It didn't help that he was stuck in complete darkness. He could see nothing because there was nothing to see. He had awoken to the pitch black view which wasn't disconcerting to him but he had a feeling that he wasn't supposed to be here. That feeling returned with thrice the force and he realised that he was probably trapped in an illusion.

He remembered the fight. He was probably stuck in an illusion. He couldn't get out of the illusion no matter what he tried. Ye Xiu closed his eyes but was unable to sense his Qi in his body. He was starting to panic since an illusion should not be able to affect how his Qi moved. It was impossible for his Qi to be drained completely. 'Was my Qi completely sealed? But that's impossible... only those that have a much higher cultivation are able to seal a person's Qi pool completely.

At the very least he could still sense his storage of blood essence. If he wasn't able to sense his blood essence, he would've been extremely concerned. With his own blood essence, he could use it to substitute as his Qi pool. With his eyes still closed, he could feel the darkness pulling him deeper into their embrace though he was already encased by the darkness around him.

He let himself be pulled into the darkness since he had nothing else to do and it was likely the satyr's doing that he was stuck inside this dark abyss anyway. Once he started sinking into the darkness, he noticed that he was touching a stone hard, cold floor. He picked himself up and looked around.

When he looked around he already had a sneaking suspicion to where he was. Sighing, he continued to pace around the room that he was once trapped in before. Everything was the same as before. The sounds. The coldness. The door. Ye Xiu pushed open the door that had been the one that had stood in both his and Xiao Tu's way.

Silence greeted him as he opened the door. He drew in a deep breath before letting it go. He started his ascent up the stairs.

He took his time to ascend simply because he had no reason to rush and he didn't want to see the place where his jailer had once lived. Ye Xiu wanted to see what the satyr had planned for him because he had an inkling of an idea about what the satyr was planning to do. He was going to make him relive his worst experience.

Ye Xiu wasn't afraid. No. Definitely not afraid. He had built up his courage over the years and had gotten over the trauma that he had developed from that experience with the help of his friends. He worked up his courage just in case the satyr had anything malicious planned for him and pushed open the cellar door. Surprisingly it was unlocked but Ye Xiu knew that it was probably the satyr who had planned it.

Ye Xiu didn't realise that the cellar door was one that had been made to specifically block out the noise. Noise from outside the cellar could not penetrate past the walls and the door and the same could be said for the noise that came from the inside of the cellar. He could hear a person screaming and that was when he decided to rush to where the sound originated from.

The sight he was greeted with made his entire body heat up in anger. Though he knew that this was a nightmare it didn't help that the scene was definitely one that he did not want to see. He could see the bodies of Shang Yang and Shi Die lying on the floor with blank expressions. Xiao Tu was being tortured by the satyr as it had been skinning him with its daggers. Yan Guo was tied up and unconscious.

Even with the anger about to cloud his mind, he was able to calm himself down quickly by ignoring the sights. He was pleasantly interested that the satyr did not bother to have his parents in the same situation but assumed that the satyr was going for his strongest bonds first.

The satyr stopped the torture and looked up to see Ye Xiu. "Well aren't you a smart one. You managed to stay calm even as I torture your friends. Does that mean you are heartless or is it that you don't care about your friends?" It seemed to be taunting Ye Xiu to attack him recklessly. "Would that mean that I can take your body and kill them slowly and have them ask why I would betray them?"

Ye Xiu's vein on his head seemed to bulge out in irritation as the satyr continued to rant on. "I'll go back to your parents and I'll tell all your little dirty secrets before killing them. Letting them know that you weren't actually their child but a person that stole their baby's body." Ye Xiu was not in a good mood and knowing that the satyr had access to his memories didn't make his mood any better.

"Instead of killing them outright, I'll make them my slaves now that I think about it. All your friends are nice and powerful but I'm sure that they'd do anything for you." The satyr started to walk closer towards Ye Xiu with two bloodied daggers in hand. Though Ye Xiu was unable to use his Qi, he moved quickly enough to take one of the daggers out of the satyr's hands before plunging it into its stomach.

"You make me laugh." Snickers burst out into the room as the satyr slowly took out the dagger that was stuck. "Did you really think that you can injure me? This is my domain. I control everything that happens in here. Like the immediate deaths of your friends!"
The satyr threw the daggers that it held directly to Xiao Tu's and Yan Guo's heads, piercing and killing them instantly.



Vindictiveness bloomed as Ye Xiu let his emotions consume him. He knew that this was an illusion. He knew that this was a nightmare and yet, he was still unable to control himself when he saw the bodies of his four friends personally.

His body unconsciously started to move as he grabbed the throat of the satyr and started its slow asphyxiation. The satyr had dropped its daggers due to the sudden strangulation, which he promptly teleported. It rubbed its sore throat once it had retreated before speaking once again. "You're mad. I guess I'll just en-" The satyr was cut off before he finished his sentence when Ye Xiu literally cut off the head of the satyr.

He had moved much faster than he thought he could but that was due to the fact that his body was reacting to his anger. He had unconsciously activated one of the bloodline abilities that San Guo had taught him and it had boosted his strength and speed to unprecedented levels since it was fueled with his blood essence.

Due to the purity of his blood essence, Ye Xiu would be able to use the ability for a longer period of time before the next drop of blood essence would have to be used.

The essence that was being used as a Qi substitute caused a slight burning sensation throughout his whole body. The usage of the bloodline ability that San Guo taught him had caused him to start feeling pain since he was using it to an extent beyond what he had trained to do.

The bloodline limit was burning the miasma in his body in reality and was helping him remove it from his system. The nightmare that the satyr had constructed was slowly crumbling due to the lack of miasma in his system. The miasma was a crucial part to the satyr's ability to construct an illusion that was extremely life-like to the point that the only way for the person to leave was if they had a method to get rid of the miasma inside of their body.

Attempting to remove the miasma would be nigh impossible in most cases since the satyr managed to affect the Qi pool that they could draw from, effectively sealing it as long as they were inside of its dimension. It could be said that Ye Xiu was extremely lucky that he had saved up his blood essence for situations such as this.

Once the nightmare crumbled into pieces and no longer held Ye Xiu stationary, he immediately lunged for the satyr with his katana appearing in his hand in an instant. Ye Xiu was moving with no hesitation since he had already succumbed to his anger. He wasn't even thinking since his mind was literally blank.

The satyr had never expected the human to be able to get out of its illusion and was definitely not prepared for what had happened. It never noticed that its miasma was being removed since he wasn't keeping an eye on Ye Xiu. He was busy planning what to do with Ye Xiu's body but that had cost it with its life.

He used 'Despairing Roar' with ease and the satyr didn't even have time to react to the sudden attack. Its head flew off in a single strike, limbs going limp. He used his katana to sever every single of the limbs before mutilating the leftover body. The surrounding area where they fought was not recognisable because each time he struck with his katana, he managed to burn away parts of the forest.

It was surprising that Ye Xiu managed to burn such a massive area but with the bloodline ability boosting his attacks it was able to do what he wouldn't have been able to achieve unless he had a few more months or years of training. Now that his Qi pool was unlocked from its sealed state, Ye Xiu's body stopped unconsciously using the stored blood essence and was now using his actual Qi reserves.

The body was burnt and mutilated till it was nothing more than a charred piece of flesh. Ye Xiu's whips and katana were quickly placed into his dimensional storage before he fell to the ground unconscious. He had literally burnt himself for using an ability to a higher extent than he was supposed to.

After minutes of being unconscious, a weasel appeared on the scene. "I'm surprised the kid actually managed to kill the satyr. It definitely looks like he's exhausted himself though." The weasel picked up the body with surprising strength and placed it onto its back and carried it off.

Once the weasel arrived at the open area where it rested, it dropped Ye Xiu down on the floor gracelessly. "He's heavy. I wonder if he'll accept my offer. It has been boring stuck in this little place my entire life. I want to go out and play." The weasel was actually hoping that Ye Xiu would accept its offer since it had no intention of staying trapped.

"He's the first opportunity that has ever come and I'm not going to let go. If I do let go, would my next chance ever come or would I be stuck here forever?" The weasel closed its eyes before falling asleep dreaming about life outside of the valley.

Ye Xiu's mind palace that he had built up was in disarray due to the violent perusal of memories when the satyr had placed him into his illusion. No corner of his mind palace was left untouched. The only consolation that Ye Xiu had was that he would be able to repair it to the way it was before due to his eidetic memory that would be aiding him.

It would take several days for Ye Xiu to recover from the fight and the weasel was always there to feed and water him during set periods in a day.

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