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Book 1 Chapter 15: Matriarch and Carriage


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The Original Story So Far

Lone just killed a group of pirates after leaving the elven/goblin island. Lone has left Soph in The Summoning Room and forgot about her. Sophie does not exist yet and won't be added again until the end of book 3. Soph and Lone are not in love yet. Some other smaller details are different in the original. A big one is that Lone is a huge jackass. Sorry about that, but yeah, the original sucks for quite a while, so read at your own discretion.

In a bed of sorts, a loose collection of fine furs, there lay a woman. She looked no older than 20 with her fair looking face. She had a nice slim figure as well, but nothing was of particular note in regards to her youthful looks.

The only thing unique about her was her fiery red, fox-like ears that sat atop her similar coloured head of long straight hair. There was also five, beautifully bushy tails gently swaying about matching with her breathing.

Her sleep was abruptly disturbed by the frantic yellings of a small, one-tailed fox kin girl who couldn't have been older than 11 years of age if you judging her just by her appearance.

"MATRIARCH, THERE'S A PROBLEM! A BIG PROBLEM!" the little fox kin girl yelled in panic. It would seem something important had happened.

"Urg, who..? Tiera? Shut up and let me sleep..." the Matriarch replied lazily. It would seem that she still wished to sleep.

"B-BUT THE ELDER IS DYING AND WANTS TO SEE YOU BEFORE SHE MOVES ON!" the one-tailed girl frantically tried to convince the Matriarch with an obviously made-up excuse.

"What? Fine. Hurry, bring me to mother." the Matriarch answered seriously. It would appear that she was rather gullible.

"Y-yes." Tiera stuttered. Then, after letting the Matriarch get dressed, she immediately led her to the scrying room where the elder waited. There, the Matriarch saw her mother looking fine, peachy even, save for the frown glued to her similarily youthful face and the angry swishing of her seven red tails.

"Tiera... you said she was dy-" the Matriarch was cut off by her mother.

"She's gone, escaped apparently, she's too good at illusion magic for a one tailed fox kin. But we have a bigger problem than Tiera lying to you." the elder, her mother, said in an almost heartbroken tone.

"Why do I always believe her?" the Matriarch sighed. "Well, what's so important that I had to be woken up for it?" She continued by asking. She was quite curious at the reason for her summons.

"A nine tailed golden variation has experienced his first awakening after he got his class," the elder immediately told her daughter.

"That's wonderful news! Where is he? How have I hever heard of this news before? A nine tails! Thats fantastic, and a golden variation too," the Matriarch exitedly said in response. Such news was indeed good.

"Yes, it is, except he awakened on a ship carrying slaves in the human kingdom of Milindo. That's all I could get before the scrying connection was cut and I can't restore the feed for some reason," the elder said. She appeared to be almost in tears at the situation.

"W-WHAT?! How? No, it doesn't matter, we need to save him if he has been, or is living as a slave, in a human kingdom no less! We need to find him and bring him home," the Matriarch demanded to her mother. If there was one trait fox kin were known for, it was how emotional they could get. This effect was only stronger when regarding family.

"I agree completely, send Tiera and her brother Trella, they are the best at hiding their racial traits with illusion magic, we need them to get the nine tails, then get out. We can't afford another war with the humans, not when the beastman alliance is so shaky right now," her mother ordered her firmly. She was obviously just as upset as her daughter was.

"Yes mother, saving our kin has to be our first priority, I'll go prepare the siblings and make some plans," the Matriarch informed her mother of her immediate plans, then departed to do as she had said.

"Nine tails golden variation huh... I wonder if he's your grandchild that went missing all those years ago, old friend..." the elder mumbled before she too, departed.

A few days after Lone had landed on the coast, on a dirt road in the middle of a forest, there was a nice-looking carriage which was being pulled by two horses and being guarded by five horsemen who looked like knights.

"How much longer until we reach the capital, Fredrick? I'm ever so bored." a young, well dressed man asked the knight while sticking his head out of the carriage.

"Sir, as I said 4 hours ago, we are still 2 days away from the capital." the guard Captain tried to answer the young man, without sounding as annoyed as he was actually feeling.

"But I'm oh so bored, can't you jus- what's that? Ahead of us on the road." The young man asked. All five of the knights looked ahead at the indicated object of interest. There ahead of them, was a poorly dressed man holding a map of sorts with his only hand and using the stump of the other as a support for it. He also had a wooden glaive-like spear strapped to his back.

"You there! Who are you?" Fredrick shouted in an attempt to see if the one handed man was a threat or not. The man stopped walking upon hearing his shout. Then he started walking slowly up to them after putting his map in his trouser pocket, with his arms pointing to the sky, probably in an attempt to seem like he wasn't a threat. He soon stopped.

"... travel... capital... help." He said. The guards and the young man all noticed one thing in particular about the man. The blonde haired, handsome villager was suspiciously clean looking. Very suspiciously clean looking.

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