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[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 2: Strange Screens and Panic Attack


"W-Where is this?!" Darren shouted in a panic as he stumbled around in the endless darkness he had suddenly found himself in.

He felt his hand brush against something soft, fluffy and exceedingly frightening. Darren jumped away from the furry thing and tripped, landing on his face. Again, he could feel something velvety and large brushing up against his legs and back.

"What is this?!" he shouted in terror at the unfamiliar feelings and surroundings.

"Ahhh!" a high-pitched and very young sounding voice screamed upon hearing Darren's yelling.

"A child? Is someone there? Are you okay? Where are we? Do you know anything?" although his instincts as a teacher made him want to make sure that the presumed child was safe, his fear had got the best of him so he started to ramble questions that he feared the other person didn't have the answers to.

"W-who are you?!" the childish and girly voice asked with fear clear in its tone.

"I'm a teacher! Don't be scared! I promise not to hurt you! Can you tell me where we are?"  Darren asked while he tried his best to ignore the fluffy objects that his hands kept brushing against.

A short silence reigned between Darren and the mysterious child before she chose to respond very carefully. "I was in my dimension... I was just minding my own business, but I don't know where we are too. Who are you, Fox Person?"

"'Fox Person'?" Ignoring everything else this girl had mentioned, Darren's attention was immediately focused on this line of hers. Why did she call him a Fox Person? A sudden thought entered his head and he grew increasingly frightened.

Raising his hands to his head, Darren's fears were confirmed. Two fluffy and pointed ears were sat atop his head and he soon discovered that the fuzzy things that he was touching earlier were actually tails. Counting them, he had nine in total, just like his gaming character, Lone Immortus.


Greetings, Cosmos-level being, Sophie Vladimirovich. Greetings, Mortal-level being, Lone Immortus.


"W-What?! Lone Immortus? B-But that's my character, not me!" Darren shouted in alarm. He was scared by the sudden and strange screen that called out his character's name and by the unfamiliar situation he was in. He wanted to go home and sleep, not deal with whatever was going on right now.


Confirmed. Host, Lone Immortus, detected to be in a panicked state. Explanation of transfer commencing.


With a flash of light, the room Darren and the unknown girl, Sophie, were standing in, was illuminated, revealing the young girl's appearance to the Teacher.

A child of no older than ten who had long flowing golden-blonde hair and an outstandingly beautiful face was standing only a few feet away from Darren. Despite her apparent age, Darren was breathless upon looking at this girl. She looked almost like an expensive doll made life-size.

One thing of note was that she kept her eyes closed no matter how much time passed. Darren also thought it was odd that she was wearing nothing except for a very loose and baggy woollen jumper which covered her entire torso and went down to her knees.


Both of you, Lone Immortus and Sophie Vladimirovich, have been selected to participate in a grand game. Further details will only be given when you are ready. 


Sophie Vladimirovich has already selected all of her powers, and by the request of her God, has had eight of them sealed. Also by the request of her God, she shall be sealed within Lone Immortus.


Before 'Lone' or Sophie could voice objections or ask any questions, Sophie's small and frail frame was condensed into the size of a palm and she screamed as she whizzed through the air and merged with 'Lone''s chest. Seconds passed and she was gone.

"W-What...? H-How? T-THIS IS INSANE! W-WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT GIRL! ANSWER ME!" 'Lone' yelled. He was confused, scared and angry. 


By the request of your God, Lone Immortus, five of your available ten power slots have been consumed. The first has been used to create the skill, The Summoning Room. The second was used to forcefully change your race to the ideal one. The third was used to create the skill, Creation Magic. The fourth was used to create the skill Basic Regeneration. The final was used to create the skill, Growth Accelerator.


Lone Immortus' God has left a final message for him: Hey, Kid. I gave you five of my powers to help you grow, but you can choose the other five on your own. It was really handy that you had already lived as a Golden Foxkin in a way, so it made it possible for me to give that race to you. Keep in mind that any of the five powers you wish for will be limited. You can't wish for just anything. Also know that I can save you only one time until the end. Good luck. Win this thing for me, Kid.


With that being the final thing 'Lone' saw, his consciousness blacked out.

Several hours, days or even years might have passed, but eventually, 'Lone' opened his eyes.

Coughing up a mouthful of sand, 'Lone' pushed his body up and wiped the dirt from his face. It would seem that he was on a beach of some sort. He couldn't quite tell, but it looked like he was on an island in the middle of an ocean.

"Where is this?" 'Lone' walked around for a bit of time and couldn't find any signs of civilisation, however, it was at that point that he remembered the young girl, Sophie.

"Ah, eh, um, it was a skill or something, right? Um, show skill 'The Summoning Room'?" 'Lone' asked with uncertainty clear in his voice. Thankfully, his memory didn't fail him and a big blue screen greeted his vision.


Unique Skill: The Summoning Room

A skill unique to the host, Lone Immortus.

Grants the host the ability to summon and unsummon listed beings at will.

Listed beings: Sophie Vladimirovich.

Cost: N/A
Mastery: Master Level 10


"S-Summon Sophie Vladimer-Vladimirovich!" Although he messed up her name initially, he succeeded on his second attempt and much to his amazement, a young nine or ten-year-old girl appeared in front of him.

She had red-raw eyes and she was holding her head and her body was violently shaking. Clearly, she had been crying and she was experiencing some sort of panic attack. 

'Lone' didn't know what to do, but he wasn't indecisive enough to simply watch a child suffer so much when he was a teacher at heart. He immediately grabbed her and hugged her firmly. He placed one hand on her head and stroked it lightly.

"It's okay! Everything is going to be okay! Please, don't worry! I'll keep you safe! Please, stop shaking... we'll be fine, I promise!"

Whether due to his words or due to the warmth of his body, Sophie's shaking stopped. 'Lone' could feel her hands roughly grabbing his tails, and to be honest, it hurt, but he didn't care. 'If they comfort you, then squeeze them as much as you need to.'

It wasn't long before the girl fell asleep in his arms peacefully. 'Lone' didn't want to move, so he remained still and held the child closely while he thought. 'I'm going to need to check my other 'skills', aren't I? Maybe I should use this chance to see if I can figure out anything about what the fuck is going on... '

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