Ye Xiu started his training in the 'Pulsing Force' technique since the other technique would require him having assistance to begin it.
He was currently trying to figure out the way to begin the training. Though the technique manual had offered the effects and abilities of what the technique could do, it didn't offer any instructions on how to begin learning.

Ye Xiu was trying to come up with ways that would allow him to use the technique and eventually decided to start from the very basics of what he knew. He knew that the technique used some contact to send the 'pulsing force' into an opponent's body. This meant that he would have to at least touch an object. He placed his hand on one of the trees in the training yard. He concentrated his Qin into his hand and tried to push it out.

He didn't push out his Qi in a normal way but instead had his Qi act similarly to a pulse. He had done the same thing when he wanted to get rid of the illusions using his entire body but this time he was doing a concentrated Qi pulse using just his hand, for offensive purposes. He was able to send his Qi into the tree but his Qi was quickly absorbed by the tree. It meant that he had a lack of control of the Qi that he had just sent out and was able to be absorbed by others.

This meant that before he had mastery of the ability, he would have to concentrate on having his Qi in his control. He also noticed that besides being sent into the tree, it had no other effects. The technique manual had said that it used Qi to cause vibrations. He had no clue on how to make his Qi cause vibrations. Though he had an inkling of how it would be possible.

When he had thought about how it would be possible, he realised that the technique that he had chosen probably had another technique that had to be learnt before he should even begin attempting this technique. Even if he had figured out that little piece of information, he believed that his Qi that pulsed out of his body still had a similar concept to the technique that he was learning right now.

His detection pulses were simply sent out to detect things but if he could change those pulses into ones that had another effect, then he would be on the right track. He stopped his experimentation and went back into the residence after several hours worth of attempts. He was getting closer to his goal but he had to rest now. It was also time for his actual training routine that he had to get back into. The rest of his friends were going to Jin Yuan's kitchen to get some food.

Ye Xiu went upstairs to freshen himself up, he was completely alone in the household so he was going to take his time to have his bath. After nearly two months of being stuck inside the testing area, he hadn't gotten the proper chance to clean himself. He had the river in the valley but it just couldn't beat the showers or baths that he took back at his residence.

He never really relaxed during those times at the river due to all the Qi Beasts everywhere, even after he killed all of them in the two zones, he immediately moved to the third zone of the valley. He had wanted to finish the stage as quickly as he possibly could.

As he was taking his bathing time to relax, an unknown person arrived at the front door of their residence. 'There shouldn't be anybody in the house right now. I'll finally be able to relax and smell the scent of my beloved for at least an hour before they come back! I've even bathed myself and poured the scent removal elixir all over myself just for this occasion!'

The person took out a wooden plaque from her dimensional storage and placed it on the front door of the residence. The wooden plaque allowed the person to freely enter the house as long as it was placed on the front door. Once the residence's wards and seals had allowed the person entrance, they pocketed the plaque before pushing open the door.

'My love lives here. He showers and bathes here. He eats here. He shits here. He sleeps here. I finally have entrance into my beloved's home. I feel so happy that I get to enter and leave his home as often as I want to. One day, he'll notice me cooking and I'll feed him after his training sessions or his meditation sessions.' The person pranced around the living room and moved into the kitchen. They started to shuffle through the kitchen, gathering ingredients before beginning to cook.

The person activated a function of the kitchen that blocked any smells from leaving the kitchen. It was really handy for the person that didn't want their beloved to realise they were inside of his home. 'I'm sure he'll praise me for my tremendously scrumptious food when I feed it to him.' As the person's thoughts derailed into pleasing Ye Xiu, the person who was being thought about was shivering as he relaxed into the bathtub.

'Somebody's thinking about me and for some reason, I feel like I should be very scared.' Ye Xiu closed his eyes and started to play around with his Qi, not realising that somebody else who wasn't his friends, was inside of his home.

Ye Xiu was inside the bathroom for over thirty minutes before he felt that he had spent a long enough time inside. Taking a towel to dry himself off, he walked into his own bedroom to change clothes. The person downstairs, in the kitchen, had finished cooking up a meal for Ye Xiu and was just about to add the finishing touches to the meal. 'A little elixir here, and he'll be mine forever!'

The person poured in an elixir into the main dish that they had made, making sure that that they had placed enough of the elixir to last for a long while, They finished placing all the dishes on the table in an orderly fashion. As they were doing this, Ye Xiu walked into the kitchen and was barraged full force by the smell. When he saw who was in the kitchen, he was obviously confused.

"How'd you get in here Hua Fei? I'm very certain that the others haven't come back yet so what are you doing in my house?" His tone was stern and accusing considering that Hua Fei was an intruder. He was still giving her the benefit of the doubt by letting her explain herself.

Hua Fei's ever-present smile dropped into a frown for a second before it came back up. "I thought you would be happy to see me! I've made all this food just for you. I want you to enjoy the food that I've made for you." She evaded the question and it didn't escape Ye Xiu's notice.

"Hua Fei... I'd like you to get out. I'm not going to eat your food, considering you entered the residence without permission and used the house as if it was your own. I still don't know how you entered but I'm going to make sure that you won't be able to enter anymore. If you don't get out right now, I'll have to use force." He glared at Hua Fei who still seemed to have her smile present on her face.

She continued to smile as if what Ye Xiu had just asked her to do, didn't bother her. "I knew something similar to this would happen. Don't worry! I'll make sure you'll love me by the end of this little meeting." The entire kitchen had already been prepared by Hua Fei. She had a feeling that this would happen if Ye Xiu didn't accept her food. The elixir she had poured into the main dish had let off a scent that would intoxicate Ye Xiu to a level that she would be able to manipulate him into feeling love for her.

The elixir would last for an entire month before she had to give him another dosage. With the smell already causing Ye Xiu to be drowsy, she made her move. She pounced towards Ye Xiu and she was planning to tie him up so that she could feed him forcefully. "Don't move now, let me tie you up so you can enjoy my food nice and calmly. I'll feed you the food so you don't even have to move besides chewing with your mouth."

The elixir had a similar effect to what Ye Xiu had faced during the third stage of the test. The statue had managed to attack him and encourage feelings of hopelessness and to make him give up. The elixir that she had used, however, was to induce feelings of love and the smell would basically intoxicate those that smelled it to the point that they wouldn't feel like doing anything else besides obeying the one they loved. To be safe from the elixir, you either had to develop a resistance to it or take the antidote.

The elixir was activated through the usage of Qi. Whoever activated it would be the one that the person that consumed the elixir would be attracted to. It was a rare elixir that was on the black market and had no business being sold in upright stores, however, Hua Fei managed to obtain the elixir and was using it for her own nefarious purposes.

She sat Ye Xiu down once she managed to tie him up and started to feed him all of her dishes. Once the entire affair was done, she took out a glass bottle and poured the contents down Ye Xiu's throat. This particular substance that Ye Xiu had consumed wasn't considered an elixir but was technically a poison. It poisoned the mind and removed the memories that the person who activated the poison wanted.

Once she removed any evidence of her interference, she quickly washed everything and placed Ye Xiu down on a sofa. She straddled his body as he was still drowsy and was about to fall asleep. She kissed him on the lips for a few minutes before leaving. She remembered to pour the scent removal potion so that there would be no traces of the cooking. She left but not without giving Ye Xiu one last look. 'Don't worry, you'll only look at me with those eyes.'

Shang Yang, Xiao Tu and Shi Die came back to a sleeping Ye Xiu, nearly an hour after Hua Fei had left. They woke him up gently so that they could start training. They knew that even if Ye Xiu didn't go with them to eat, he had probably already made some food for himself to eat. They sat on the sofas, lazing around when Shi Die noticed something strange. He sniffed the air. 'Strange, Ye Xiu seems to be smelling different again.' He dismissed the changes as Shang Yang pulled his attention to something else.

Ye Xiu's inner beast was obviously laughing in amusement at the situation that Ye Xiu had managed to get himself into. 'My host seems to attract the weirdest people. He's managed to attract somebody who would do anything for his love, even drugging him. I'm rather impressed that the girl had gotten ahold of such things. I won't help him with this little debacle but I'm sure his familiar would try to do his best to convince my host that something is wrong.'

The dragon closed its eyes and relaxed back into its cage. The cavern paintings once again changing due to the changes that had happened to Ye Xiu's body in the past day. The cavern walls depicted Ye Xiu's life very vividly and that was how the inner beasts kept track if they were unable to look out with Ye Xiu's eyes.

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