The next day came, everyone who was kicked out of the dimension was lying on top of Ye Xiu's bed. Ye Xiu's bed was big enough for two people but to have four people squeezed together, he felt very uncomfortable as he tried to stretch his arms out.

Shang Yang and Xiao Tu were grabbing ahold of Ye Xiu's arms, with a person on each side of him. Hearing movement from Shi Die, he tried to call out for him to ask for help in escaping the grasps of his two friends. "Psst, Shi Die, are you awake? Could you help me move these two bears out of the way?"

Shi Die got up from the bed and started a few stretches before walking towards the bathroom. It was as if Shi Die didn't hear Ye Xiu calling at all. Ye Xiu sighed knowing that it would take Shi Die awhile to come out of the bathroom.

He tried to get free by himself. He managed to tear his hand away from Shang Yang's grip but Xiao Tu was holding onto his other arm way too tightly. He started to poke him in the face so he could wake up. "Wakey wakey, please let go of my arm."

Ye Xiu kept on his efforts on poking Xiao Tu for several minutes before his eyelids started to flicker open. Groaning, "Hrrgh? Why are you poking me?“

Ye Xiu pouted. “I want to get up. You're holding my arm. I can't get free of your grasp. The only way I could get up was to wake you up so you could stop holding on to me."

Letting go of his hold on Ye Xiu's arms, he rubbed his eyes. "What time is it anyway?"

Ye Xiu looked at his timepiece. "It's about midnight. I think we've only been just kicked out of the dimension but because we probably slept quite early when we had a lot of time in the dimension, we are well rested."

Xiao Tu grabbed ahold of Ye Xiu and lifted him up. "That's great, why don't we do some training in the gravity rooms they have. I really doubt that many people would be awake at this time."

"I don't mind but we might want to wait for Shi Die, he's currently in the bathroom so I'm not quite sure if he wants to come with us or not. Shang Yang looks to be deep in her sleep so I don't think we should bother her."

Xiao Tu nodded. "We'll wait for him."

They waited for the time it took for an incense stick to burn before Shi Die came out of the bathroom. By this point, Ye Xiu and Xiao Tu's bladders were about to burst even though they didn't have the urge whilst they were waiting for the first few minutes. They quickly ran past him to use the bathroom, not caring about privacy.

Shi Die just shrugged and went to his bed to change out of his clothes.

After the two finished relieving themselves, they went over to Shi Die's bed who was reading a book on different types of food. "Hey, we're about to go out to the gravity rooms to see if nobody is there because it's super late. We want to ask you whether you want to join us."

"If it's training sure, we only have enough gravity altering accessories for two people at one time so it'd be better for us to go to the gravity room. I also heard from some people that have been using the gravity room, that's it actually an improvement to it's original."

Ye Xiu started to pack some food for them so that if they got hungry whilst training, they wouldn't have to leave the gravity room if they got in.

Shi Die was bringing his book on food with him. "By the way, are we not going to wake up Shang Yang?"

Xiao Tu mischievously smiled. "Just leave her be, she needs her beauty nap. When she sees us missing she'll be so scared." He snickered at the thought of her being scared. Shang Yang had mentioned to him once by accident, that she was afraid of people ditching her.

Shi Die still looked unsure but went along with Xiao Tu anyway. "If you're sure about this then let's go."

The trio left the room quietly to not disturb Shang Yang's sleep. They spent much less time to get to the gravity room because they decided that they should run to the building. This was to serve the purpose of being a warm up and it also helped that it would waste them less time travelling to the building and for warming up later.

They made it to gravity room building and they started their stretches before they looked for a room. Ye Xiu managed to find a few empty rooms but he gestured for his two friends to join him in a single room.

Ye Xiu had thought of a plan for their training in the gravity rooms. He decided that they should wear weights, do weight training and spar against each other. This would help them improve their strength and it would also help them get used to the environment that they train in.

Obviously, after training in a higher gravity environment, they would spar each other again to get used to their strength changes so that it doesn't screw up their fighting momentum.

Ye Xiu had also thought to bring their gravity altering accessories to test whether the effects would stack upon each other. The accessories altered the gravity on the person whilst the room altered the gravity in the surrounding area. Ye Xiu wasn't sure whether his idea would work but he decided to test it anyway.

They closed the gravity room's door, locked it and blocked the windows so that nobody could get in, look inside or disrupt their training.

Bringing out the weights from their dimensional storage, they put them on. Ye Xiu handed over Shi Die's weights because Shi Die still hadn't had the chance to go out into the surrounding markets around the academy with the money that had been given to him by Shang Yang and Ye Xiu.

They walked over to the wall that held the instructions on how to operate the room.

Instructions on how the change the gravity of the room

1: Insert Qi into this wall and the formation will take in the Qi that is inserted.
2: Make a clockwise turning motion with hand to increase the gravity. One full clockwise turn makes gravity one times stronger.
3: Counter-clockwise turns to decrease gravity.

Ye Xiu looked over to his friends. "How much do you want to increase the gravity by?"

Xiao Tu thought for a moment. "Make it three times stronger. We've only had our accessories alter the gravity to two times as strong as the normal gravitational field. We should slowly up the gravity every time we get used to it and eventually, we'll reach the highest gravitational change available in the room."

Shi Die nodded. "It would be a good plan. We should stop when the gravity change slows our movement to half the speed we usually move. It'd probably be the best training environment for us and it'll help us become stronger too. It'll also mean that we won't have to change our weights because the gravity would effectively do that for us."

Ye Xiu agreed with his friends' proposals and cranked up the gravitational pull to three times the strength. The trio immediately felt the weight pushing down on them. Moving, the three moved at a sluggish pace which surprised them because it was the gravitational pull was only 1.5x times stronger than what they were used to.

Knowing that this was probably their limit, for now, they decided to move around to get used to the weight, no matter how slow they moved. It would help them make their muscles stronger in the long term which meant that they wouldn't mind the harsh training as long as it gave them something back.

They continued their adjustment to the weight for the next three hours before exhausting themselves. They decided to take a break but still wear the weights whilst they were at it. Ye Xiu took out the food that he had packed from his dimensional storage and placed it down on the floor so that they could eat together.

Whilst they were busy eating, Shang Yang woke up in a daze, she walked into the bathroom to take a toilet break. She returned to the room with the sight of everyone gone welcoming her. Her eyes were wide and started to frantically pace around the room, muttering to herself.

"They couldn't have possibly been kidnapped right? The academy is extremely safe so I doubt they'd be able to be kidnapped. They have to be training now. Right? What time is it right now?" She quickly checked her timepiece on her drawer and saw that it was 3 in the morning.

"Ok, if they're gone they must be at the gravity rooms because the Locket already has a higher density environment. I bet it was Xiao Tu who told them not to wake me up to scare me." After she managed to think of where they went, she assigned the most likely culprit for ditching her in the room

She sprinted across the academy grounds to get to the gravity room building. She looked through all the rooms and saw that only one was occupied and that she was unable to see inside it. Deciding to bang on the door, Shang Yang shouted. "Open up guys. I know you're in there."

The three were enjoying their food and break when Shang Yang's voice broke through their peaceful event. Ye Xiu looked in the direction of the door before getting up to open the door for Shang Yang.

Xiao Tu quickly grabbed his arm. "Don't open the door! She's going to kill us for ditching her! Have you forgotten how scary she is when she's angry?"

Ye Xiu was very calm. "She's going to kill you and you only so Shi Die and I will be fine." He shook off Xiao Tu's grasp and opened the door for Shang Yang.

"Thank you Ye Xiu, now I must punish Xiao Tu for playing such a prank on me."

Shi Die and Ye Xiu quickly finished their food and watched Xiao Tu get punished by Shang Yang. "Not the face! I don't want to look like a swollen prune!"

Shang Yang obliged with his request and continued her assault on his bottom.

Shi Die went back to his training whilst the other two were still playing around with each other. Ye Xiu took out the gravity accessories and proceeded to put them on. He wanted to test his theory out for the future and see if it would help them.

The gravity altering accessories started to drain his Qi to power itself. Ye Xiu could feel that the weight on his body was much heavier than when he was training earlier. He knew from this that the effects of the room and the accessories could work in conjunction. It was at this moment that Ye Xiu realised something strange.

'Wait, how is Shang Yang moving so quickly? We've had the gravity in the room as 3x as strong the whole time.' He quickly shook his head after dismissing such a useless thought. 'Oh wait... she's not wearing any weights. Man, I'm stupid.'

The group eventually started to spar against each other with their weights on. Shi Die had the most wins out of everyone due to his stronger body and faster adaptability to the high gravitational pull environment. It was unsurprising that Shang Yang had the least wins because she had less time to adjust to the environment and had a slightly weaker body due to the fighting style she was training in.

Ye Xiu had the second least amount of wins because his speed was greatly reduced. His fighting style currently relied on his speed because he hadn't mastered the dominating strength and power the style was also supposed to go hand in hand with. With this, Xiao Tu and Shi Die easily countered him.

They kept on sparring until it was time for them to leave the room as the sun started to rise.

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