It was the day for everyone to meet up. Xiao San had called Shang Xian the day before this to inform him of his idea to have breakfast together on the day of their outing. Shang Xian accepted the idea because it sounded like a good way for the children to have fun and it would also be a good time for the two adults to get to know each other.

With that, Shang Xian told the trio to meet the both of them at the Alchemist Association building where they would then look for a suitable place for them to eat at. This wasn't a problem for the trio because they always woke up early for their training anyway so it wouldn't matter what time they went out for breakfast. The only person who whined about the time was Shang Yang who complained about it being too early.

Minutes of Shang Xian trying to convince her to wake up earlier for breakfast, he finally decided to take out his final card. He told her that the breakfast would be with Ye Xiu and Xiao Tu. When Ye Xiu's name was mentioned, Shang Yang's eyes lit up and her whines and complaints were quelled instantly.

Shang Yang woke up during dawn just so that she could prepare herself to look as pretty as possible so that she could try and garner Ye Xiu's interest in her body and face. When Shang Xian saw what she was doing, he just shook his head at her vanity.

Shang Yang took extra care with her clothes. Even though her body wasn't developed yet, her mother had given her lessons on how to seduce males. She wanted to put those lessons to good use because she knew that she had genuine feelings for Ye Xiu. Her mother had taught her at a young age of all the mature things out in the world so that she wouldn't be unprepared. She was told not to tell her father anything about it because it would just cause arguments between the two of them.

After choosing clothes that could show off her figure, Shang Yan walked out of the room to greet her father. The pair left their residence to go to the Alchemist Association Building. Shang Xian had some business to do at the building so he needed to get their early so that when the entourage of three arrived, he wouldn't be wasting any time by making them wait for him.

Shang Xian took hold of his daughter's hand and brought her into the building. "I'm going to deal with some of my business. If your friends arrive before I finish just tell them to wait for awhile. I should take too long. Don't leave the building without anybody watching you. He looked at her sternly.

Shang Yang nodded her head and Shang Xian left to finish whatever business he had to do. Shang Yang was busy thinking of different ways she could start to seduce Ye Xiu to become infatuated with her when a voice called out to interrupt her train of thought.

"Shang Yang! It's good to see you again. Where's your father? I thought he was supposed to be coming with us."

"He's busy with some of his business, he told me that he wouldn't be taking too long to finish his work so he told us to wait for a little longer."

As she finished speaking she spotted Xiao San who greeted her. "Hello, you must be Shang Yang? The boys seemed to be excited to go out on this trip with you."

She gave a bland look to Xiao Tu, 'Really? I would've never thought that they would be so enthusiastic in meeting me again."

They continued to talk for a few minutes before Shang Xian came back after finishing his business in the building. "I'm sorry I'm late. I had some business I had to deal with so I had to come slightly earlier to the building. Shall we go now? There's no time to waste if we want to have fun. That's the point of the trip after all."

With that, the group left the Alchemist Association Building. The two adults were looking for a place to eat breakfast. They wanted it to be a special one so that everybody would remember the day from the very beginning to the end.

Xiao San remembered a place that one of his colleagues from the meeting had mentioned to him. He had mentioned that it was one of the mouse famous restaurants in the Capital. It was open at any time of the day which was already intriguing in of itself.

"I think there's a restaurant that we could go to. It's called the 'Golden Goose' and apparently, it should be one of the more famous restaurants here in the Capital. I think we should try out the delicacies there shouldn't we? If we want this to be a memorable day then how about we eat something which is expensive and delicious?"

Shang Xian thought for a moment before replying. "Sounds like a good idea. We can split the costs for meals anyway so that it won't cost too much in between the two of us. I don't think I've brought Shang Yang to eat at this place ever since we arrived at the Capital a month ago."

They decided to ask for directions from a passerby so that they could get to the restaurant and it was apparently ten minutes on foot from the Alchemist Association Building. With it being that close, the group made it to the restaurant in record time because they were wanted to sightsee around the Capital as much as possible before the day ended.

They sat at a roundtable. Shang Xian and Xiao San sat next to each other with Xiao Tu and Shang Yang arguing about who would sit next to Ye Xiu. Eventually, Ye Xiu decided to move in between the two fathers to stop any more arguments from breaking out.

"Can you two calm down and try not to go at each others' throats? You have only known each other for a total of less than a day. I don't know what happened for you the both of you to be at such odds towards each other but could we try to keep the differences between us down today? This was a day for us to enjoy not to cause fights."

With Ye Xiu trying to diffuse the situation, the two stopped fighting but kept on glaring at each other. Xiao Tu eventually settled down when he looked at his father who mouthed the two words, 'calm down.'

Breakfast was a fun affair for all of them. They had tasted normal ingredients cooked with a very different style to what they would've normally expected those ingredients to be used. Xiao San and Shang Xian noticed that in the food that they were actually Qi infused foods.

It was the reason why the foods were tastier than normal foods. The type of Qi infused into the food would affect the taste greatly. Food and drinks infused with Qi usually followed with medicinal benefits. These types of foods and drinks were extremely beneficial to a person's cultivation because it allowed the person to invigorate themselves for the day or after they are tired.

People who were able to infuse Qi into food were known as Spirit Cooks. They were very few of them but Xiao San had travelled enough in his youth to see many Spirit Cooks and the food they sell. Shang Xian wasn't as surprised because they place he was from had many Spirit Cooks around so it wasn't as if it was completely new to him.

With that, the food was enjoyed and devoured quickly by the voracious children. With breakfast a done deal, the group wandered the Capital and took in the sights as the adults were looking for places where the children would be entertained.

Xiao San spotted a place where the kids looked like they could have fun. It was the Capital's most infamous maze. Bringing the group over to the start of the maze he started explaining what made the Capital's maze so famous.

"This is a maze which is really famous here in the Capital. With just the extraordinary craftsmanship into building the walls and beautiful areas made it so that even if you are stuck in the maze, you could at least admire the beauty of it without dying of boredom."

"Besides that, if you go in, you'll have to take one of their talismans so that if you give up on the maze they can track you down so they can rescue you from the maze. I'd suggest that we form a duo and a trio. One adult in each group, go form a group quickly now!"

Xiao Tu immediately grabbed Shang Xian and Ye Xiu and headed into the maze. He grabbed Shang Xian because he seemed like the type of person you would love to get to know. His personality also seemed to be better in comparison to his daughter's personality.

Xiao Tu paused in his running for a while, "Did you guys remember to take the rescue talisman?"

Ye Xiu just nodded at his friend's expression. "Yeah, I took it from Xiao San just as you grabbed me so it's no problem. By the way, why did you drag us into the maze so quickly?" Ye Xiu was still clueless about Shang Yang's brazen flirting.

Xiao Tu had noticed her clothes when he saw her and the flirting during breakfast. He was desperate to keep Ye Xiu away from in case that he'd fall for her promiscuous behaviour. Whilst Ye Xiu was busy deciding where to go next in the maze, Shang Xian dragged Xiao Tu over to talk to him quietly.

"I've noticed that both you and my daughter have some conflict going on the two of you? I was watching my daughter get ready for today and I personally feel like it's too much for just a fun occasion such as this. I know that my wife teaches her some things that she doesn't want me to know and it worries me."

"I can see that she has designs on your friend Ye Xiu. Is that why you are so protective of him? Did something happen in the past for you to be so aggressive towards strangers?"

Xiao Tu looked at his feet before looking back at Shang Xian. "Yeah, we were kidnapped once and I was too powerless to stop it. After that event, I decided to take the task of protecting him and my precious people. I don't want to feel that way when I could've done something for him."

Shang Xian patted his head as he spoke. "It's fine, you don't have to worry about your strength now. It's not just strength that protects people. You can also protect them by being there for them. I want you to get along with my daughter though. I've spoilt her slightly so she has a haughty attitude towards others."

"I know that deep inside that she's actually lonely because she was never allowed to play with the other children in her age group. If you can look past her flirting or if she stops, I hope that you can become true friends and support each other."

Ye Xiu pouted but still agreed to what Shang Xian said. "Fine, but if she doesn't stop her flirty attitude to Ye Xiu then I'll talk to her sternly."

The conversation ended as Ye Xiu called out to them. "Guys! I've found the exit, come on let's go! Oh, by the way, Shang Xian can you contact Xiao Tu's dad with the talisman you gave him to tell him where to meet us for dinner afterwards? It's pretty late now and I think we can just go eat dinner."

"Sure, I won't mind. Where do you want to go eat first though?"

Ye Xiu whispered into Xiao Tu's ears before nodding. "Let's go to the Golden Goose again. It was an amazing place and I bet they have different dishes for dinner."

Xiao San and Shang Yang was informed of the meetup and the trio slowly made their way to the restaurant.


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