The dragon had slightly stalled Ye Xiu in his return to consciousness. The dragon hadn't simply made Ye Xiu bond with the young one but had done an extra ritual that Ye Xiu didn't even notice was being performed. That extra ritual had its own complications and Ye Xiu would soon discover what those complications were.

Ye Xiu woke back on the ground, face down. His body had changed back to its human form. Tian Bai could be heard snickering as he ran towards Ye Xiu. "Ye Xiu! That was hilarious!"

Ye Xiu was obviously confused since he had just woken up and that meant that he had no idea what had been going on with his body the entire time. "What's hilarious? What did my body do when it was being controlled by somebody else?"

Tian Bai looked at Ye Xiu with a sly grin. "Nothing much. You simply fell down to the ground whilst you were flying. You transformed in mid-air as well which was pretty cool." Ye Xiu could sense that Tian Bai was hiding something else from.

Ye Xiu narrowed his eyes at Tian Bai. "You're hiding something from me."

Tian Bai still had a smirk on his face. "You'll find out what I'm hiding from you when we finish the test. I'll tell all your friends about what I've hidden. Oh, by the way, you're very naked right now. I'd suggest you get some clothes on." Tian Bai's laughter could be heard as Ye Xiu's face reddened.

He quickly retrieved some extra clothes that he had stashed away in his dimensional storage. Ye Xiu quickly checked his soul space to make sure the young one was sleeping inside safely. He had no clue whether his familiar would automatically be transferred over to his soul space when he left his mind, but he was glad to see that the familiar was inside his soul space. He was going to introduce Tian Bai to the young one but decided that he would wait until he gave his new familiar a name before doing such a thing.

Ye Xiu rolled his eyes. He arranged his soul space in a way that would separate the two familiars so that they would not meet each other. Ye Xiu didn't want Tian Bai meeting his new familiar so early since Tian Bai would corrupt the little one with his mischievousness. He also wanted to get to know his familiar before Tian Bai had the chance. He wanted to be the only one to fuss over the young familiar since it was his favourite animal from his previous life.

He was glad that he had finally gotten to meet a real-life lion. No matter how small it was, it would eventually grow into its mature form and since this young familiar of his was a male, he would get to see the prideful mane of a lion. The familiar's species was known to be an extremely powerful one. He only knew about this because the dragon had generously inserted information into his mind.

Tian Bai was currently informing Ye Xiu about what was going to happen next and they were waiting patiently to be transported to wherever they were supposed to go. Ye Xiu lay down on the ground with his arms stretched out to the sides. He sighed as he reviewed the entire third stage that he had just finished.

It definitely was the hardest stage. He wasn't surprised by the near-death experiences that he faced since he was warned about the possible danger during the very start of the stages. He realised that he had survived many of his dangerous encounters through luck and fortune. He knew that he couldn't simply count on his own luck and fortune to survive these dangerous encounters since even they wouldn't be able to save him all the time.

The fight against the Man-eating Satyr had definitely opened his eyes about how cautious he had to be when it came to having a firm grasp on his emotions. The fight during the third stage further made him gain more resolve to improve the control of his emotions.

The third stage had also ended with him being able to access the third stage of the transformation technique that he had learned. He just needed to practice the technique so that it would become natural for him to transform. His inner beast had given him information on the technique and realised that there were several more stages to it but they were considered as forbidden stages unless the user was willing to change themselves permanently.

Ye Xiu had no idea how long it would take for them to be transported to their next location since the voice that had given them instructions and advice had not given any specifics of what would happen after Ye Xiu managed to overcome his inner beast. It was a little over an hour when they were suddenly back to where he originally was. Ye Xiu could spot Xiao Bai floating around him and looked at him with concern.

"Master, how was the test? I know that you've passed it at the very least since I've been informed to take you to the vaults. I'm not talking about the ordinary vaults but the vaults that you are only allowed to enter once you manage to clear the conditions necessary for them. Many of the conditions usually require you to receive a reward during a test. Apparently, you're allowed to pick five things from the first floor of the vault and I have to say I'm surprised."

Xiao Bai continued to blabber on. "I shouldn't be asking you about how the test went, I was watching it the entire time. You did amazing though I'm not quite sure whether you lived up to the previous Master's expectations but you definitely did much better compared to the others that have ever taken the test! After all, you're the first to come out alive."

Ye Xiu raised his eyebrow at those words. "First to come out alive? How many people have taken the test before me? I'd sincerely doubt that nobody else passed before me. I'm sure that there are many others that were just as powerful or stronger than me."

Xiao Bai looked slightly embarrassed. "The test that you went to was considered the first trial. A total of fifty-three candidates have participated in the test including you, and all fifty-two have died until you came. The first trial only allows those in a certain realm of cultivation to enter. Many of those that had entered weren't even those that contained the bloodline of a dragon but had merely stumbled upon the entrance." ou

"To their misfortune, they must have been carrying dragon's blood essence for them not to be rejected and kicked out of the testing area immediately." Tian Bai spoke in a wistful tone. "It was entertaining to watch them though. I was put into stasis but I'm still able to know everything that happens in the Dimension. I may not have the highest authority in the Dimension but I am considered to be the one that watches over everything and informs those that have the power of the current affairs in the Dimension."

Ye Xiu looked at Xiao Bai. "How many more of these trials that you speak of are there? I hope that there aren't many."

Xiao Bai put on a face that betrayed no emotions. A literal blank mask. "You'll have to figure that out yourself. Now follow me, I'll be taking you to the vaults. If you don't keep up, then I'll leave you in the dust." Xiao Bai took off, flying towards his destination quickly. Ye Xiu rolled his eyes at Xiao Bai's behaviour but followed him anyway. Xiao Bai didn't go at an absurd pace so he was able to easily follow him.

Xiao Bai took him to a place that he had never gone to before inside of the Dimension. There was basically a door to a massive house that stood next to a mountain. Ye Xiu whistled at the sight. He had definitely not seen the mountain here in the Dimension which was highly questionable.

Xiao Bai could basically guess what was on Ye Xiu's mind and spoke to clear any confusion. "You won't be able to see this place unless somebody specifically brings you here the first time. Once you've been brought here the first time, it'll always be visible for you. For others, they'll have to be brought before it becomes visible to them."

"To enter the vault," Xiao Bai pointed to the door of the house. "You'll simply need to inject a single drop of blood essence and push your Qi into the door. It'll automatically recognise that you are here for collecting. The entire vault will only allow you to choose your assigned number of items. Once you choose the five items, you'll be kicked out and won't be allowed back in unless you meet the conditions to enter."

"To choose an item you must insert your Qi into the said item. This will break the stasis placed on the items and it'll be yours from then on. I wish you good luck in your venture of choosing. Your familiars may come out during this time to help you look for an item but they will be unable to choose an item for you." Xiao Bai started to float back to the main house and left Ye Xiu to do whatever he wanted.

Ye Xiu followed Xiao Bai's instructions. He was slightly sad about the fact that he would have to use another drop of his blood essence and he only had two drops left that were stored. He was pouting at that fact and was going to make sure that he didn't do anything rash in the next few months or so. Though with the tournament that was coming up, he was unsure whether he would be able to keep himself safe enough to not resort to any bloodline techniques.

The door to the vault opened and Ye Xiu shivered at the sight of the items. He had been transported to the first floor of the vault the moment he stepped past the boundary and he could see that the entire floor was filled to the brim. He sighed since he knew that it was going to take him more than a while to sort through what he would want to take. He was unsure of how much time he could spend searching in the Dimension and decided to start immediately.

The house which was actually a vault was underneath a time dilation of the same scale as the testing area. The previous master of the Dimension was kind enough to place the time dilation so that any that wished to take a reward would have enough time to look for one. The previous master was also kind enough to leave a list. A long and lengthy list but a list nonetheless. The list had every single item that was inside of the vault.

There was a list for each floor and looking at the list for the first floor, Ye Xiu felt like fainting. The list was placed into a book and the book had over a hundred pages. He sincerely doubted that he wouldn't be able to find five things that he would want to take which made him happy at least. He called out Tian Bai from his soul space and had him look through the list as well.

Tian Bai had a repository of knowledge that he had inherited through his predecessors and it would certainly help Ye Xiu to identify rare items. Ye Xiu didn't have much experience when it came to identifying such things but he knew someone that had the most experience out of everybody he knew. He was unsure whether that person would answer his call but he would call for the said person anyway.

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