They followed San Guo back into the gravity building, wondering what they were going to go back there. They had only just come out of the gravity room so they were relatively tired and wanted to take a break but none voiced their concerns about their fatigue.

San Guo looked back at the group which was following him and only noticed their fatigued faces. Noticing that, he decided to change up what he was planning to do with them immediately and give them some brief respite before beginning whatever he had planned for them originally.

He started to walk up the stairs of the gravity building and the group was surprised because nobody else was allowed up there. Shang Yang was about to tell San Guo that they weren't allowed to be up here but refrained herself from doing so because if he was a teacher, then he'd probably be allowed into most places in the academy.

San Guo ascended the stairs until they reached the second floor. It was a vast and spacious place with only ten doors which led to different rooms. He gestured for them to follow him into the furthest room that could be seen on the floor and made them settle down.

"We'll be training here for the majority of the time. You won't have to worry about anybody trying to kick you out of the room because nobody else is allowed in here. I know all of you are tired so I won't force any of you to do anything strenuous for the time being, instead, I'll have the four of you meditate in here."

Shang Yang was brave enough to ask him a question. "Sir, why are we meditating in here when we can meditate in other places?"

San Guo looked at Shang Yang with satisfaction. "You remembered to call me Sir, that's good. The reason why I want you to meditate is here is because during your meditation I want you to try and move your Qi around your body." San Guo stopped for a moment before his face showed his curiosity. "You've been training in the gravity rooms for quite some time, have you guys not noticed what happens to your Qi in here?"

Ye Xiu was confused. "No, is there something special about our Qi in the gravity room?"

San Guo shook his head in despair. "That's so much training you could've gotten done with your Qi lost. Oh well, we can make up for the lost time anyway. The gravity room basically slows down the speed you are able to circulate your Qi if you aren't used to it. Your bodies may have gotten used to the gravity but the Qi inside you definitely hasn't. I think the reason why you kids never noticed was that you were mainly using your bodies to physically fight instead of using your Qi for techniques or whatnot."

"If you meditated in here, you would've noticed it immediately so I'm surprised that you kids didn't."

Xiao Tu spoke up. "Sir, we are not tired when we are training and we only meditate after our training sessions for the biggest gains that way. It also helps us rest that way."

"That I understand, but did you never think that the gravity room might help you in more aspects than just your physical body? Oh, whatever! It's time you meditated in here now instead of elsewhere. It'll at least help you develop your Qi control to higher levels."

Ye Xiu spoke up again. "Sir, all of us have training in Qi control. How much do you think the gravity room would help us in that respect especially because I have near perfect Qi control."

San Guo was stumped to hear that all four of them had already begun training their Qi control. "Well, for those who are still learning to control their Qi, will learn to control it much faster here so it'll help them anyway. For you... well it'll help you get used to the speed of your Qi and the way it affects your Qi control in here. Gravity does affect your Qi control so I wouldn't be surprised if your Qi control was lacking in here more than outside."

"You'll see what I mean when the four of you start to meditate. When you do start to meditate, just utilise your cultivation technique as usual and you'll notice that it's much slower. Don't worry, you'll get more gains from it once you eventually manage to push your cultivation technique's speed back to normal when you get used to circulating your Qi around your body. By the way, what was the gravity multiplier you guys are training at now? I don't want to go too high by mistake."

Shi Die answered for them as they were all getting settled down on the ground. "We just changed the gravity multiplier to five times the normal gravity. We haven't been using that gravity multiplier for long. We've only just changed it today so we aren't too used to it."

San Guo nodded his head. "Well, that's fine. Meditating now would help you get used to the gravity just like training in the room does. Ok, get to it, don't waste time dawdling and start meditating. I'll wake you all up once I feel you are all rested enough. Once you are rested enough I'll have you display your individual fighting styles one by one so I can think of a plan for each and every one of you."

San Guo ordered them to slip into meditation so that they could test out what he had said for themselves. If they truly wanted to see all the benefits, they would have to experience it for themselves instead of hearing it from him. It'll give them more experience for things that pop up in the future. If a place has any weird effects or benefits, the kids would be able to notice it and take advantage or be cautious of it.

Ye Xiu was the first one to sleep into meditation and started circulating his Phoenix technique his body. He used his observation technique to see what was happening in the body. He might be able to feel the Qi but it was best for him to be able to see the Qi
and see what was actually happening.

He noticed that his Qi was definitely moving at a much slower pace even though he pushed it with a huge amount of effort. He noticed that even though his Qi was moving at a much slower pace, his Qi density was much higher than he thought. The volume of the Qi he could move at one time was increased underneath the high gravity environment.

He could see that San Guo was telling the truth that if he managed to have his Qi move as fast as it did in a place with normal gravity, then his cultivation speed would rise by multitudes. With this in mind, he started to concentrate on making his Qi move faster. It was much harder to force the higher density Qi in his body to move around because of the gravity slowing it down.

Ye Xiu utilised his lucid meditation technique so that he could discretely practise his Qi control. He never told anybody that it was possible to practise Qi control whilst meditating because it didn't rely on physical movements. For the past few years, Ye Xiu had been practising his multi-tasking. He was able to split his attention for two things and be able to do it equally well. He was hoping that someday, he would be able to multi-task with three things at the same time.

He knew that it had made his speed of improvement much faster than his peers in Qi control because he was able to sense the changes in his body whilst trying to practice his Qi control at the same time. It also helped him with Alchemy because he had to pay attention to multiple things at the same time so that nothing would go wrong. Shang Yang's main problem was not being able to split her attention but Ye Xiu never offered his help on the conscious splitting method.

He felt that if he wanted to at least beat his friends in something, he might as keep some things secret. He never spoke of things that he knew such as his own reincarnation because he was scared of alienation and he was also scared that he would be targeted for that reason.

Ye Xiu wanted to forget what happened in his previous life but still use the knowledge that he had in his previous to his own advantage. Ye Xiu's multi-tasking technique was one that not many people knew until higher levels of cultivation. This was because it took years if not decades of practice to use it efficiently. Ye Xiu had only managed to do this because his mental strength was strong enough for him to focus on different things.

Mental strength not only affected his comprehension speed but also the amount of brain potential he could tap into. He knew that in the future it would be possible for his mental strength to allow him to multi-task with much more ease. This meant that he was trying his hardest with his normal computing strength to allow him to get to the peak of multi-tasking with using his mental strength as a supplement.

San Guo nudged all four of the meditating children with a wooden stick that he had gotten out of his dimensional storage. "Wakey wakey. It's time for show and tell session."

Ye Xiu dodged San Guo's whack because he was aware of his surroundings. This surprised and pleased San Guo with his action. He waited for everybody to get up and loosen their body before speaking again. "Ye Xiu, you managed to dodge my whack when I tried to wake you up. When did you learn to be aware of your surroundings during meditation?"

Ye Xiu thought back to when he was first able to stay aware of his surroundings after practising the technique. "It's probably been a year at the very least since I've been able to do it. I felt that it would be much wiser for me to be alert to my surroundings." He refrained from mentioning that the technique was also learnt so that he could be allowed to multi-task on things such as Qi control.

He had a dream that one day he'd be able to practise alchemy whilst in deep meditation. His multi-tasking skills weren't up to scratch for him to be able to achieve that because he needed to do multiple things with his Qi threads in order to do it. It would also be hard for him to be able to use his 'Graceful Fingers' technique but he believed that if he learnt another technique that didn't require physical movement, that he'd be able to achieve what he was dreaming of.

He was planning to search for such a technique in the library later. He had only recently thought of the idea as he was planning his retreat for his few days of alchemy practice. With that in mind, he decided to tell San Guo about that little session he had planned.

San Guo started nodding. "Very good." He looked at the other three. "Do you three not know how to do this? It may very well save your life one day if you learn how to do it. I'll teach the three of you the technique to staying alert if you don't know it. I'll have Ye Xiu practising something else whilst you are at it."

Ye Xiu spoke up after he finished. "Sir, I have a week-long session for me to practise alchemy already planned... they could use that time to learn the technique whilst I'm in my sessions. Instead of taking Shang Yang with me, I'll just improve on my alchemical skills by myself.

Xiao Tu was about to protest before San Guo stopped his protests by speaking before he did. "Is that so? That's fine. You can practise your alchemy in my office so that I can keep an eye on you there so that I can make sure that you aren't slacking off."

Ye Xiu bowed before thanking San Guo. "Thank you, Sir."

San Guo looked back at the other three. "Answer my question! Can you or can you not do what Ye Xiu has done?"

The three shook their heads to San Guo's question. San Guo sighed and rubbed his face, "I want you three to tell me what you know and I'll polish up the basics and the foundations. I'm not having any student of mine not being able to know fundamental lifesaving techniques."

He pointed at Shang Yang. "You'll be the first one to show me your skills and techniques and you can tell me what you know. I hope you don't disappoint me. I chose you because you looked like the least hardworking person in the group."

"Go on then." He gestured for her to begin.

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