Ye Xiu was still going on a rampage and Tian Bai could do absolutely nothing to stop him, especially when he was transformed into a dragon. He would personally love to use his stronger attacks to beat some sense into him but he also knew that it would drag Ye Xiu's attention towards him and he would get focused down by the fire breaths.

He really disliked the feeling of his fur being singed by fire. He loved his fur just the way it was. Nice and fluffy.

Tian Bai watched as Ye Xiu flew around the room, trying to raze it to the ground, though it seemed like Ye Xiu had quite a bit of trouble doing just that. The entire room had been fortified to withstand any attacks after they had finished the battle. A voice had sounded out that this would also be considered a trial for Ye Xiu and that he would not be considered to have passed the test if he didn't manage to control himself.

Tian Bai knew what it was like to lose control of his inner beast. He had enough memories of other Qi Beasts losing control and it didn't help that whenever they lost control, their strength multiplied due to the lack of restrictions that the inner beast has. The inner beast basically pushed out the potential they should've reached a certain age and it certainly made them extremely strong especially since they couldn't feel pain when they lost control.

Luckily for Tian Bai, Ye Xiu's injuries had healed when he had lost control. The inner beast had probably healed Ye Xiu so that it could try and take control of a perfectly healthy body for itself. All Tian Bai knew was that the scars from some of the attacks that he suffered would definitely stay there unless he used something potent enough to remove the scar.

He also knew that Ye Xiu would have to overcome the obstacle for himself and he knew that Ye Xiu would know that as well. When Ye Xiu had read out the instructions for the third stage of the transformation, he had already known the struggle that was going to come with it.

When he had planted those images into Ye Xiu's mind, he had known that he would lose control of his inner beast. It was Ye Xiu's only chance after all if he hadn't done such a thing, Ye Xiu would've died. He had seen Ye Xiu lose control of himself during that battle against that satyr and he knew that when he made him lose control this time, he would definitely transform.

Those that were human but held a bloodline all had an inner beast. The purer a bloodline was, the stronger the inner beast was. They all had to face their inner beast eventually if they wanted to access the true potential that the bloodline brought to them. Mentors that knew of bloodlines would withhold the information from their students because it was a trial that the students would have to face themselves.

The trial would become exponentially more difficult when they knew what they were going to face. The inner beast did not like having an easy fight. Tian Bai waited, hiding away from Ye Xiu's sight. He would wait out Ye Xiu's fight against his inner beast. It was either he died here together with Ye Xiu if he failed or they would leave together with Ye Xiu unconscious.

Ye Xiu's mind was definitely a fun place to be in but he seemed to be in a place that he had never seen before. He turned around to look at the cavern that he was in and he whistled at the size. It was certainly bigger than what he'd ever seen before and that was him comparing them to skyscrapers. He wondered why there would be such a big cavern and he started to walk around the entrance. He could see murals on the walls of the cavern and they were wonderfully beautiful.

He wandered around when he managed to bump into something. He was confused since there wasn't anything actually in front of him. He stroked the solid object that he had walked into and released that they felt like scales. He oddly looked up and still saw nothing. What he didn't realise was that the thing he was touching was underneath an illusion. An abnormally powerful illusion that wouldn't break unless the caster wanted it to be broken.

The said caster was snorting in amusement at the audacity of the human that was touching him. The stroking certainly felt pleasant not that it would admit such a thing since it had its pride. Ye Xiu's inner beast could actually be considered rather calm. It didn't attack Ye Xiu immediately as it should have but rather than attacking him, it was observing him carefully.

The inner beast would attack eventually, that it knew but it obviously wanted to see its host before it did anything. What sucked for Ye Xiu was that this cavern wasn't shared by a single inner beast but a few others, though he had no inkling about that for now. Ye Xiu continued his stroking of the dragon until he backed off, trying to come to terms with what he had just been doing.

Ye Xiu looked at his hand and looked back to where the invisible dragon was. Ye Xiu had his suspicions but he had no idea whether he wanted to confirm them. He frowned before sitting down on the ground. 'It's strange that I didn't feel like living when I got struck by the statue. I'm here now but I definitely know that I want to live, so what made me feel like dying?' He looked at his hands before dropping them onto his lap.

'Maybe the statue did something to me, and it wasn't my fault. I can't lie to myself like that. Even if the statue did something to me, I should've had the willpower to force myself to continue living.' Ye Xiu knew that he couldn't simply place all the blame on others.

The dragon could sense Ye Xiu's emotions in turmoil. After all, it was his inner beast, they were going to be merged sooner or later, depending on if Ye Xiu managed to control himself.

The dragon removed the illusion that had been hiding it and waited to see whether Ye Xiu would notice that there was suddenly a massive dragon right behind him.

An inner beast's intelligence was dependent on the species that the bloodline was from and how pure the bloodline is. Most dragons were intelligent enough to speak. They need only grow in order for their strength to reach the levels needed for them to be capable of speech.

Ye Xiu's inner beast saw him sitting on the ground and huffed. Little rings of smoke came out of the dragon's nostrils and into the air. The sound was enough to jar Ye Xiu out of his contemplating and he turned around to face the dragon. He was startled obviously, he was face to face with a large dragon and he had been surprised that it had been behind him.

He stared at the dragon before gulping. His Adam's apple could be clearly seen moving. "A dragon... and a cavern? Oh great. I'm stuck in the place that I probably do not want to be in right now. I suppose that you are my inner beast? Holy shit. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to fight you and my chances of survival seem to be really low right now." Ye Xiu's depreciation of himself brought amusement to the dragon who started laughing a deep chuckle.

"You're amusing human. It's been a long time since I've seen a human." The dragon was a male which Ye Xiu noted. Ye Xiu wondered how the dragon would've seen a human if he was his inner beast. Inner Beasts were born when a baby was born with a bloodline. "I see your confusion. Let me explain human." The dragon spoke in a manner that got on Ye Xiu's nerves but he was able to stop himself from feeling irritated.

"Inner beasts don't have to necessarily be born at conception and you don't need to have a bloodline in order to have an inner beast. Many inner beasts can be sealed into a person at any moment of their life. Most people are clueless about the inner beast because it would be rare for them to go into a mindless rage in the first place. You mainly find about having an inner beast after those particular rampages."

"Inner beasts only meet with their hosts when they are about to complete their transformation. You meet with me since you're about to finish the first half of a transformation that would change you permanently. Your bloodline is purer than any other humans that I've ever met and I have met many humans and that is the reason why I'm here to meet. You have many other beasts roaming about though I won't say anything else since it's not time."

"Your body is currently moving by itself, though I can't say that I'm completely free of guilt since I played a minor part into provoking you into that state. The bonded familiar, Tian Bai, had planted images into your head so that you would go into a rage. Now, mind you, this wouldn't have worked unless I had pushed in a few little tidbits in as well. His plan certainly worked but now you have been forced into this little situation with me."

"The only way for you to regain control of your body is to win against your inner beast. Now, this condition can be interpreted in many ways but the most common way is through a trial of combat between the inner beast and host. Obviously, this is the most common since those inner beasts are nothing more but mere idiots that wish to be free as quickly as possible."

"The way to win can be adjusted depending on the inner beast. You should be lucky that you met me first. I am one of the more generous inner beasts and I don't mind giving control of your body back to you for as long as you need it until you fly off into a mindless rage again. I've lived for a very long time and no matter how powerful you would be in the future with your potential, I would still outlive you."

"I don't mind waiting as I said. Your life is amusing and I have seen enough of your memories to know that you will meet many, many more interesting people. I just want you to pass a little test of mine." Ye Xiu was listening to the dragon intently and frowned multiple times when the dragon spoke some questionable words. He had many questions that he wanted to ask the dragon but held his tongue.

"My little test would be for you to take care of a familiar." Ye Xiu's eyebrows rose higher than it ever did before. He was now afraid just what the dragon would be planning. "Don't you fret little one. The familiar would be a Qi Beast that I believe that you would like. I've seen enough of your little fantasies when it came to particular species." Ye Xiu blushed at the innuendo that his inner beast had just made.

"What do you say? Would you like to hear me out?" The dragon questioned Ye Xiu who had managed to wipe the blush off his face once he realised it was a rather serious situation that his inner beast had laid out for him. He looked into the dragon's eyes for any sign of deceit but he knew that if the dragon was as old as he said he was, then it would be highly improbable that he'd be able to get anything that was useful.

He tapped his chin with his right index finger.

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