Lone: The Wanderer

by Lone

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Ruling Class School Life Steampunk Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Nine-to-five. The daily grind. Life. Painful years of school. Working as a slave for some undeserving corporate big-wig. The monotonous life of unemployment. We all experience this in one way or another, and we can all conclude one thing: it's dull.

Such a fact rings true even for the fabled Lone Immortus, a powerful nine-tailed Golden Foxkin. However, what would you do if your monotony was suddenly ground to a halt and you were thrown out of your comfort zone along with a young girl forgotten by time?

Perhaps you might have done things differently, been more organised, immediately died, gained control of the world in a matter of days, but this is Lone's tale, not yours.

Watching two insecure people struggle to survive and find their place in an unfamiliar land just might be enjoyable to witness. Who knows? One thing's for certain: it won't be an easy path for them to tread, and what could possibly be more entertaining than watching people endure hardships and grow?

I know of at least eight gods that would answer with, 'Absolutely nothing.'

I wonder, after seeing this journey from start to finish, how would you answer?

[Goal of 2 chapters per week, the only exceptions being announced breaks or emergencies]

A/N: This story is in the middle of a rewrite, so please forgive any noticeable plot holes and wonky chapter numbers. I am working on it every day, so understanding would be greatly appreciated.

The new cover art is a courtesy of the very kind and talented ssddx.

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The Scottish Slothy Sloth

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Prologue: Compatible Champion and Stupid Game ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 1: Building Depression and Sudden Change ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 2: Strange Screens and Panic Attack ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 3: Painful Coconuts and Teleportation ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 4: Mental Shock and God's Killer ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 5: Skill-slot and Apology ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 6: Sophie's Powers and Sophie's Nickname ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 7: Small Tracks and Surrounded ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 8: Stabbing and Fun-sized ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 9: Boots and Trust ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 10: Bravery and Experience Experiment ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 11: Ocean Koala and Bath Pains ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 12: Woodworking and Goblin Stirrings ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 13: Cooking Cartographer and New Encounter ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 14: Acting and Illusions ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 15: Lone's Worries and Hazel's Dismay ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 16: Beach Fort and Natural Weapons ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 17: Emergency Unsummoning and Tail Blanket ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 18: Dome Replacing and Attractive Frustration ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 19: Third Hunt and Goblin Magic ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 20: Crude Fireball and Stress Before Sleep ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 21: Past Nightmare and Other Side ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 22: Armour and Bones ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 23: Loving Thoughts and Utter Confusion ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 24: Retreating Paranoia and Sharing Problems ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 25: Pancakes and Past Recounting ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 26: Training with Sophie and Massage ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 27: Hobgoblin and Synergistic Mages ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 28: More Magic and Village ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 29: Rescue and Plans ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 30: The King's Rage and The Lucky Rain ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 31: Regicide and Dungeon Tokens ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 32: Hands and Not Disliking ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 33: Farewell Letter and A Snappy Encounter ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 34: Lightning and Second Ship ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 35: Lady Malik and Acting ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 36: Establishing Goals and Ros' City Lord ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 37: Shopkeeper and Angered Lord Griffset ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 38: Marking One Another and Eternal Bliss ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 39: Reading and Lightning Bolt ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 40: Acting Rank-Up and Matriarch ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 41: Phil and Blacksmiths ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 42: Agreement and Set-Up ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 43: Failing Frustrations and Lofakern ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 44: Peaceful Morning and Rowdy Afternoon ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 45: Guild Explained and Perfect Provocation ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 46: Icy Chill and Quest Accepted ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 47: Thoughts on Metals And Ducal Encounter ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 48: Bandit Custom and Childish ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 49: Light-footed and Henry Malik ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 50: Blacksmithing Worries and Battle Plan ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 51: A Crushed Lone and Panic ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 52: New Level Cap and Muradon the All-mage ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 53: Registration and Participation Test ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 54: Persuasion and A Margrave's Son ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 55: Spiders and Talks Of Crude Magic ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 56: Massage Success and A Heroic Encounter ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 57: Disappointment and Intermediate ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 58: Poison and Tails ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 59: Level-Ups and Time ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 60: Disbelief and Gilbert ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 61: Promotion and Intermediate ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 62: The Hero's Rage and Slimes ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 63: Beggars and Displeasure ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 64: Communication Orb and Rotten Country ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 65: A meeting of Tails and Bastion's Arrival ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 66: Talk With Lossa and Resolve ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 67: Nausea and The Woes of a Noble ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 68: When The Bottle Bursts and Consequences ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 69: Mounting Worries and Daisuke's Pettiness ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 70: Axe and Compression ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 71: Conversation and Plans For The Slaves ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 72: Many Gains and Smoke ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 73: Tranquillity and Numerous Level-ups ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 74: Breathing Amnesia and Sophie's Impatience ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 75: Threats and Confinement ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 76: The Trick to Unsealing and Jade Stars ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 77: Irreparable Mana Organs and It Hurts ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 78: How Lone Appears and Confession ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 79: Lots of Bite and Not a Lot of Bark ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 80: Meeting Concludes and Pillow Talk ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 81: Instructor's Name and Most Valuable 'Item' ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 82: Platinum Pass and About This Much ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 83: Opposition and Chicken ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 84: Dungeon Contract and This Foolish One ago
[Rewrite] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 85: Daisuki, Daisuke and Peter's Mirthful Elation ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 86: The Fox's Winner and Just Peter ago
[Rewritten] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 87: The Requirements and No One ago
[Rewrite] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 88: Slow Progress and Applying Stats ago
[Rewrite] Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 89: Advice and Here We Go ago
Book 1 Chapter 15: Matriarch and Carriage ago
Book 1 Chapter 16: Academy and Arrival ago
Book 1 Chapter 17: Clothes and Guards ago
Book 1 Chapter 18: Inn and Library ago
Book 1 Chapter 19: Lilith and Fears ago
Book 1 Chapter 20: Learning and Meatball ago
Book 1 Chapter 21: Books and Basement ago
Book 1 Chapter 22: Surgeon and Eyes ago
Book 1 Chapter 23: Tiera and Sight ago
Book 1 Chapter 24: Healing and Unfamiliar ago
Book 1 Chapter 25: Feelings and Speech ago
Book 1 Chapter 26: Sophie and Purple ago
Book 1 Chapter 27: Immortality and Confession ago
Book 1 Chapter 28: Love and Kiss ago
Book 1 Chapter 29: Soul and Laughter ago
Book 1 Chapter 30: Bath and Cringy ago
Book 1 Chapter 31: Scroll and Tower ago
Book 1 Chapter 32: Waste and Contracts ago
Book 1 Chapter 33: Legendary and 971 ago
Book 1 Chapter 34: Window and Departure ago
Book 1 Chapter 35: Alterion and Bone ago
Book 1 Chapter 36: Hero and Fun ago
Book 1 Chapter 37: Astera and Gilbert ago
Book 1 Chapter 38: Dragonkin and Dwarf ago
Book 1 Chapter 39: Shana and Fate ago
Book 1 Chapter 40: Emotions and Groping ago
Book 1 Chapter 41: Tailor and Déja-vu ago
Book 1 Chapter 42: Father and Hostility ago
Book 1 Chapter 43: X-Men and 600 ago
Book 1 Chapter 44: Black and Blue ago
Book 1 Chapter 45: Frustration and Skills ago
Book 1 Chapter 46: Possibility and Fluffy ago
Book 1 Chapter 47: James and Brooch ago
Book 1 Chapter 48: Victoria and System ago
Book 1 Chapter 49: Past and Emotions ago
Book 1 Chapter 50: Pet and Tamer ago
Book 1 Chapter 51: Card and Ranks ago
Book 1 Chapter 52: Sheep and Revisit ago
Book 1 Chapter 53: Title and Teleportation ago
Book 1 Chapter 54: Help and Blue ago
Book 1 Chapter 55: Mana and Lossa ago
Book 1 Chapter 56: Questions and Bond ago
Book 1 Chapter 57: Orb and Change ago
Book 1 Chapter 58: Edward and Quest ago
Book 1 Chapter 59: Wolf and Orc ago
Book 1 Chapter 60: Vision and Lord ago
Book 1 Chapter 61: Bodies and Magic ago
Book 1 Chapter 62: Illusion and Affinity ago
Book 1 Chapter 63: Sky and Sweat ago
Book 1 Chapter 64: Show and Door ago
Book 1 Chapter 65: Cages and Koala ago
Book 1 Chapter 66: Irrationality and Ring ago
Book 1 Chapter 67: Family and Gravity ago
Book 1 Chapter 68: Glowing and Feelings ago
Book 1 Chapter 69: Bridge and Tournament ago
Book 1 Chapter 70: Church and VIP ago
Book 1 Chapter 71: Jealousy and Ordinary ago
Book 1 Chapter 72: Monk and Discovery ago
Book 1 Chapter 73: Zombie and Wind ago
Book 1 Chapter 74: Gains and Summoner ago
Book 1 Chapter 75: Fenrir and Cruelty ago
Book 1 Chapter 76: Emma and Ice ago
Book 1 Chapter 77: Lightning and Maturity ago
Book 1 Chapter 78: Lives and Vihaan ago
Book 1 Chapter 79: Eko and Palm ago
Book 1 Chapter 80: Shield and Conclusion ago
Book 1 Chapter 81: Holy and Isolation ago
Book 1 Chapter 82: Rank and Power ago
Book 1 Chapter 83: Cera and Agreement ago
Book 1 Chapter 84: Chicken and X ago
Book 1 Chapter 85: Pain and Worry ago
Book 1 Chapter 86: Auction and Peter ago
Book 1 Chapter 87: Potions and Book ago
Book 1 Chapter 88: Impatience and Fluffy ago
Book 1 Chapter 89: Gem and Fox ago
Book 1 Chapter 90: Unique and Henry ago
Book 1 Chapter 91: Concentration and Curiosity ago
Book 1 Chapter 92: Name and Glasses ago
Book 1 Chapter 93: Passion and Owl ago
Book 1 Chapter 94: Tinkering and Familiarity ago
Book 1 Chapter 95: Zeek and Week ago
Book 1 Chapter 96: Infiltration and Truth ago
Book 1 Chapter 97: Arthur and Orb ago
Book 1 Epilogue: Departure and Because ago
Book 2 Prologue: Escape and Consequences ago
Book 2 Chapter 1: Summons and Summoning ago
Book 2 Chapter 2: Embrace and Bastard ago
Book 2 Chapter 3: Eggs and Sanity ago
Book 2 Chapter 4: Ruins and Swords ago
Book 2 Chapter 5: Fear and Purple ago
Book 2 Chapter 6: Deep and Offer ago
Book 2 Chapter 7: Master and Lightning ago
Book 2 Chapter 8: Intent and Carrot ago
Book 2 Chapter 9: Elements and Transfer ago
Book 2 Chapter 10: Melding and Assassin ago
Book 2 Chapter 11: Runes and Clicker ago
Book 2 Chapter 12: Discussion and Sandy ago
Book 2 Chapter 13: Unique and Resolve ago
Book 2 Chapter 14: Binding and Marbles ago
Book 2 Chapter 15: True and Prove ago
Book 2 Chapter 16: Spatial and Strengthening ago
Book 2 Chapter 17: Weeks and Mood ago
Book 2 Chapter 18: Luck and Shop ago
Book 2 Chapter 19: Warning and Huts ago
Book 2 Chapter 20: Power and Smoke ago
Book 2 Chapter 21: Chieftain and City ago
Book 2 Chapter 22: Races and Honesty ago
Book 2 Chapter 23: Arrogance and Greyfus ago
Book 2 Chapter 24: Apology and Prizes ago
Book 2 Chapter 25: Pride and Eyes ago
Book 2 Chapter 26: Bubble and Age ago
Book 2 Chapter 27: Hospital and Library ago
Book 2 Chapter 28: Trolls and Halo ago
Book 2 Chapter 29: Life-dream and Bastian ago
Book 2 Chapter 30: Linguist and Song ago
Book 2 Chapter 31: Eolande and Tests ago
Book 2 Chapter 32: Past and Glade ago
Book 2 Chapter 33: Iron and Enchanting ago
Book 2 Chapter 34: Incomprehensible and Jealousy ago
Book 2 Chapter 35: Silver and Bronze ago
Book 2 Chapter 36: Names and Forging ago
Book 2 Chapter 37: Thoughts and Lemurian ago
Book 2 Chapter 38: Enchantress and Reflexes ago
Book 2 Chapter 39: Reytla and Tail ago
Book 2 Chapter 40: Awakening and Progress ago
Book 2 Chapter 41: Depression and Training ago
Book 2 Chapter 42: Apology and Bestial ago
Book 2 Chapter 43: Hoose and Studies ago
Book 2 Chapter 44: Apprentice and Suspicion ago
Book 2 Chapter 45: Guard and Culture ago
Book 2 Chapter 46: Amends and Passiveness ago
Book 2 Chapter 47: Boy and Shanty ago
Book 2 Chapter 48: Help and Zel ago
Book 2 Chapter 49: Farm and Warning ago
Book 2 Chapter 50: Barbarians and Desert ago
Book 2 Chapter 51: Request and Events ago
Book 2 Chapter 52: Months and Lust ago
Book 2 Chapter 53: Swind and Barrier ago
Book 2 Chapter 54: Status and Level ago
Book 2 Chapter 55: Snake and Fracture ago
Book 2 Chapter 56: Death and Discussion ago
Book 2 Chapter 57: Smile and Beating ago
Book 2 Chapter 58: Teasing and Luck ago
Book 2 Chapter 59: Council and Sparring ago
Book 2 Chapter 60: Throne and Sealing ago
Book 2 Chapter 61: Papa and Beggar ago
Book 2 Chapter 62: Exit and Nations ago
Book 3 Chapter 1: Mount and Tents ago
Book 3 Chapter 2: Breakfast and Hostility ago
Book 3 Chapter 3: Pate and Flora ago
Book 3 Chapter 4: Group and Encounter ago
Book 3 Chapter 5: Malcolm and Card ago
Book 3 Chapter 6: Bradros and Craz ago
Book 3 Chapter 7: Alcohol and Wolfkin ago
Book 3 Chapter 8: Rings and Doubt ago
Book 3 Chapter 9: Arrogance and Relief ago
Book 3 Chapter 10: Malt and Request ago
Book 3 Chapter 11: Gains and Cards ago
Book 3 Chapter 12: Contract and Box ago
Book 3 Chapter 13: Reward and Colours ago
Book 3 Chapter 14: News and Al'ka ago
Book 3 Chapter 15: Sins and Ranks ago
Book 3 Chapter 16: Interview and Achievements ago
Book 3 Chapter 17: Plates and Wanderers ago
Book 3 Chapter 18: Conclusion and Trouble ago
Book 3 Chapter 19: Weaselkin and Underestimation ago
Book 3 Chapter 20: Praise and Catkin ago
Book 3 Chapter 21: S-Ranker and Sabrina ago
Book 3 Chapter 22: Leaders and Orc ago
Book 3 Chapter 23: Highness and Thoughts ago
Book 3 Chapter 24: Time and Stars ago
Book 3 Chapter 25: Genius and Greed ago
Book 3 Chapter 26: Panic and Hooded ago
Book 3 Chapter 27: Determination and Pride ago
Book 3 Chapter 28: Nyahaha and Fifth ago
Book 3 Chapter 29: Elven and Keepers ago
Book 3 Chapter 30: Growth and Arm ago
Book 3 Chapter 31: Hug and Crimson ago
Book 3 Chapter 32: Demonstration and Children ago
Book 3 Chapter 33: Wily and Fourth ago
Book 3 Chapter 34: Attack and Contract ago
Book 3 Chapter 35: Necromancer and Confidence ago
Book 3 Chapter 36: Elksworth and Challenge ago
Book 3 Chapter 37: Pyramid and Hunger ago
Book 3 Chapter 38: Eighth and Fluffy ago
Book 3 Chapter 39: Binding and Acceptance ago
Book 3 Chapter 40: History and Scarf ago
Book 3 Chapter 41: Strings and Rachel ago
Book 3 Chapter 42: Exaggerations and Flames ago
Book 3 Chapter 43: Gluttony and Counter ago
Book 3 Chapter 44: Flames and Victim ago
Book 3 Chapter 45: Oars and Youths ago
Book 3 Chapter 46: Lipsilk and Ythmagobla ago
Book 3 Chapter 47: Itchy and Plans ago
Book 3 Chapter 48: Portal and Interval ago
Book 3 Chapter 49: Sickness and Tal'hat'mata ago
Book 3 Chapter 50: Letty and King ago
Book 3 Chapter 51: Demon and Changeling ago
Book 3 Chapter 52: Tests and Falin ago
Book 3 Chapter 53: Provocation and Obnoxious ago
Book 3 Chapter 54: Sarcasm and Age ago
Book 3 Chapter 55: Passing and Failing ago
Book 3 Chapter 56: Perfect and Flawless ago
Book 3 Chapter 57: Healing and Shan'len ago
Book 3 Chapter 58: Character and Morals ago
Book 3 Chapter 59: Escape and B-Rank ago
Book 3 Chapter 60: Shamelessness and Flaying ago
Book 3 Chapter 61: Round-1 and Growling ago
Book 3 Chapter 62: Absorption and Redesigning ago
Book 3 Chapter 63: Mythic and Forfeit ago
Book 3 Chapter 64: Healer and Blades ago
Book 3 Chapter 65: Caravel and Guildmaster ago
Book 3 Chapter 66: Losers and Winners ago
Book 3 Chapter 67: Bronze and Growling ago
Book 3 Chapter 68: Void and Licking ago
Book 3 Chapter 70: Teams and Herbs ago
Book 3 Chapter 71: Awkwardness and Problem-Child ago
Book 3 Chapter 72: Prejudices and Core ago
Book 3 Chapter 73: Elestia and Luckful ago
Book 3 Chapter 74: Missions and Arm ago
Book 3 Chapter 75: Gift and Partners ago
Book 3 Chapter 76: Skills and Confession ago
Book 3 Chapter 77: Scratchy and Homunculus ago
Book 3 Chapter 78: Plan and Confusion ago
Book 3 Chapter 79: Contract and Worry ago
Status, skill and item sheet for The Wanderers + all power/ranking systems as of book 3 chapter 79 ago
Book 3 Chapter 80: Denial and Prison ago
Book 3 Chapter 81: Arrow and Commander ago
Book 3 Chapter 82: Unclean Feeling and Fake Captor ago
Book 3 Chapter 83: Pity and Summons ago
Book 3 Chapter 84: Trial and Traitor ago
Book 3 Chapter 85: Teleportation Orb and Living Evidence ago
Book 3 Chapter 86: Bug and Trial's Conclusion ago
Swind Character Art ago
Book 3 Chapter 87: The Sea of Beasts and The Slothly Sloth ago
Book 3 Chapter 88: Amethyst Wine and Honorary Elder ago
Book 3 Chapter 89: [???] and Guesses ago
Book 3 Chapter 90: Melancholy and Soul-Reinforcement ago
Book 3 Chapter 91: Tapper and Van ago
Book 3 Chapter 92: Success and Generals ago
Book 3 Chapter 93: Soul Colours and Unheard Voice ago
Book 3 Chapter 94: Last Hope and Misunderstanding ago
Book 3 Chapter 95: Seventh Power and Old Friends ago
Book 3 Chapter 96: Tough Spot and Peculiar Behaviour ago
Book 3 Chapter 97: Training Exercise and Flat-chested ago
Book 3 Chapter 98: Catching Up and Political Rant ago
Book 3 Chapter 99: Al'ka's Suggestion and Hal'ral ago
Character Popularity Poll ago
Book 3 Chapter 100: The Warden and Cruel Torture ago
Book 3 Chapter 101: Confession and Rage Suppression ago
Book 3 Chapter 102: Mourning Visit and Secret Room? ago
Book 3 Chapter 103: Questionable Methods and Lipsilk's Darkness ago
Book 3 Chapter 104: Numerous Upgrades and Darkness' Warning ago
Book 3 Chapter 105: Memories and Radiance ago
Book 3 Chapter 106: Ascending and Fluffiness Overload ago
Book 3 Chapter 107: Might Stat and Utter Shock ago
Book 3 Chapter 108: Elestia's Similarities and The King's Wrinkles ago
Book 3 Chapter 109: Fighting Royalty and Elven Lovers ago
Book 3 Chapter 110: Personal Request and Immortal Slaying ago
Book 3 Chapter 111: Swind's Leadership and The Generals' Arrival ago
Book 3 Chapter 112: Setting Stages and Tapper's Mysterious Interest ago
Book 3 Chapter 113: Princess' Growth and Lemurian Laughter ago
Book 3 Chapter 114: Van's Fate and Saturn ago
Book 3 Chapter 115: Partial Victories and Swind's Unprecedented Anxiety ago
Book 3 Chapter 116: Rachel and Sophie ago
Book 3 Chapter 117: Ythmagobla's Approach and Tapper's Departure ago
Garadia Artwork + Some Facts About Me That You Might Not Have Known ago
Book 3 Chapter 118: A Dragon's Philosophy and A Dragon's Father ago
Book 3 Chapter 119: Losing Battle and Rift ago
Book 3 Chapter 120: Hazel's Curiosity and The Ever-Calm Darkness ago
Book 3 Chapter 121: Destruction Torrent and Darkness' Blessing ago
Book 3 Chapter 122: Divinity and Sky Gazing ago
Book 3 Chapter 123: Roles and Ele'hunda's Willing Soul ago
Book 3 Chapter 124: A King's Veneration and a Sister's Self-doubting ago
Book 3 Chapter 125: Retelling History and The Death of Mr McCullen ago
Book 3 Chapter 126: Contracts and Awkward Siblings ago
Book 3 Chapter 127: A Love of Cuteness and A Bucket of Blood ago
Book 3 Chapter 128: Biting Fingers and Biting Words ago
Book 3 Chapter 129: XXX-ranker Army and Petrified ago
Book 3 Chapter 130: Skill Gains and Garadia's Confusion ago
Book 3 Chapter 131: Swind's Self-Hate and Energy Absorption ago
Book 3 Chapter 132: Swind's New Appearance and Building Resentment ago
Book 3 Epilogue: Eternal Allies and An Emotional Farewell ago
Book 4 Prologue: Erion's Nostalgia and Sigmund's Annoyance ago
Book 4 Chapter 1: Felron's Border and Swind's Concealed Anger ago
Book 4 Chapter 2: Honest Racism and Friendly Bribe ago
Book 4 Chapter 3: Plan For Slavers and Entering Mystopolis ago
Book 4 Chapter 4: Palace of Rest and Choking Equality ago
Book 4 Chapter 5: Talks of Love and Talks of Souls ago
Book 4 Chapter 6: New Mechanical Limbs and Angry Redhead ago
Book 4 Chapter 7: Millisa and A Second Soul Oracle ago
Book 4 Chapter 8: Cathartic Cuteness and Attempted Arrest ago
Eolande Art and New Swind Art + Bonus Half-finished Soph Art ago
Book 4 Chapter 9: Rank Up and Dull Double-edged Blade ago
Book 4 Chapter 10: Hazel's Anger and Sarah ago
Book 4 Chapter 11: Deal and A Noble Girl's Request ago
Book 4 Chapter 12: Archbishop Samson's Decision and Lone's Warning ago
Book 4 Chapter 13: Bandits and Soul Destroying ago
Book 4 Chapter 14: Captives and Reginald's Glorious Conquest ago
Book 4 Chapter 15: Rank Ups and Quests Completed ago
Book 4 Chapter 16: Lies and Retribution ago
Book 4 Chapter 17: Liza's Conclusion and Water Magic Resistance ago
Book 4 Chapter 18: Water Magic Skills and Sarah's Orders ago
Book 4 Chapter 19: A Noble's Quest and Rithbane ago
Book 4 Chapter 20: Count Lorton and Position Mastery ago
Book 4 Chapter 21: Descent and Disfigured ago
Book 4 Chapter 22: Fearing The Unknown and Resisting Oneself ago
Book 4 Chapter 23: Skill Rank Up and The Count's Exhaustion ago
Book 4 Chapter 24: Energy juice and Steamforged Trinkets ago
Book 4 Chapter 25: Sammy and Sudden Signal ago
Book 4 Chapter 26: Bravery and Compulsion ago
Book 4 Chapter 27: Tongue Removal and Serious Threat ago
Book 4 Chapter 28: Torture Rotation and It's A Fact ago
Book 4 Chapter 29: Emilia Firefoot and Dark Concerns ago
Book 4 Chapter 30: Lone's Wondrous Emporium and Frodley Goldsbane ago
Book 4 Chapter 31: Five Days and A Bet Between Masters ago
Soph & Kyuubi Art + Breena Art ago
Book 4 Chapter 32: Rangah and Lone's Short Fuse ago
Book 4 Chapter 33: Cunningbrew Rum and Soul Protection ago
Book 4 Chapter 34: Practice and Soul Shocking ago
Book 4 Chapter 35: Jango & Petra and Happenings in the North ago
Book 4 Chapter 36: Seto and Magical Improvements ago
Lone Immortus Artwork [From the start of Book 1] ago
Book 4 Chapter 37: Infa's New Friend and Eyes ago
Book 4 Chapter 38: Remembrance and Honourable Gobgob ago
Book 4 Chapter 39: Meeting Three Sins and Dream Speech ago
Book 4 Chapter 40: Beastman Alliance leaders and The Free Nation's Official Representatives ago
Book 4 Chapter 41: Petroleum and Archon Milos ago
Book 4 Chapter 42: Dying Land and Minor Improvements ago
Book 4 Chapter 43: Youngest and Ascending History ago
Book 4 Chapter 44: Life and Death ago
Book 4 Chapter 45: Heartfelt Talk and Curiosity ago
Book 4 Chapter 46: Rooting Rachel and Bad News ago
Book 4 Chapter 47: Soul Insights and Ice Magic ago
Book 4 Chapter 48: Unimpressed and Grelda ago
Book 4 Chapter 49: Barrier and Family Reunions ago
Book 4 Chapter 50: Gem-ranker and To The Academy ago
Book 4 Chapter 51: Inconsiderate Woman and Soph's Results ago
Book 4 Chapter 52: Passes and Exceptions ago
Book 4 Chapter 53: Potential Trideca-mage and One-year Promise ago
Book 4 Chapter 54: Battlemage's Robes and Lexicon ago
Book 4 Chapter 55: A Kiss and Rax's Rules ago
Book 4 Chapter 56: Choosing Classes and Choosing Supplies ago
Book 4 Chapter 57: Return Them and Three Announcements ago
Book 4 Chapter 58: Erion's Venting Plan and Teacher Rax's Warning ago
Book 4 Chapter 59: Eternal and Sir Ironskin's Challenge ago
Book 4 Chapter 60: Metal Magic Affinity and A Desire To Learn ago
Book 4 Chapter 61: Dryad Teacher and First Challenge ago
Book 4 Chapter 62: Darkness' Fun and Swind's Fury ago
Book 4 Chapter 63: Testing Earth Magic and A New Challenger Approaches ago
Book 4 Chapter 64: 5-Minutes of Endurance and Impromptu Water Magic Lesson ago
Book 4 Chapter 65: New Skills and Professor Ruairidh ago
Book 4 Chapter 66: Spirit of Light and Bone Armour ago
Book 4 Chapter 67: Blinding Power and Skill Gainage Overview ago
Book 4 Chapter 68: Routine Show-and-Tell and Luu Bluetail ago
Book 4 Chapter 69: Accusatory Beastkin and How Would Lone Act? ago
Book 4 Chapter 70: Soph's Sandwiches and Sigmund's 'Progress' ago
Book 4 Chapter 71: Lone Gets Shot Down and Metal Freak ago
Book 4 Chapter 72: Honest Jealousy and Suffering Through Adversity ago
Book 4 Chapter 73: Rachel's Progress and Professor Fredley ago
Book 4 Chapter 74: A Duel Between Student & Professor and Erion's Uncaring Attitude ago
Book 4 Chapter 75: Hothead and Ancient Bones ago
Book 4 Chapter 76: Lust and Endangered Floof ago
Book 4 Chapter 77: Amber Foxkin and Kidnapped ago
Book 4 Chapter 78: Victoria and Incredible Offer ago
Book 4 Chapter 79: Greed's Unique Skill and Siblings ago
Book 4 Chapter 80: Seduction Attempts and An Upset Soph ago
Book 4 Chapter 81: A Defeated Man and Ancient Warnings ago
Book 4 Chapter 82: Drugs and Ice ago
Book 4 Chapter 83: Soph's Skills Level-up and Vice-Headmaster Merkel's Anger ago
Book 4 Chapter 84: First Encounter With Time Magic and Questions ago
Book 4 Chapter 85: Large-scale Challenges and Archon Milos ago
Book 4 Chapter 86: Divine Thread and Invitation ago
Book 4 Chapter 87: Divines and Garadia's Wish ago
Book 4 Chapter 88: Serious Headaches Persist and An Extremely Unexpected Familiar Face ago
Book 4 Chapter 89: Muradon's Thoughts and The Wanderers' Introductions ago
Book 4 Chapter 90: Kuu & Zeeb and Breena's Round ago
Book 4 Chapter 91: 3 Divine Brothers and The Second Match ago
Book 4 Chapter 92: A Dragon's Interest and Excess World Force ago
Book 4 Chapter 93: Muradon's Panic and Infa's Defensive Nature ago
Book 4 Chapter 94: Protective Fathers and Divine Reactions ago
Book 4 Chapter 95: Skill Addiction and A Vexed Divine ago
Book 4 Chapter 96: Lone Tires of Playing With His Serpent and Supersonic Speed ago

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A great story hampered by an unlikeable mc.

I finished book 1 left with a feeling this could have been pretty good. The story in itself is quite interesting, the worldbuilding is very good and most of the sidecharacters are properly written.

Sadly all of this is ruined by a main character who's a bi-polar psychopath, kidnapper, manchild and child abuser. Couple that with a kidnapping victim who is a goddess in a little girls body with a bad case of stockholm syndrome and you've got the main characters of our story.

Worst part is I read a review saying he gets better, except he doesn't. He gets worse.  At no point in this story will I describe this main character as likeable.

If thats your cup of tea, you'll have a blast reading this story. If you're like me, don't bother.

 EDIT: Rewrite is fantastic! <3

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It's a good novel however it's missing something

First i'm sorry but i don't speak english very well so there will be a lot error i hope you can understand.

So i don't finish the story immediatly but i plan to (i'm up to chapter 80). Î found your story original and i absolutly loved the beginning and the fact that he wants to be OP be he chooses to do it slowly and not immediatly. But i found that arround chapter 40 he is presented as OP too much even if you try to show that he isn't OP it's can of contradicting. And i found that he's growing too quickly for someone who doesn't want to be right now.

The second point is that he doesn't like people but he become close with a lot of people but again toi quickly : he's alone (with Sophie) for arround 30 chapters and in 30 other he became close with the Tailor, guildmaster, noble people,etc... I found it a bit too quick. Same with his behavior with people it's not a problem if it change but it was too sudden.

And last of thing i didn't like at first was the romance... It was too quick and doesn't make sense : she like his tails but he kidnapped her so she still hate him, then sleep with him, then her past, then i love you !! Where's her hate gone ? It couldn't dissapear like this ? Don't misunderstand, i'm absolutly not against their couple but it's disappointed that it happened so soon and that you didn't develop how their feeling for each other evolved.

Exept these point i found disappointed for me i found it's a good novel, i've not finished it yet but it seems promissing and  intéressés so  you should read it to forge your own opinion and not being influence by the other review. You might like it or not, it depend of you.


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Let's begin with the characters, since that's the worst score and work up:

The main character is contradictory and excessive in what he portrays. On one hand he is a professor at a university and is clearly capable to interact with his students on a regular basis, otherwise he wouldn't keep that job for very long.

Next thing he lashes out at the being which gives him a chance at a new life. Granted it's a stressful situation, but the extend to which that develops is questionable.

Now to further argue my review I have to spoiler the story to a certain degree so be aware of that and decide for yourself if you want to continue reading.

Because he is annoyed he basically imprisons a innocent girl, a child in his eyes, in an empty dimension. Yes, the first chapter establishes a possible reason for his behaviour, but I don't find it to sufficient to justify his reactions towards the girl, especially since she is some kind of divinity. I doubt wether anybody would be that snarky with such a powerful being, even if he was the worst arse on earth...

It goes further since that being(1000 or so years old by the way and capable of assuming her adult-form) then goes on to develop a crush on him. So basically a case of stockholm-syndrom.

Sounds bad doesn't it? Well it is to a degree, the saving grace is, that the character development of both the mc and the support-cast is logical and moves forward in a coherent way. It gives me hope for the future of the novel, especially since the MC grows to be more likeable the further you read.

Grammar and style are solid. Not much I can say there. No awful mix up'swith words and the mistakes are minor most of the time. There is room for improvement, but I'm no literary student.


The story is interesting, from the beginning you know there is more to this than just the reincarnation of the mc and his journey through the various nation on this new planet. He explores the world and grows while doing so, which I assume prepares him for what is to come :) This is what kept me interested and with the story, until the MC grew to be more likeable.

If you like powerful leads and far-reaching storylines endure the first fifty-ish chapters and see for yourself.

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Rushed start but grown to absolutely love

I often don't review like this, but it needs to be made clear that though at the start of this story the main character seemed to rush into power and was unrelatable. Through the story's progression and the writer improving his own skill, it grows into a fantastic fiction. I am also aware that the writer is doing rewrites on the first part of the story, and I highly recommend that people read his other fiction, SHOVEL KNIGHT!! It's pretty damn great. 

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Fluffiness is Love! Fluffiness is Life! ~mofumofu

Style: In terms of style this story is a fantasy LitRPG, which is a pretty popular way of writing, and is set in a swords & magic world. I appreciate the way he uses the LitRPG aspects as well. He doesn't have boxes and numbers for every little thing; however, when something important happens he also isn't stingy about showing us what's changed in our main character's stat sheet or in a crafted item. 5/5

Story: In terms of story, I love the way Lone, that's the author name as well, by the way, builds his world with bits and pieces of the bigger picture slowly being revealed. Unlike some novels where if you compare what you know about the lore of the world at the beginning versus a couple thousand pages in you realize hardly anything has changed Lone: The Wanderer isn't like that. Where I am at in the story, Book 4 Chapter 12, I can look back and say with certainty that I know much more about what is going on in the background then I did in the start. Moreover, I can determine that there is still a lot missing in my understanding of events. 5/5

Grammar: Well I can't remember noticing any major errors that weren't corrected shortly after posting if there were any. I also don't recall any minor errors. I might have just not noticed them, but then they don't really matter do they? 5/5

Character:  Spoiler: Spoiler

Overall: In conclusion, this story is awesome and you should definitely read it even if you have skip sleeping or eating. This story is more important than those things anyway. Fluffiness is the best! Pauses writing to go kowtow to the fluffiness gods 5/5

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Fair warning my rating is for the rewrite and not the original. So I have had the great fortune to read this really great story. The rewrites are fanominal. After that tho the original book is subpar in comparison which is a real shame as I love the story but so many things are different it's a hard transition. To make the transition easier for those of you who decide to pick it up I would recommend reading 1-14 of the rewrites then after that go to the original so there is less of a disconnect. Instead of being 82 chapters in and suddenly be at chapter 15 in the original and the 83 chapter in the original is quite different than the rewrites.

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Good shit 👌🏻👌🏻

I’ve been reading this for a long ass time and every time I get the notification, I drop what I’m reading and immediately switch to this. If you’re looking for a great read, Lone’s your guy

Zachary Karpel
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Beyond amazed by volume 1 ending

honestly the only thing i can say is it's my favorite non-fanfic work. absolute perfection :)


i dont really have anything else to say but i need more characters to post my review. sophie is best girl.

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just read all the rewrites and they are all great. cut as this is my first read of this story i have no idea what the hell happens in the story gap, reckon u can put the originals back up plz?


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 Most of the problem is the MC with the drastic mood swings and uncalled-for reactions. The world tree and dungeon are pretty good examples. The dungeon the character seems to go on a saint personality change for a few chapters then suddenly goes all out devil. Then when it gets to the world tree he is out right shitty to everyone to the point as a reader even I wanted to kick his ass.

Every time a new interesting character is introduced the MC almost right away tries to screw him/her over making that character hate the MC and most of the time without a reason for doing it.

I looked through some of the other reviews and there is quite a few people that dislike the MC. About all that is propping up the story is the regular updating and story plot.