As San Guo had ordered them to do, they decided to take a break whilst Ye Xiu had to be led away by San Guo to do their secret things. They decided to go to the mess hall so that they could go grab some food. They hadn't eaten anything since the sun rose and it was nearly 9 o'clock in the morning. Shi Die also went to get some food for Ye Xiu for when he came back just in case he was hungry from the awakening that he had to go through.

San Guo was leading Ye Xiu to his office, it took them over half an hour to walk to the office from the building. San Guo spoke to Ye Xiu as he walked. "Remember the way to the office because I won't show you the way a second time. You'll be coming here for your Alchemy practice so that I can keep an eye on you."

"The room has things set up so that I can observe anything that happens in the room and I'll know if you start to slack off. I need you to take this badge so you can enter the office." San Guo handed over a metal badge to Ye Xiu and when Ye Xiu touched it, he could feel his Qi being drained by the badge.

"The badge drains your Qi when you first touch it because it is bonding to your Qi signature. That way nobody else can use the badge to enter my office. My office is private so only people I invite or give the badge to can enter. There's only one other person who can enter the room because he has a badge as well so you don't have to worry about interruptions. I'll let one of your friends bring food over to you so you don't starve to death in there."

"You can leave the office at any time you want but you need to inform me before you leave and tell me why you have left so that I know that you aren't slacking off. If you want to take some time to train instead of completely focusing on Alchemy because that'll cause boredom then you can always use the private training grounds at the back of the office."

"I'll leave some exercises for you to do so that you can improve your body there after the awakening. It'll be extremely important for you to focus on your body from now on once I've awakened the bloodline. I didn't say the actual truth inside the gravity room because you never know who might be listening in."

"There are other ways to tell a person's bloodline purity and that's when you first awaken it. The person who is awakening and the person who is the one awakening the other can both feel the bloodline purity as they activate it. It's not entirely accurate because you can only feel and compare it to another person's bloodline purity."

"Nobody really has a benchmark for how pure a person's bloodline can be by comparing it through our senses so we use the blood essence potion in order to tell blood purity instead. The blood essence can be used as a power-up when you use your bloodline techniques. It can either be used as a substitute to Qi or it can be used together with Qi to make the bloodline technique stronger. Obviously, this isn't advised because using blood essence will weaken you for a period of time until you recover it."

San Guo opened the door to the building before leading him to his office. "When we get inside, take off all your clothes. We mustn't have anything obstructing your body when we awaken your bloodline. The process will be extremely painful so scream all you want, nobody will hear you anyway. I'll explain the rest of the benefits after the awakening. You need to do your best to stay awake otherwise the awakening won't boost your strength as much as it should."

Ye Xiu started to take off his clothes, not caring about being embarrassed, instead, he just wanted to get over the ordeal and see the benefits of it. 'If San Guo had said that bloodlines are so miraculous, then the benefits have to be surprising to a normal person shouldn't it?'

San Guo pushed Ye Xiu onto the floor and made him sit in the lotus position. Once he was sat down and calm, San Guo started to paint on Ye Xiu's body with a red liquid. San Guo had placed all his concentration on finishing his tasks and making sure that no mistakes in the lines were made. Every time a mistake in the drawing was made, it was erased by San Guo's stick.

After several minutes of San Guo drawing lines all over Ye Xiu's body, he was ready to begin. "I'm ready to begin, brace yourself so that you don't fall unconscious. The lines were to show the main pathways of the meridians on the body and I'll be using a bloodline technique to ignite your Qi so that it will awaken your bloodline. Hopefully, this doesn't end disastrously because this is the first time I've done it."

Ye Xiu was sweating internally at San Guo's words. 'What do you mean this your first time?!? How would you even know the method to awaken a person's bloodline if it was your first time?!' Ye Xiu's internal rant stopped the moment San Guo slammed his palms onto his back. Ye Xiu could feel the lines on his body igniting on his skin and he could feel his body burning.

Ye Xiu activated his observation technique to watch what was happening to his body. He decided to do this because he felt that if he had his attention on something else, he could ignore the pain for longer. He could see the Qi from San Guo's palm flowing into his body and straight towards his Dantian. His Dantian was absorbing the Qi from San Guo and slowly the Qi inside his body started to give off a burning sensation.

He was burning on the outside and the inside, he was starting to writhe in pain when San Guo restricted his movements but binding him with his Qi. He noticed that his Qi was taking another colour and it felt more alive than it was before. It was slowly giving off a more primal aura like a beast and it was like it wanted to rampage around his body. San Guo was keeping the primal Qi at bay with his own Qi.

His blood was becoming denser and the structure of his blood was changing. He noticed that his original human blood was starting to change into blood similar to a dragon's. Ye Xiu heard of stories in his previous life that bathing in the blood of dragons would improve their body tremendously and he could honestly feel his body being strengthened by it.

His body was being torn down and being rebuilt with a stronger body due to the changes in his blood. The changes continued for over six hours before they stopped. San Guo was sweating and looked extremely pale. With a weak voice, he spoke, "That's insane. I had to expend quite a bit of my blood essence in order to continue the awakening."

San Guo started to meditate and his face started to have some more colour. "I'm lucky that I saved up a lot of blood essence for nasty situations like this. Anyway, I didn't expect your awakening to take so long. Most awakenings take two hours at most even with all the changes in their body. The length of the awakening varies depending on the bloodline purity so yours is definitely strong."

"I compared your purity to mine and it's leagues above mine. I never took a bloodline purity potion before so I can't be sure just how pure it is. As far as I'm concerned your bloodline purity is probably because you are a direct descendant of a dragon."

Ye Xiu stared at San Guo. "I sincerely doubt that because neither of my parents had mentioned it, and something big like this would've been told to me a long time ago."

San Guo shrugged. "I don't know but your bloodline purity is insane anyway. How are the changes in your body? Do you feel stronger and did your energy levels rise?"

Ye Xiu started to examine his body and asked to go to the training ground to test out his newfound strength. "May I go to your private training grounds to test out my strength? I can't say how much I've grown in strength but I can say that the feeling is definitely proof that I've grown much stronger than before. I can feel the latent power coursing through my muscles every time I move."

San Guo nodded and led Ye Xiu over to his private training grounds. "Go ahead and test all you want. You can spar against me if you want to see how it measures."

Ye Xiu took in several deep breaths before attacking San Guo. His raw speed was twice as fast than it was before. San Guo expected the rise in speed but definitely not to the extent that Ye Xiu had. "Your speed has doubled and that's without a movement technique! I'd be hesitant to fight you even if I was five stages above you in cultivation."

Ye Xiu did a simple kick to San Guo with all his strength and felt like his strength had increased by multiple times. San Guo was estimating the strength increase. "Your strength is probably similar to Shi Die's now but if you continue to train your body, you'll be stronger than him in no time."

Ye Xiu sat down to meditate to see the changes in his Qi. 'My Qi has turned into that primal Qi that I felt during the awakening. Could it be that my Qi had to change in order for me to get such a pure bloodline? The Qi was much denser than it previously was and it gave him much more energy than his old Qi. The Qi was moving slower than before but he could respect that because the Qi had gotten denser and the quality of the Qi had little to no impurities."

He had noticed that his Qi control had degraded and that he needed to train it even more now because of the changes in his Qi. The Qi felt like it had a mind of its own so he had to spend more effort in trying to control it. It also didn't help that his Qi was now moving slower so he would need to take time in the gravity room to make it move at its normal speed or an even faster speed."

The lower Qi control didn't bother Ye Xiu too much because he knew that even this amount of control would let him pass his rank 3 alchemist examination. It just meant that he had to be slightly more careful with his alchemy now and concentrate on each process. He knew that he his soul and mental strength had improved due to the awakening so he would be able to get his Qi control back to normal at an even faster rate than before.

San Guo interrupted Ye Xiu's thoughts and stirred him out of meditation. "Wake up! I'll finish my explanations on the bloodline and I'll let you be on your way."

Ye Xiu got up and waited for San Guo to say what he wanted to say. "Anyway, now that your bloodline has been awakened, you can start training in the family arts later. A dragon's bloodline should help increase your body strength when you awaken and will continue to do so the more you train."

"The purer your bloodline, the faster you strength grows and the more gains you get from training. The purer your bloodline is, the stronger your bloodline techniques are, this means that you should have an advantage over other people who have a less pure bloodline and a similar cultivation to you."

"The dragon's bloodline raises the limit you can increase your strength in a stage of body cultivation. For instance, a normal person's limit for a stage of body cultivation is 10 kilograms of force whilst a person with a low purity dragon bloodline can train up to 20 kilograms of force. The purer your bloodline the higher the limit of each stage of body cultivation. I guess in a way, not training your body too much has given you future benefits as well."

"Now off you go, scamp. I'm tired and you should get something to eat. I'll tell you everything else later." San Guo gave leave to Ye Xiu and he went to his office to sleep. Ye Xiu walked back to the dormitory rooms to find his friends.

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