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The death of an old dwarf, the reincarnation of an old soul into a dungeon. He was expecting a peacefull, lonely death, and now he is a dungeon. Well, it could be worse, after all, dwarves are at home underground. Now he has to re-discover how to survive in this new life. He and his creations must carve out their place in the world with their own hands. 

Note: Currently trying to update every Tuesday  week.

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Great first volume...

So far so good. The dungeon story with unique own twist, while still in line with the genre. 

The main character background - as a legendary dwarf blacksmith - before becoming the dungeon, gives the story a chance to stand out.

He is a proud dwarven crafter who now has somewhat cheated death and became dungeon. He does carry over his personality and knowledge which should make things interesting in the future.

Also the way he expands and evolves his dungeon is something you would expect from a master craftsman. Without rush but with a solid plan. 

I'm still quite curious how the other character - the former dungeon now known as Echo will turn out. In a way in the beginning it was "dungeon fairy" replacement sort of thing - as a former dungeon who can share the knowledge and experience with MC. But later evolves into something more original.

Up untill the end of vol 1 the story was updated regularly, and the average chapter size was rather larger than most other works on this site. Grammar and style is fine. The plot so far is promising, and it seems author has planed ahead and has a clear direction in which it will be going. 


As for vol2, let's wait till there is more of it...


An enjoyable dungeon builder which seems to incorporate Xianxia concepts like 'cultivation'. 

If you are looking for something not super long that does not yet have an ending give it a read. 

In terms of issues, the story starts with alot of skill dumping, the MC starts out with like 10 different skills which I imagine could have be merged and simplified. This reduces quite singifncatly after the first few chapters. 

Secondly, the story is overly generous with random fortune to the point its predictable. If a major characther is going through some kind of leveling you better believe by random fortune they are going to get a 'super-rare' variant. 

Finally, I feel the story struggles with characther relations. This may be due to what I feel is an over use of adoration and awe for the MC.  Is a fine method to highlight the epicness of your MC and its great for self fulfilment fantasy. However, a lot of the characthers in my opinion feel stunted from its overuse. For instance, the MC's children interactions are consistently revelling in how epic their father is, seeking his approval, and self doubt about their strength. 

As a final point, the story is on permanent hiatus with chapters coming out very irregularly. At this point it feels like there is still alot to go. If that is the case then I dont imagine we will see the book finished for quite some time assuming Minning Dragon keeps their current pace. 


Wonderful and professionally written. Love it. It can be somwhat poetic in the most amazing ways, and I find myself wanting others to marvel at Smit's craftmanship.         


This could be very, very good...

In short : an artist builds a dungeon on cheat mode.

He is OP, of course, but the author has a real talent for describing atmosphere. You can FEEL the eeriness and majesty of the dungeon under construction.


What begins as a wonderous and unique dungeon tale loses it's charm. The tragic release non schedule aside, the web of plots become more typical over time, the characters lose their charm as they blend into stereotypes and the dungeon it self gets harder to visualize as the story branch away from it. That is my biggest gripe with the story; the dungeon isn't the focus nearly as much in later chapters. While it was fun to read adventure's reaction to floors. Eventually the increasingly convoluted floors never see challengers while the overworld Politics steal word count. And judging by the author notes about the direction the story is headed, this will not improve. Why write a dungeon story if it ends up a side character to your game of thrones facsimile. The dungeon being the throne, a mugguffin more than central focus. 


Review Volume one:

This story is an amazing read, imo falling just the tiniest bit short of a fully developed book.

While following typical litrpg routines the setting isn't too much of a clichee, the worldbuilding is steadily progressing and the characters have clearly planned out personalities. Their interactions flow naturally, I just wish there would be more of it since until the end of volume one the protagonist stays true to the tight-lipped nature associated with dwarves. This leaves us with fewer exposions which the author seems to make up with showcasing character traits in more obvious manners, running dangerously close to falling into archetypes sometimes. We get a lot of him crafting and building his dungeon instead which all reads itself very smoothly and entertaining but gets a bit hampered by the occasionally recurring choice of words. While I actually like reading glorified info dumps like this I fear this could lose allure in the future, thus I hope for the author to maybe use a different POV once in a while to share the wonders and mysteries our dear Smit fills his abode with, the cast being plenty big enough for this. Actually the constant POV changes are a huge benefit, keeping the story refreshing and giving the reader a different angle on the situation and expanding the background.

Grammar and vocabulary are fine for the most part with the occasional error not being so extreme as to interrupt the immersion or keep the reader from understanding the situation. The style is elaborate bordering poetic, befitting of the theme. Sometimes it is staying a bit too observant and detached where it could be vivid and vibrant with emotions but then again it is just a minor shortcoming not a real flaw. (If it's a deliberate choice of the author I apologise)

Overall, an enjoyable and leisurely read.


Update Vol. 2 Chapter 15 :

Coming back from it's hiatus the overall quality of the last three chapters has, sadly, taken a nosedive. The prose has become rather flat for most of it, grammatical mistakes have become more common and character progression slowed to a crawl or is halted in favor of navel-gazing or silly antics. It remains to be seen if it's just a slump or lasting change in tonality.


is it weird that when i read about him humming i imagined songs from LotR?

it would be cool if that becomes a habit of his, singing/humming ancient songs in forgotten languages that whisper on the wind for miles.


Would recommend for your executive time

Reviewed at: Vol. 2, Chapter 14

Disclaimer: this is personal opinion, I have no delusions about my skills or experience in the field, so take it all with a grain of salt, as you should.

This review will present my opinion on three subjects: plot, characters and the system(yes, I have personal grievances with system, bite me).

First, I would like to start with how appreciative I am of the nicely thight and focused plot of the first volume. While the events may not have flown seamlessly from one to the other, there is still a fair justification and link between them all. I did not have the impression that a sword of Damocles kept popping out of nowhere just for the reader's sustained frustration. Delectably moderate amount of foreshadowing (especially considering the genre).

Now, let's get to the characters. Very interesting dynamic here. The dungeon heart is, rather obviously the heart of the story. All other characters, their impressions and their development is one way or the other tied to him. Now this, while helping to keep the spacial scope of the novel focused, is a huge downside for the development. I honestly do not care to know how each of his creatures venerate him everytime their point of view shows up. I would have liked to see more of their day to day life and interactions when not religiously admiring him or his work. A unique opportunity to add dimensions to their character have been sacrificed for the sake of plot advancement in my opinion, especially considering that a specific loyalty related skill should have created a window into some inner troubles and reflections. The frenzies should also have had their place in any psyche oriented disussion that might have had arisen. And then there's the fact that all characters' reactions are frankly very muted and tame even. Some of it could be accredited to physical shells but still. I am still waiting for that PTSD chapter for the artisan that had never killed a soul before. It would have also been great to get to know the adventurers better. Not only in their professional modew where not much is being aside from vital communications/order and the occasional quip to relieve tension. It would have been nice a deeper dive into who they are they are and how they live. Especially since they represent a kice diversified contrast to the dungeon zealous cult-like spawns.

And lastly, the system. What I like about it, is how that it's making itself scarce enough. That's great. However there are quite a few gaps in how everything fits together.We clearly do not have enough information from the sapient pov, so all we have gping is the dwarf's word on how it's done via some cultivation. Which is not much considering he spent centuries in isolation.

Spoiler: Spoiler


To conclude it's a nide ride, with an engaging plot with a nice flow. Not very immersive though, since all characters POVs are mostly used to express awe or zealous dedication which doesn't really makes projection from the reader in any of them very easy. I still give it 4 stars because I enjoyed it overall. Would recommend for your executive time ;)


I have a Love Hate relationship with this story

Reviewed at: Vol. 2, Chapter 14

 This is the first Dungeon Core story I came across, it is also my favourite. I started searching for Dungeon Stories just because I loved this one, but none gave me as much satisfaction as this one.

As a story I love this book, but as a reader can I ask why I always have to wait months and even years for the next Update?

Please keep your promise and Update at least once a week. I have been following this story for more than a year and it hasn't moved much since then.

That being said there are a few places that I would like to point out which seem to be slightly illogical, such as:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Other than the above mentioned instances the story is one of my favourites. 



it isnt really a review more like engouring

so keep it up!