely there are limits." George replied in surprise, but he still proceeded to explain briefly.

"The Academy. That is what it's called. It's located on an island just east of the continent. It teaches magic of all types to all races so long as you have the aptitude. A truely wonderful place, save the whole 'all races thing' but I can't change that," George explained while pointing out his apparent prejudices against the other races.

"They also only employ the best teachers from around the entire continent or so I hear. Hence my newfound interest in the teaching side as I have no talent in the arcane arts despite being of noble descent," he dejectedly continued more to himself than to Lone as he thought he may now have a chance to teach there.

"I... see," Lone said while pondering over the new information.

"Well, let's get back to teaching you words! This should be ever so entertaining," George said with some spirit in his voice. And so they did. Lone had learned very few things the past two days as the 'lessons' mostly included basic words and a little bit of grammar.

The knights and George were confused when each time Lone went to relieve himself he came back looking washed and his clothes looked clean. They didn't want to ask as it was trivial at best, they were merely curious. Now the group of seven men had finally reached the capital of Milindo as they could see a stone wall towering in the distance.

'The capital huh... time to get some real knowledge and see how strong I am compared to the rest of the people here,' Lone thought as they approached the giant portcullis.

"Finally, we've arrived!" George exclaimed in delight. He had hated most of the trip, as it was far too boring for his tastes.

"Well, I hope to meet you again, maybe, so enjoy yourself in the capital, Lone," George stated while preparing to join the nobles queue for entering the city.

"Yes... thanks, for... help, George," Lone nodded towards George as he went to enter the queue for regular persons. The knights were clearly unhappy at Lone for calling George by his first name, but he just waved them off as he didn't care what a simple villager called him really.

Plus, not attacking him and letting him off with that felt like equal payment to George for the entertainment he had provided. They then both reached their respective queues and Lone was thankful for George's help but the man was an ignorant noble at best, not someone to get attached to.

'Hmm, this is a good opportunity to learn some more of the language if I just try to listen to the crowds of people talking.' Lone realised in thought. He then focused on his hearing to try to do just that. A blue screen then appeared in front of his eyes which slightly startled him.

'What the fuck is this for?' Lone wondered in surprise, as evident by his swearing.

Due to the host straining their hearing in an attempt to learn more of a language, Gained Skill:
Skill: Good hearing
Effect 1: Increases the range and volume of things heard to varying degrees depending on mastery level
Mastery: Beginner Lever 1
Increase of Hearing: 2% 

'Hmm, interesting. Sounds very useful for spying and the like.'
 Lone thought of the usefulness of his new skill. He had surprisingly learnt more in the 30 minutes in the queue, than he had, being 'taught' by George for 2 days. He could now speak basic sentences with ease if he focused enough.

'Fucking useless noble,' Lone sighed internally. He could only conclude that most nobles would be useless to him in this human kingdom. He may be wrong, but this was his opinion for right now. However, he then took a moment to consider what he had gained during those two days.

'Oh well, at least I learnt about The Academy and I got to ride in a carriage to get here, instead of having to walk all the way.' Lone surmised the benefits of the two-day carpool and concluded it was beneficial overall. He then noticed something a bit odd as he was picking up more and more words.

'Huh? Am I learning words I'm more familiar with faster or something?' Lone wondered. '┬░Maybe that's how I instantly understood George when he mentioned the word 'lone'. Hmm.' Lone continued internally while he moved towards the guard standing at the front of his queue.

"Okay actor skill, do your thing," Lone mumbled. He assumed he would have to lie or do something just as devious to get himself into the city.

"Show me your identification card," the tired guard demanded Lone to do so in a very fed up manner.

"Well, you see sir, I just lost it, I checked my pockets but the only thing I found was this here silver coin," Lone said as he pulled a silver coin out of his dimension while making it look like he pulled it out of his trouser pocket.

'Please be a decent amount of currency here,' Lone prayed to no deity in particular. The guard's eyes perked up a little bit upon seeing the shine of the silver from the coin.

"You wouldn't be able to take this in exchange, would you? I merely left the city to visit my family you see, a man has to take care of his family, no?" Lone asked while adding emphasis to a few words to tell the guard what he was trying to say here. The guard immediately took the coin, apparently understanding the situation.

"Of course he does, I understand, go on through, Sir," the guard said as his tone had completely turned around from the previous one he had spoken with.

Due to the host perfectly performing a bribe successfully, Gained Skill:
Skill: Persuasion
Effect 1:  Makes persuading people easier for the host to varying degrees based on mastery level
Mastery: Beginner Level 1
Increased Persuasion: 2%

'Oho, I like this one a lot, I need to level you up, a lot. Maybe it can evolve into a Jedi mind trick kinda thing?' Lone thought while he had walked through the gate and was now inside of the capital. He was in a Victorian styled square of sorts, not the main plaza obviously, but still a large area none-the-less.

He noticed a lot of various races, mostly humans. It also seemed that most of the non-human races were what appeared to be, slaves of some sort. Lone marvelled at the sight for a moment before thinking of his next plan of action.

"What to do, what to do, try to fix my hand? Get general knowledge? Maybe resummon Soph?" he said aloud. Lone had much to do indeed.

Meanwhile, inside of the dark space that was the summoning room, a small girl sat on top of a wooden rocking horse, slowly rocking it back and forth with her head lazily resting on the wooden horse's one.

"Uuuuu, I'm so bored. When is he ever gonna resummon me? I really miss his tails..." Sophie said while she was still slowly rocking the horse. It would seem she was missing the love of her life, Lone's nine fluffy tails.



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