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[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 9: Boots and Trust


Focusing his mind, Lone imagined a simple shirt with a cute design and a pair of equally simple trousers which were loose and a bit baggy that would perfectly fit and cover Sophie's body to protect her from the cold. While he was at it, he imagined a pair of frilly and girlish underwear, fortunately for his mana, he didn't have to create a bra.

With that done, he pictured a pair of thigh-high boots and some woollen socks that he thought would perfectly suit Sophie. He also made sure that they could both be worn comfortably in rough terrains for when they eventually ventured into the forest.


Many such items exist on Altros.

The host has a great understanding of the items and a basic understanding of their construction. 500 base MP cost. 250 MP has been consumed to compensate for the lack of knowledge.

750 total MP has been consumed to create the items: [Cute Survival Gear [For Female Human Children]].


'Let's not tell Soph about that bracketed bit, shall we?' Lone thought to himself as a neat pile of clothing appeared in his hands.

Lone carefully handed the cute black outfit to Sophie and said, "Put this on, please, and take that jumper off. I'll look the other way, so let me know when you're done, okay?"

Sophie still didn't understand the reason to get changed, but she nodded her head regardless and agreed. "Okay."

Lone turned his back and faced the forest as he began to think up what kind of clothing he would like to wear. 'Definitely something cool, but also practical. I have enough mana for six more outfits, so three for me and two more for Soph. That should also leave me with enough mana in case I need it later. After all, we never know when we'll be ambushed by those goblins again...'

"Lone..." a quiet voice called him from behind, so naturally, Lone peered in Sophie's direction.

There were not enough words in the English dictionary to fully express how flabbergasted Lone was. "Why aren't you wearing anything at all?"

Of course, Lone wasn't interested in Sophie's childish body, and thankfully, her long golden-blonde hair conveniently covered up all of the important places, but the nearly one-thousand-year-old girl was holding the underwear Lone had made for her with a puzzled expression on her beautiful face.

Sophie held out the panties and sulked. "Where do these go?" she asked.

"... Are you serious?" Lone almost burst out laughing.

Sophie blushed out of shame. "I-it's been eight-hundred years since I last wore normal clothes!"

Lone's eyes sharpened slightly 'Eight-hundred, not six-hundred? So she was imprisoned by the Knight's Templar for a full two-hundred years? There may be more gaps, but her timeline should be like this: Born, normal life for ten or so years, on the run for roughly one-hundred and fifty years, captured for roughly two-hundred years, and finally, living alone in God's dimension until now.'

Lone heaved a heavy sigh. 'Truly, what a poor girl. Almost her entire life has been filled with stress, despair or loneliness... It's surprising she can even express emotions at this point, to be honest...'

Still with an entirely crimson-covered face, Sophie glared at Lone. "What? Aren't you going to help me? If not, I'll just wear my jumper again."

Lone waved his hand and smirked. "Yeah, I'm gonna help you, I'm just surprised that a thousand-year-old girl doesn't even know how to wear panties," Lone teased jokingly.

He walked over to Sophie and took the underwear from her and he knelt down. "Lift your leg up," Lone said.

Sophie did as instructed while she replied, "I'm only nine-hundred-and-seventy-one..."

"Rounded up, that's a thousand," Lone quipped back as he gestured for her to lift her other leg now.

"How old are you, Lone?" Sophie asked with puffed up cheeks. Cleary, her age was a little bit of a sore spot for the pure maiden.

Lone slid the underwear up Sophie's thighs and it snugly fit her, perfectly covering the intended area. Lone stood up and brushed the sand off of his bloodied trousers as he responded, "Oh, right, I never mentioned that, did I? I'm twenty-four."

Sophie grinned. "Still a baby."

Lone flicked her forehead. "I don't wanna hear that from the girl that needs help getting dressed. You still need me for anything?" he asked with genuine care in his voice.

"Mmm," Sophie softly nodded her head. "The feet thingies. I can put on the weird wool things, but the big things with lace, I don't understand them."

"I guess that makes sense. They're a more modern design, on top of the fact that you probably haven't worn shoes, let alone boots, in six to eight centuries," Lone remarked as he walked over to the pile of clothes that Sophie had laid out on the beach somewhat haphazardly.

Lone helped her button up her shirt when that proved to be a struggle, and after that, he even had to teach her how a belt worked before he taught her how her knee-highs had to be worn.

'For a girl that's easily embarrassed, she doesn't seem to care in the slightest that she was just completely naked in front of a man she barely knows... I wonder why? Desensitised after a lack of exposure to people in such a long time maybe? Hmm...' Lone thought as he created a few more replica outfits for Sophie and a set of outfits for himself, most of which he kept in his Dimensional Storage.

Lone and Sophie were now wearing near-identical clothing except Lone's was distinctly more masculine while Sophie's was a lot cuter and really helped highlight her beauty and charm. Lone could only marvel at the liberties the system had afforded him when he created the clothing.

Lone picked up Sophie's worn-out jumper and placed it inside of his Dimensional Storage before he turned and looked at the girl. "Soph, I'm going into the forest," he said as he picked up his spear and the rusty knife the goblin had left.

Sophie gripped her specially created combat knife tightly and nodded. "Mmm."

Both of them knew that they couldn't possibly create a raft and search for a mainland of some sort with the ever-present danger of goblin attacks, so naturally, they had decided that they needed to cleanse the island of monsters first.

On the topic of them being on an island, this was only an assumption for now. Lone couldn't be sure, but this place certainly felt more like an island than simply the coast of a continent considering how far down the beach he could see. So for now, it was a presumed-island until proven otherwise.

The two carefully walked through the bushes and trees while Sophie was actively using her Mana Sensing to try to detect the goblins or any other monsters. "Lone, you said there was a much bigger goblin, didn't you?" she asked.

Lone remained on guard as he replied, "Yup. I think it was a Hobgoblin going by Earth mythology."

"C-Can you beat it?" Sophie would be lying if she said that she wasn't worried for Lone and his safety.

Even if he could regenerate, a lethal blow would still kill him, and right now, he mattered more to her than anything else on this planet or the last one ever did. Being alone for almost a millennium would make anyone vulnerable and weak to affection and love.

"I'm not sure," Lone sighed. "I'm not sure, but I still have my trump card, Mental Destruction."

"T-That's right..." Sophie replied a bit sheepishly. 'I can't believe I forget about that!'

"Besides," Lone added as he pushed away some tree leaves. "Soph, you've already stated our second most powerful weapon."

"Our second most powerful weapon?" Sophie asked with mild confusion clouding her expression.

"Right," Lone grinned. He then briefly turned around and pointed right at Sophie. "Your teleportation is way more powerful than anything else if used properly."

Sophie's blind eyes opened wide in realisation. "Yo-You're right... I wonder if I'll be able to use it though," she said with self-doubt overflowing from within her tone.

Lone stopped moving forwards and walked right up to Sophie before he flicked her right in the centre of her forehead. The girl cried out in pain and pouted at him.

"I believe in you, Soph, so believe in yourself, 'kay?" Lone requested with a big smile on his handsome face.

Sophie frowned. "I... I'm not sure I can..."

"For every successful use of your teleportation in an offensive manner, you have permission to squeeze all of my tails for exactly ten minutes," Lone declared to give her some motivation and encouragement.

Despite how grey and lifeless they were, Sophie's eyes seemed to shine with expectation! She quickly ran ahead and said, "I'll kill all of them for the sake of fluffiness!"

Lone laughed quietly. "That was a little bit more effective than I was expecting."

As soon as he had caught up with Sophie, Lone noticed that she was crouching down in a bush. "Find something?"

"There's about ten of them twenty-meters that way..." Sophie whispered as she pointed forwards. "I think they're all the normal goblins... None of them seems any larger than the others... I think."

Sweat began to form on Lone's hand. He was... he was excited. 'Now we're the ambushers I guess, aren't we? Good! The more we can kill, the stronger we can become and the easier living in this dangerous world will get!'

Lone's goals were clear: Kill as many goblins as possible before escaping the island and finding civilisation. Both he and Sophie could only hope that it would be as simple as that...

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