With all the matches for the Top 16 finished all that was left of the day was the fight for those that lost in the fights of the Top 16 to compete for the two leftover Top 10 spots. Knowing that was all that was left, the group decided to go back to their dormitory to rest for the day. They didn't feel the need to go look for any of their teachers because their teachers had placed their trust in them knowing that they wouldn't need their help in the tournament.

As they made their way to their room, they spoke to each other of the things for the future. "You know, after this tournament is done, I was thinking whether we would want to return back to our own home to visit our parents. I know that the academy doesn't usually allow us to do so but don't you guys feel like we should go back home to visit them? They haven't met Shi Die yet so they can always meet new people that way." Shang Yang was thinking of visiting her father because she missed him a lot.

Xiao Tu shook his head at her question. "Our parents trusted us to be independent for the entire time in the academy and I'd say we are doing fairly well even if we do have some help from our teachers. I think it'd be better for us to go back in a few years time instead of this early because they'll be able to see the growth of our strength and our maturity. It'd be best to be a surprise that way after all."

Ye Xiu agreed with what Xiao Tu said. "I agree with what Xiao Tu's saying. I think we should just stay away from our families for a while longer. I feel like I'm overprotected and spoiled when I'm stuck at home. I know it's probably their way of making up for the past trauma but it still makes me feel restricted in a way. Here in the academy, I can at least do anything I want to my heart's content without anybody worrying about me besides the few of you and the teachers that are taking care of us."

Shi Die was strangely silent during this conversation which Shang Yang noticed immediately. "Shi Die, aren't you going to voice your opinion? It would be awesome if you could be introduced to our families. They'll love you the moment they see you. You don't have to worry about them treating you badly because our families are always kind to friends."

Shi Die had a frown on his face, "The talk about families and everything kind of got me down." Shang Yang frowned as well when she remembered that Shi Die had no family to call his own.

"I'm sorry about this but you can treat our families as your own! You were never going to be alone once you became friends with us."

Shi Die smiled at Shang Yang's attempt to cheer him up. "Thanks, Shang Yang., you always know what to say to cheer people up. I do agree with what Ye Xiu and Xiao Tu have said though. The points that they made about your parents seeing your own growth in a few years time would be better than visits that happen every year. When your families let the three of you come here, I believe that they thought that the three of you were mature enough to handle and take care of yourself."

Shang Yang sighed and pouted. "Fine, we can always visit them in a few years. I was just feeling a little bit homesick."

Xiao Tu butted into the conversation once again. "You don't have to feel homesick because wherever you go, we'll always be there to make it feel like you never left at all."

Ye Xiu joined in as well. "I suggest that everybody go rest now. The tournament starts rather early tomorrow and we still have a huge amount of time in the Dimension to spend. I want us to be able to not fall asleep during the battles otherwise that'd be disappointing. Imagine losing due to fatigue."

"Ehh?!? I'm hungry though. I didn't eat enough during the break because you guys only made a few sandwiches for us." Xiao Tu started to whine because of his hunger.

Ye Xiu sighed, "I didn't want any of us to eat too much during the tournament because you might get indigestion or a stitch whilst fighting. I really doubt your body would've been able to digest the food that quickly before the matches started if I made a huge amount."

"But... I'm hungry now!" Xiao Tu's petulant whining could be heard throughout the room.

"Shut up Xiao Tu and go meditate. That should at least stave off your hunger for now." Shang Yang replied to him irritably.

Continuing to pout, Xiao Tu jumped on his bed. "You're no fun, Shang Yang."

"I'm tired and you are acting immature. Is this always going to happen when you see food?" Her face was deadpan as she asked the question and called out from the bathroom.

"Yeah, of course, it's going to happen all the time! I appreciate food unlike you." Xiao Tu bit back with a response.

Shang Yang raised her eyebrow as she walked out of the bathroom. "I appreciate food just like you do, I just appreciate the finer tastes in food compared to you, you don't have such a select taste like me."

Xiao Tu just grunted in irritation and turned away from Shang Yang and sat in the lotus position before going into his meditative state.

For the next half a day they spent their time resting, eating or in the Dimension. They were walking down towards the arena for the Top 8 fights when they heard a voice call out Shi Die's voice. They were looking for the source of the voice when they realised that it was coming from the referee that was announcing the matches.

Shi Die rushed to the arena because he had no idea how long it had been since the referee started to call the names. He arrived onto the arena and noticed the person that fit the descriptions of what Shang Yang and Xiao Tu had told him. He wasn't surprised that the guy was in the Top 8 because he was able to easily defeat Shang Yang and Xiao Tu that even he would have to spend some time against.

He kept Shang Yang's words of caution to be aware of the guy's strange ability to get close to people and defeat them in a single blow and watched the entire arena for any signs of foul play before the referee started the match. The pair stood face to face and waited for the signal from the referee to start the match.

In the stands were the other three watching Shi Die intently. Ye Xiu asked Shang Yang a question, "That's the guy you fought last time?"

"Yeah, it's definitely the same guy. Every time I think back to the fight, I'm trying to figure out what he did to defeat us so quickly. I can't say that it was just his pure speed that allowed him to move that quickly because even you don't have such speed even with a strong body and training in the gravity room."

Xiao Tu put in his own opinion of the guy. "He's probably had some training when it comes to moving silently. Even with such speed, he didn't even make a sound when moving. It should be impossible for him not to make the wind move from that speed or make a sound with his weapons out like he has them. I don't know if Shi Die can defeat him because it's probably going to be his bane for the tournament."

Ye Xiu nodded at Xiao Tu's observation. "If what you say is true, Shi Die won't even have the chance to get close or attack the dude unless he has some kind of instincts of a beast. If he has a danger instinct then it would probably be possible for him to attack the guy. I think I should have a chance against the guy since I developed a danger instinct after my bloodline was awakened. It's truly useful to fight against things when you cant actually see what's coming. It's how I avoid most of Shang Yang's daggers."

Ye Xiu wished Shi Die luck because he needed it. "Let's wish him good luck and hope that his body will be able to withstand the sneak attacks of the guy." The group looked to the arena where the referee had appeared and was about to start the match.

"Are the two of you ready to fight? If so, nod your head and we'll begin on three." The two nodded and complied with the referee's orders. "On three. One!"

"Two." Shi Die's body tensed as he was about to jump towards the guy so that he wouldn't have the opportunity to do his vanishing act.

"Three!" Shi Die lunged at the guy and was aiming to attack the legs. If the guy couldn't move then he wouldn't be able to utilise whatever movement technique that he used.

The guy threw a dagger at Shi Die and waited for Shi Die to continue lunging at him. Seeing that a dagger was thrown at him, he continued his lunge and caught the dagger in his right hand before using it as a weapon for himself. He didn't need any skill with the dagger to stab the guy in the chest which is exactly what Xiao Tu did.

The guy blocked Shi Die's stab with another dagger and that was when Shi Die's body continued to move forward. He was confused because his stab was blocked so he shouldn't have any more momentum to keep going forward. His eyes widened as he realised what the guy was probably trying to do and turned around just in time and lashed out with his foot to back kick.

The guy was caught off-guard and retreated several steps. Knowing that his sneak attack failed, the guy took out another dagger and wielded both in his hands. The guy was rushing into close quarter combat with Shi Die because he knew that a sharp weapon would do more damage than Shi Die's fists. He was correct because when Shi Die dodged one of the guy's strikes he saw the dagger leave a clean mark on the arena ground.

He frowned because he knew how sharp those daggers were and was thinking of another plan to stay away from the guy. He definitely wasn't proficient in the use of the dagger but tried to do his best anyway. He used the dagger to block the attacks of the guy, and any that he couldn't block was quickly evaded. He noticed that several of the attacks were aimed at his organs and definitely was scared of the daggers stabbing him.

'I can't lose this fight. I know that Ye Xiu and the others have told me that losing is fine but in my heart, I still feel like every fight must be one to win. Therefore I shall try my best to win this match.' Shi Die's conviction was lit aflame and unconsciously, marks started to appear over his entire body. Several teachers and students who were watching the fight were confused as to how that was possible and some dismissed it as just a normal Qi technique.

San Guo who was observing from a secret location frowned. 'I'm surprised that this kid has a bloodline but that's definitely not any bloodline technique that I recognise. Could it be an innate bloodline technique that he can naturally use? I'll investigate after the tournament.' He continued observing the match.

Shi Die's speed was greatly increased and fangs and claws grew. He was able to catch up with the guy's vanishing speed and attacked him ferociously. Shi Die was slightly bestial in his behaviour and his instincts were heightened because of the transformation. The guy sighed at the speed that Shi Die displayed and sighed once again because he knew he had to use his finishing move for assassinating targets with strong defences.

The guy placed all his Qi into a ceremonial dagger that he took out from his dimensional storage. He strengthened it with the metal Qi in the surroundings and went for the kill. Shi Die's claws reached the guy's face and the guy's dagger reached Shi Die's stomach.

The both struck each other at the same time.

Ye Xiu cried out in shock. "Shi Die!"

The guy got up and bowed even though his face had claw marks all over it. The referee recovered from his shock and declared the guy as the winner. "Yan Guo advances to the Top 4!"

Once the referee announced Yan Guo's win, Shang Yang and Ye Xiu rushed towards the stage to heal Shi Die. When they arrived there, they were clearly surprised by the sight they were presented with.

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