Ye Xiu ran through the Academy grounds in a blinding speed and several teachers wanted to stop him from running at such a speed, afraid for the safety of the other students, but they let it go when they realised that he was avoiding contact with everybody whilst he ran.

He was confused with the way he reacted towards the touching that Hua Fei had instigated but didn't know why he had reacted so fiercely. He'd been touched by Shang Yang the same way but he had never had an outburst that shocked himself. He had no idea whether it was being touched by a stranger or being touched in that manner that had made him run.

His emotions were wild as he made it back to the residence in record time. He shut the door and sat in front of, taking deep breaths to calm himself. Ye Xiu thought that the most likely reason why he had reacted at all was due to the hormones in his body. Puberty had caused him to be an active little bugger and though he rarely thought of things relating to sex, he had woken up with a morning wood several times.

He had gone through these changes himself in his previous life but it never seemed to be that big of a deal but how wrong he was. The only reason why he felt that it wasn't such a big deal was that he rarely had any interaction with people. He was an introvert through and through and it made sense for him to never develop the social awareness during puberty or adulthood.

He was thinking of how to say sorry to Hua Fei for suddenly running out on her but failed to think of a response that wouldn't result in him being slapped by the girl. He placed his head down onto his hands and let himself calm down.

Once he managed to calm himself down, he was thinking of what happened logically but dismissed it after not being able to understand it. After a couple of minutes, he heard someone knocking on the door of the residence. "Ye Xiu, open the door. I've access to the residence but I'm very sure you're sitting behind the door so that we can't get it." He could hear Shang Yang's voice as she persuaded him to stop blocking the door entrance.

He stood up and quickly let them in and they looked at his flustered appearance that hadn't gone away even though he had calmed down. "Shi Die told me what happened. You seem surprised by your reaction, have you never had the talk with your parents? They should've explained what happens when you start to mature and hit your growth spurt."

Ye Xiu shook his head. "I've read about it." Shang Yang shook her head as she smiled fondly at Ye Xiu's bookworm attitude to things that he didn't know about.

"Maybe that's why you had such a reaction." She started to pat his head to soothe his nerves just like she always did to Shi Die and Xiao Tu when they were close to her or if they were asleep. "You don't find me as anything beyond a friend so it makes sense that you wouldn't react to me touching you in that provocative manner." She smiled bitterly because she had given up on Ye Xiu after the second year when he didn't even react to her flirts. Subtle or obvious flirts, she tried all and he didn't react.

She looked at Ye Xiu who had closed his eyes in response to Shang Yang's patting when Shi Die walked into the room when he thought that Shang Yang had sufficient time to talk to Ye Xiu. "He seems to be asleep?" Shi Die rolled his eyes at Shang Yang's attempt at an innocent face.

"It seems to me that your patting and hair stroking technique is able to make anybody fall asleep easily." Shi Die spoke from experience. He enjoyed Shang Yang's pats and rubs and he didn't do anything to hide it. He was proud to enjoy her pats and rubs and it seemed like he wasn't the only one.

"It doesn't make Xiao Tu fall asleep." Shang Yang pouted when she thought about the only person who she was unable to make fall asleep with her pats. "Though my illusions can easily make him fall asleep." She smirked suddenly as she thought about all the pranks that she had played on Xiao Tu.

"If Xiao Tu gets the chance to play a prank on you, he will. That I am certain about." Ever since Shang Yang and Xiao Tu had started their prank war, they had started to prank everyone that they had met. It was annoying to many of those that they had pranked, including San Guo who had handed out severe punishments to them when they had played a chain of pranks on him. To Ye Xiu and Shi Die, however, it was part of their daily life and they would miss the laughter that would come with the pranks.

They continued to talk to each other quietly as Shang Yang continued to stroke Ye Xiu's head and they fell asleep on the ground for several hours when they were woken up by loud banging noises from the outside of their residence. "Oof!" A male grunting in pain could be heard and they could also hear the sound of metal clattering to the ground.

Shi Die stood up to open the door as he was the fastest one out of everyone that could get to the door and saw Xiao Tu on the floor with a single distinct weapon on the ground with him. He blinked. He blinked once again. "Did you just try to enter the room with your spear? When the spear is longer in length than the door height?" He was amused at Xiao Tu's stupidity but was curious to see why Xiao Tu had brought the weapon without placing it in his dimensional storage.

"Well, come on in then. You shouldn't tarry now." Shi Die held out a helping hand to Xiao Tu who grasped it firmly and pulled himself up. He picked up his weapon and turned it by the side before bringing it in with enthusiasm. Ye Xiu and Shang Yang were still groggy from falling asleep on the floor and were stretching as they watched Xiao Tu walk in.

"Ye Xiu, look! I've made my weapon." Xiao Tu was showing off his masterpiece that he had managed to make in the time period that Ye Xiu had left the residence. Ye Xiu ignored him and walked to the bathroom, washing his face to wake himself up fully.

He walked back out of the bathroom, cleaning himself with a towel before hanging it up to dry on a rack as he faced Xiao Tu, who was still beaming with excitement. "How'd you manage to complete them so quickly? You were only at the preparation stage for the f weapon so how on earth did you make the weapon so quickly?" He was puzzled because it should've taken him a long period of time to finish the forging of a weapon

Xiao Tu smirked. "If you stayed, you would've seen what happened! Liu Fan said what I had done was extraordinary without sufficient experience and skill but I managed to do it!" Xiao Tu boasted about his achievement, trying to gain Ye Xiu's interest.

"Hmm? Is that so?" Ye Xiu feigned disinterest but he was actually surprised with what Xiao Tu had told him. 'If what Xiao Tu said was true then maybe his body physique played a part in helping him craft his weapon. There's no point in overthinking it, let's just hope he can replicate it in the future if he ever needs to make new weapons.' Ye Xiu dismissed his train of thought and decided to wait for Xiao Tu's reaction.

"How aren't you interested? Ugh... fine... I'll just leave what happened for next time. Do you want to see my weapon anyway? You won't be disappointed in what you see!" Xiao Tu spoke like a merchant selling his wares as he was showing off his weapon. Ye Xiu grabbed ahold of it as Xiao Tu watched him intently as if he was gauging Ye Xiu's future response.

Ye Xiu started to pour in his Qi into the weapon and was surprised to meet a very strong resistance blocking the Qi's path. Furrowing his eyebrows, he pushed his Qi in a more brutal way and it met with an even stronger resistance. Stopping himself from pouring anymore Qi in, he used his observation technique to see if anything curious was hiding inside of the weapon. Seeing nothing, he handed the spear back to Xiao Tu and asked him to pour his own Qi in.

He saw that Xiao Tu's Qi had absolutely no problems being poured in the spear and realised that whatever Xiao Tu had done during the forging of his spear, it had probably resulted in the spear's true potential to only be unleashed when it was in the hands of Xiao Tu. The spear had probably been attuned to Xiao Tu's Qi signature and only his.

Xiao Tu poked Ye Xiu as he was stuck in his own little bubble as he was thinking about Xiao Tu's weapon. "I have something else to show you." He continued to pour Qi into the weapon and it was changing into a quarterstaff. "See! I can change to any weapon at any time I want to!" He made the weapon change back into a spear. Ye Xiu was impressed with what Xiao Tu had managed to make and wanted to study the weapon for a longer period of time.

Ye Xiu thought of something important that Xiao Tu should've done after he knew of what the weapon was capable of. "Xiao Tu, I think you should bond with the weapon and make it your growth weapon. With what I've heard and seen already, it's definitely enough to be made into your growth weapon. I don't doubt your skill to make other weapons which would make people fear you but I think you should have a gut instinct that the weapon is going to be the weapon that accompanies you for a long time."

Xiao Tu nodded. "I was planning to bond with the weapon after I showed it to you all. I have had the feeling since I started the forging. It felt like it was directing my forging process which is why I'm so ecstatic as well." Ye Xiu also nodded because from what he had heard from Liu Fan, the bonding process was a long one and it should be done without any interruptions.

"Do you want to go into the Dimension to bond with your weapon? There won't be anybody or anything to interrupt you there, I'll make sure to tell Xiao Bai to leave you alone." Ye Xiu was offering a private space for Xiao Tu to bond with his weapon. Xiao Tu looked at him and widened his mouth to say thanks but stopped short and hugged him with the weapon in between them. "Not that I don't like your hugs or anything, but your weapon is making the hug uncomfortable."

Xiao Tu let go of Ye Xiu and smiled wryly. "Thanks for the offer, I'll take you up on it." Xiao Tu took ahold of Ye Xiu's hands before vanishing into thin air.

"Well, that's done." Ye Xiu dusted his hands off and placed them on his hips before he remembered something he should've said to Xiao Tu. "I forgot to remind him that he would need to come up with a name for his weapon." He sighed at his forgetfulness but had hope that Xiao Tu wasn't foolish enough to complete the bonding without a name to the weapon.

He looked at the other two. "What shall we do now?"

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