The very next day was a rush for Yu Er. She had to pack for both herself and Ye Xiu for a couple of months worth of vacation. She wanted to pack the best clothes that she could find for the both of them because she knew that Mei Ling's friends were extremely judgemental when it came to fashion. After a couple of hours of packing clothes and necessities, Yu Er took the trunks to the living room so when she had to place it all in the inter-spatial storage ring it would be much more convenient and orderly.

She ran towards the training grounds to pick up the weights that Ye Xiu had been using for training and shoved it into one of the trunks as well. She knew with Ye Xiu's new interest of training he'd be begging her for the weights and when that time came, she'd be able to use it against him so she could dress him up in the clothes to see which ones looked good on him. Smirking slightly as she knew her plan was probably inescapable.

Going into Ye Xiu's, she woke him up by tapping on his shoulder lightly. Ye Xiu started to stir and Yu Er told him to get his stuff ready and placed into a trunk so she could store them. Moaning slightly, Ye Xiu got up from his bed and made his way to the bathroom to freshen himself up. After placing all his important things which were mainly books from the library, he carried his trunk to the living room where his mother was waiting for him.

"Just place it there Ye Xiu, now watch, I'll be using an inter-spatial storage ring to store everything. One day, you'll get one of these from either me or your father. These inter-spatial storages aren't able to hold anything living so anything which is alive and you want to place it in, then you would have to kill it. These are very expensive and should be kept away from the public's eye or risk their ire. You can show these off in public if you are in a capital city of any country in the Outer Region."

"Mother, both father and you have mentioned the Outer Region but have never explained it fully. I seem to be unable to find any information about the Outer region and how the history of it." Ye Xiu asked intrigued.

"We'll talk about this topic when you get older, how about that?" Yu Er smoothly deflected the conversation thinking that her son wouldn't be able to notice the topic being steered away.

Ye Xiu had noticed the deflection and was thinking, 'Why on earth would mother try to deflect that topic from the discussion so suddenly? Could it be she has her own secrets that she wants to keep right now? Or is it truly dangerous for me to know so much information about the world at this point in time?'

"Ok, mother." Ye Xiu replied.

"Now that we have everything stored away, let's make our way to the entrance of the Clan grounds. When we are riding in the carriages with the City Lord's family, I want you to make sure you don't touch anything of theirs randomly. Most of their things are rather expensive and it would be rude to touch them in the first place." His mother stroked his hair softly as she spoke. "I want you to have a fun time on this trip because it's supposed to be a vacation. I don't want you to be training all the time. It's good to take a break and relax. You can learn a new hobby instead of just reading as well."

"Yes, Mother."

They had arrived at the entrance to the Clan Grounds where two carriages were waiting for them. The carriages were being pulled by different steeds to the one that he had seen on his trip to the City Lord's residence. He nudged his mother so he could get her attention to ask what they were.

"Well, these are Grade 2 Qi Beasts, the Nightmare Steed. During night time, the speed of the horses increases because their innate racial skill allows them to travel faster in the shadows. Their innate racial skill is called Shadow Movement. These are horses which will be able to run circles around their opponents with ease." Remembering that she had something that she had to explain to her son she continued on with her explanation.

"When Qi Beasts reach Grade 2, they develop their species' innate racial skill. This skill is only usable by something or somebody who has the same bloodline as that species. Each species has a different innate racial skill but there are similar ones. The strength of the racial skill depends on the Qi Beasts' strength and cultivation. Some of these racial skills are extremely powerful and dangerous and these shouldn't be approached head-on.

Ye Xiu nodded his head after she finished her explanation and continued walking towards the carriage. Where through one of the windows on the carriage, he was able to see Xiao Tu waving at him.

"Ye Xiu, come on you are so slow! I have something to show you that I bet you won't have this thing that I have to show you!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Ye Xiu started jogging towards the carriage and looked back to his mom, "I'll go ahead first, mother." He waved goodbye to his mother.

Quickly jumping into the carriage, Ye Xiu ran over towards the excited Xiao Tu and asked him, "Ok, what did you ask me to hurry here for? If it's nothing interesting then I'm going kick your ass for wasting my time."

"Hmmph, as if you would be able to kick my ass in the first place; now look here at my finger, can you guess what it is?" Ye Xiu saw a ruby crystal on a ring resting in the palm of the excited palm. He had a suspicion of what it was but thought that his parents would hardly trust a child with such an important and expensive item.

Looking at his friend sceptically, "Is that a fake inter-spatial ring you have there? It's not funny to lie to your friend you know. Fake things aren't very interesting at all." Ye Xiu crossed his arms together and pouted childishly.

"It's not fake! My mother gave this to me so I could keep everything precious in here! She said that I would need it to keep everything safe just in case. I bet you're just jealous of me because I have such an expensive item and you don't." Xiao Tu taunted his friend.

"I'm not jealous! Why would I be jealous of something that I can just get from my parents!" Ye Xiu denied his 'jealousy' by stomping on the ground. Whilst he was actually smugly thinking, 'Hah, such a tiny gizmo won't interest me at all. After all, I do have the Locket Dimension which is so much better than a mere storage ring. I mean I can actually enter the space! I bet that's something which is not possible for anybody in this country to have If only important people can have these rings here.'

"Hah, If you could ask your parents for a ring then why didn't you? Or maybe you did and they denied your request because they felt that you weren't responsible enough to take care of something precious by yourself!"

"Whatever, can we just go do something else now?" Ye Xiu tried to move the conversation away from something that he found boring.

"Yeah, yeah. Oh! By the way, my mother seems to want to see the both of us when we arrive. So I think it's best for us to go to her now before she goes ballistic and rampages every trying to find us." Xiao Tu informed Ye Xiu whilst whispering the last part.

As they were walking through the carriage, Ye Xiu had noticed something strange that he should've noticed immediately but was too focused on talking to Xiao Tu. 'That's weird, how did I not notice this before when I came in? The carriage is bigger on the inside than the outside. Could this be similar to how the inter-spatial storage works? By placing a bigger space into a smaller one? But as far as I was concerned it shouldn't allow living things inside. Could it be similar to the Locket Dimension then? I'm not quite sure on how the Locket Dimension and the storage rings are made but I'll find out in the future so I can make my own Dimension or to expand the Locket Dimension. Maybe I don't need to expand the locket Dimension because Master did say something about more things being unlocked once I get stronger. Arghh, there's no point in thinking about this now, I'll just leave the matter for later.'

They both arrived at where Xiao Tu's mother was and she quickly beckoned the both of them towards her. "Look, kids, I have something I want you to try on! These are some clothes that I bought as a pair for the both of you last night! I bet you would both look so cute together wearing it." Ye Xiu looked at the outfit and realised that it was similar to those animal costumes that you could find in his previous life. Seeing that he started to turn around and run away. Before he even got far enough, a hand had grabbed onto the back of his robes and pulled him back towards animal costumes. Seeing that it was his mother pulling him, Ye Xiu knew that he had no chance of escaping.

A scream could be heard throughout the carriage, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

- Night Time the same day -

The carriages had stopped for dinner and to let the Qi Beasts rest and rejuvenate themselves. As they were enjoying dinner, two sharp knocks on the carriage door could be heard when a voice called out, "Open up! It's Xiao San and I coming to haunt you ladies for the rest of the journey!"

Yu Er got up towards the door to open it and beckoned the two men inside. "Why'd you guys come so late at night?"

Xiao San answered this time, "Well, we both finished handling our businesses so we came over early to surprise you guys!"

"That's good then" Yu Er nodded.

They continued eating dinner and after the two boys walked off the fullness they sat down in a corner of the carriage and started reading books; they also started to talk to each other quietly as if they were a couple.

"Tomorrow we'll train as usual and then we can go read books and play some simple games I've come up with." Ye Xiu told him.

"Okay then, are we just going to stick with this schedule until the end of the trip?"

"It's easier than coming up with a new one every day so why not?"

"Then it's decided." Xiao Tu nodded his head seriously.

The boys continued on with the schedule for the rest of the trip when they had finally arrived at the capital of the country they were headed for. Besides some disastrous dress-up sessions, the trip was smooth and peaceful.

After the long trip which had lasted for over a month, Mei Ling ran out of the carriage and shouted, "I'm back! This whole city will remember the name of Mei Ling!"

Yu Er pulled Mei Ling back into the carriage and told her, "You can do that later, now we have to get to our accommodation. Wait, where are we going to be living for the next month or so?"

"We are going to my parent's residence obviously!"

Yu Er just looked at her strangely, "I thought you hated them for trying to stop you from marrying your husband?"

"They wanted to see my precious baby so I couldn't deny them!" Mei Ling started going off on a tangent about her precious son and Yu Er gave up and just dragged her into the carriage and let them carry on into the city.


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