He managed to enter the Auction House in record time and he had also made sure that he hadn't looked too suspicious. Ye Xiu wasn't sure whether his stalkers had noticed his strange behaviour but he had tried his best. He looked around the Auction House for a moment or two to see whether it was crowded. Fortunately, though there was a huge number of people hanging around the lobby, there were very few that were actually there to sell things.

He went to the receptionist which handled the registration of items that would be sold in the Auction House. Ye Xiu was going to register all of the unused meat that he had. He simply had too much, that even smoking the meat or using any other preservative methods wouldn't help it last. There were obviously methods to store it for long periods of time but those were much too expensive. Ye Xiu kept half of the carcasses that he obtained and he was going to sell the other half.

He was going to give half of what he had to Jin Yuan since he was sure that'd he love the many different types of Qi Beast meat that he had. Jin Yuan was likely to experiment with the meat and it would provide a variety of dishes for the group. He also had quite a few rare ingredients that he would give Jin Yuan though he would keep the majority of them for himself.

Ye Xiu politely asked the receptionist for a room that could be considered a warehouse. The receptionist was sceptical that Ye Xiu would need such a large space but obliged with his request anyway. The receptionist was a trained staff member that would be able to identify anything that would be sold albeit not to the same degree as the specially hired staff.

When the receptionist beckoned for Ye Xiu to present his wares, he promptly fell on his ass when Ye Xiu slowly took out each of the carcasses one by one. It took Ye Xiu over ten minutes to finish sorting through his dimensional storage devices and confirming that was all the dead bodies he had to sell. The receptionist had to call for another person to help him confirm the state of the bodies due to how many there were.

The two staff members that were there to sort through the bodies were efficient, finishing their task in thirty minutes. Ye Xiu remembered to tell the two other staff members that he had Beast cores that he had to sell as well. Once again, the staff members were slightly surprised by it though they were quickly getting over the shock. It was rare to see such a huge deal in a single session but it wasn't a singular experience. These types of deals were usually dealt with by the senior staff members.

Beast cores were considered to be an item that was in high demand. The cores were highly useful for cultivation if the person who was consuming it was smart. Using a Beast core inappropriately would eventually lead to a person's demise. The wild primal Qi that the Beast core contained could start to contaminate a person's dantian. The quality of the Beast core could only be identified by those that had a specific skill set, similar to one that Ye Xiu had.

The appraisers of Beast cores are those that are able to see Qi using an observation technique or other means. The quality of the beast core is dependent on the amount of Qi that the Beast core contains. There are three levels of quality for Beast cores, low, medium and high. A High-Quality Grade 3 Beast core has nothing on a Low-Quality Grade 4 Beast core. The strength of a Beast core is further separated on the basis of the Grade of the Qi Beast that the core was taken from.

It didn't take long for an appraiser to arrive who set about on his business. He quickly separated the hundred Beast cores that Ye Xiu had managed to harvest into three different piles. When the appraiser reached the Beast core that had been retrieved from the Man-eating Satyr, he placed it by its lonesome. The appraiser moved towards Ye Xiu.

"This Beast core. Where did you get it from? Its existence is very... disturbing to say the least. Compared to all the other Beast cores that I've appraised of yours, none have such a similar feeling. They all have the natural feeling of wilderness, however, this particular Beast core is basically born of malevolence." The appraiser frowned, his eyebrows being brought together as he tried to figure out what exactly was wrong with the Beast core.

Ye Xiu knew exactly what he was talking about and wasn't surprised that he felt that the Beast core was malicious in nature. "It's from a Man-eating Satyr. I'm not surprised that you find it disturbing. That Beast core is probably able to be placed in an actual auction."

The appraiser frowned again. "I'm not exactly sure... I'll have to check with one of my senior supervisors. They have more experience when it comes to rarities." The appraiser turned around to look for one of his underlings to fetch one of the senior staff. It wasn't to say that the appraiser was inexperienced, it was only the fact that Man-eating Satyrs were rare for a reason and the majority of their population resided in a forbidden zone.

The appraiser was young compared to the man that entered the room after being summoned by one of the employees. All it took was one look, and the man nodded in appreciation. "I haven't seen one of those for a long time though I've definitely seen stronger cores." The man picked it up and placed it inside his dimensional storage. "This'll fetch a fair price in an Auction. I'll register it for you and when the sale is successful, you'll be notified."

The man left the room without further ado and Ye Xiu looked at the man's back blankly. 'How does he expect to contact me if I haven't even given him my details?' Ye Xiu shook his head in confusion as the appraiser counted the appropriate amount of money for both the carcasses and Beast cores combined.

Ye Xiu knew the approximate prices for everything so he wasn't too concerned that he received a higher profit than he had expected. It was probably due to the quality of the carcasses. Majority of the carcasses that got sold were usually in a worse condition compared to his where there was only really one main injury that it had been struck.

After receiving the money, he left the room and went to peruse the item list of the next auction. Seeing nothing that sparked his interest, he left the Auction House's main lobby and moved towards the private selling booths. The selling booths often had many items that were interesting. Ye Xiu mainly bought the alchemy ingredients that were rather fresh directly from the selling booths. Those that had a selling booth had assured quality since every single of their items had to be run through stringent checks.

The owners of the booths were all respectable cultivators and their wares were definitely of good quality. If they dared to lower their quality then it was possible for the Auction House to remove their contract to use the booth. This meant the owners were very careful when it came to handling their wares, making sure that nothing went below the accepted quality.

He always went to a specific booth to buy his alchemic ingredients since it always seemed to have everything that he needed. It never ran out of stock which was obviously surprising to Ye Xiu. It made him see that those that owned the booths definitely had connections if they were able to keep their booths stocked all the time.

After he managed to buy all of the ingredients that he needed, he started to make his way back to the Academy. With the number of alchemical ingredients that he had bought, he was certain that he would be able to stockpile his pills and elixirs once again. He had used a huge amount of pills and elixirs during his time in the Dimension to fuel his training process. Many of the pills that had been used were usually to help recover from injuries.

Leaving the Auction House, he noticed that his stalkers weren't in the vicinity. He wasn't surprised about that fact since the area around the Auction House was considered to be a neutral ground and was the most well-protected areas in the entire city. Taking a cloak and pulling the hood over his head, he started to run across the streets. He was using 'Basilisk's Gaze' without care of his Qi reserves.

He knew that he had a big enough Qi reserve that would allow him to make it all the way from the Auction House to the Academy so he didn't actually have to worry about Qi exhaustion. 'Basilisk's Gaze' only consumed Qi with a vengeance if he went at an insane speed. He simply slowed down his speed to one that would be considered to be thrice the average speed of baseline humans. The baseline of an average human in this world was much higher compared to his previous world.

Throughout his entire journey from the Auction House to the Academy, he had no longer been able to sense anybody stalking him. He was keeping himself well-aware of his surroundings just to see his stalkers since it was strange for anybody to be stalking him in the first place. He knew that something was wrong when his gut instinct had alerted him to danger months ago. This sighting confirmed his suspicions and was going to inform his friends to be careful from now on.

Instead of heading back to the residence immediately, he went to San Guo's home. He knew San Guo was probably in there considering that he rarely left his home unless there was something important. The past few weeks, San Guo had left the group to their own devices, telling them to come up with new things so that they'd be able to defeat all three of their mentors at the same time. San Guo had even cheekily told them that Yan Guo's father might even join in the fun if they managed to beat them.

He knocked on San Guo's office door before entering. He saw San Guo looking at several books, who glanced up to see Ye Xiu enter. "Hello Ye Xiu, you seem very different." San Guo narrowed his eyes and noted the changes. "You're definitely much more confident when I last met you. I wonder what happened." San Guo mused his thoughts out loud. "Oh, don't mind me. What are you here for Ye Xiu?"

Ye Xiu cleared his throat. "I'd like you to help with training. I need help to advance in a technique that I've recently just started. I haven't entered the first stage of the technique but I do need help in regards to that."

San Guo raised his eyebrows. "I'll certainly help you. What exactly do you need me to do."

Ye Xiu shrugged. "You could call it body conditioning. I'm conditioning my body to withstand stronger attacks and to withstand piercing attacks. The technique requires me to basically torture myself until I reach the next stage of the technique."

Though San Guo didn't show his worry, he still voiced his concerns. "That sounds like a very dangerous technique to learn. Are you sure you want me to help you?" He suddenly grinned. "I don't mind abusing that body of yours. It'll be fun to get rid of my stress."

Ye Xiu shivered underneath San Guo's grin but nodded his approval. "Yes, I do need you to help me. Just don't tell Shang Yang or Xiao Tu about the training and we'll be fine."

San Guo mulled over his schedule for a couple of seconds. "I'll be free on Fridays and Sundays. I'll see you then."

Ye Xiu gave his thanks before leaving and walking back to his residence. 'Well, that's one thing that I've covered. Now to start training in both the techniques.'

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