Chapter 4

“Ye Xiu wake up, it’s time for breakfast. You must be hungry after your first meditation session. Usually for kids their first session usually ends up with them being extremely exhausted and hungry because they are continuously thinking about erroneous thoughts. It’s hard to clear your thoughts as a child even though your minds are more innocent and simple this is due to the fact that a child’s attention span is truly too short.

Ye Xiu woke from his daze after his father called for him, slowly stabilising his disoriented state from standing up too quickly he walked out of the office towards the dining room for a glass of water. His father sat at the head of the table eating breakfast before speaking to Ye Xiu.

“Ye Xiu, you seem refreshed after the meditation session. That’s good, now that you’ve experienced the beginning of cultivation I’d like to discuss your path on it. Would you rather focus on Body Cultivation where even those without talent can succeed or go towards the Spiritual where you focus on your soul and mind which strengthens your Qi Arts? Or is your ambition to master both styles of cultivation and rule over all cultivators? Choose carefully because this will determine your future. You can switch from Spiritual Cultivation to Body Cultivation at any time but the same can’t be said for the latter because of how hard it is to catch up to your peers due to the time it takes to breakthrough. Body Cultivation will require you to have a huge amount of resources which I can give to you but the process will be painful. Whilst Cultivating both together will require sweat and blood because you will progress much slower than your peers since both Cultivation Styles have to be equal in rank before you can ascend to the next level.” Ye Qiu looked towards his son awaiting his answer.

“Father would you give me some time before I decide? This seems to be a huge decision so I wish to research on the advantages and disadvantages of the Cultivation Styles.” Ye Xiu was inquiring his father to give him some time due to the fact that he wanted look through the Locket for clues on which Cultivation Style would be the best.

“That is perfectly fine, you have plenty of time to decide because the first step to cultivation is to refine the body then to breakthrough the Qi Barrier.” Ye Qiu nodded towards his son approving of his answer.

“I’ll be leaving now since I’ve finished my food Father.” Ye Xiu ran towards the door to his room so he could look through the Locket without any suspicions.

  • In the Locket Dimension -

“Now I need to look through the house for the Cultivation Techniques of Master and Mistress. Master did say that I had inherited the powers of the Dragons but I don’t feel any change in my body. It’s possible that Master had left the power dormant in me, hopefully he has left something behind me to answer my questions.” Ye Xiu started looking through the house for any places that they would’ve placed their Cultivation Manuals and realised that it would obviously be in the library, “How stupid can I be? It’s obviously going to be in the library where all the techniques are kept.”

Ye Xiu was in the library and spotted two floating scrolls in the middle waiting. He approached with caution in case anything nasty was left but his caution was for naught.

A male voice sounded out throughout the library, “Inheritor of my blood approach and receive the wisdom of the Dragons. The blood lies dormant within you until you reach the appropriate Cultivation Level where certain amounts of it will be active to enhance your physique.” Ye Xiu’s question about the Dragon’s power were answered when another voice which was female rang out.

“Inheritor of the Will of the Phoenix, I bid you welcome. Even though you are a male I believe you will inherit my Phoenix style of cultivation and to master the whip just like I did. I wish you good luck and to carry on our Legacy with pride. Beware of our enemies because once they recognise you, they will hunt you. In this lower realm you will be safe until you reach the highest of powers before Ascension.” The female’s voice started to fade until it could no longer be heard.

Ye Xiu walked closer towards the two scrolls and took them. Reading the first one it said, ‘Nirvanic Phoenix’s Bloom’ and the second one read, ‘Empyreal Dragon’s Ascent’. Ye xiu thought ‘What domineering names these two techniques have. To experience rebirth and ascension of power? How ironic since I have been reborn once already.’ Continuing on to read the scrolls there was a note at the top, ‘Those who have inherited this technique know that both my wife and I have discovered that the Cultivation techniques of the Dragon and Phoenix can be combined to enhance each other.’

‘The Dragon’s Technique will improve your body physically through training and each level of the technique will enhance your physique. Your meridians, bones, muscles and body will all be stronger than your peers. Whilst the Phoenix’s Technique will improve the soul,mind and regeneration. Both techniques will improve your affinity to fire to the highest degree possible before researching the Dao. You can only read levels that you have unlocked by breaking through them using the technique. Each level will have two techniques coming with it. One of Dragon origin and the other of Phoenix origin.’

Ye Xiu was happy that he could cultivate both styles of cultivation because he knew that in the long run it would be much stronger than cultivating in only one branch of cultivation. Not rushing to immediately cultivate he decided to just look around the Locket Dimension so he could figure out where everything is before he started to cultivate to make his life easier when he needed to look for resources.


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