Chapter 3

The pair both arrived at their courtyard with both of them talking happily about what they were going to have for dinner. A woman could be seen waiting patiently for the pair, smiling brightly when saw both of them connecting so well. The woman was Ye Xiu’s mother, Yue Yu Er. Previously, she knew that her husband was worried about their son not having good enough talent but after receiving notice from the voice transmission jade that her husband gave her, she knew that although they are happy now the happiness wouldn’t last forever. The reason why she thought this was because it was possible for hr clan to find out who Ye Xiu was if he shined too brightly. This meant that if her clan went and dug around for clues about Ye Xiu’s family, then they would be able to find her. Brooding over these thoughts, she waited for both of them to enter the house before trying to clear her mind of these negative feelings.

When they went in the dining room, they were greeted with a huge array of dishes due to the news which gave cause to a celebration for the family. When they finished eating, Ye Qiu brought his son to his study to start teaching the basics of meditation.

“Sit down and place both legs on opposite thighs like I do.” Ye Qiu immediately sat into position to demonstrate to his son. He saw that his son was able to sit in the position but seemed uncomfortable. Looking at him being uncomfortable because he had once experienced when he was younger as well. Just watching made him carefully look at his son’s face, making him think his son was truly too cute.

“Ye Xiu, relax your muscles, if your muscles are too tense during meditation then after long periods of time then it will ache more than usual. Now close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing pattern, once you have remembered the pattern which you breathe at then slowly adjust the pattern to mine. This breathing pattern is to make sure that you have the best intake of the qi which is surrounding you. This isn’t the only benefit that you can gain from the meditation, during meditation you will be able to sense the changes in your body more easily to when you are awake, this means that whilst you are practicing a circulation technique then you will be able to adapt to the many changes that occurs as you breakthrough. Besides that, meditation allows you to absorb as much qi as if you are awake, this means that once you wake up you would have a lot of energy instead of grogginess from sleeping. The most important part about meditation is the fact that you have to empty your mind. Emptying your mind can help improve concentration, this means that whilst meditating it is easier to contemplate about techniques or make breakthroughs for various things. This is applicable to matters outside because as long as you are able to empty your mind of useless thoughts during battles, pill refining or training then you are able to do things to the full extent. This is due to the fact that you are completely concentrated on a matter so you it is obvious that the amount of effort will eventually end up with a result which shows you have tried your best. Emptying your mind eventually ends up to being able to have sudden insights. These sudden insights are things you can only stumble upon but can’t continuously look about for it.”

After seeing that his son as able to completely grasp the method of meditation, Ye Qiu quietly left the study to not startle the boy. Quickly pulling out a dark robe out of his interspatial storage, he walked out of the courtyard before slowly melting into the darkness to get to his information base without anybody noticing him. Ye Qiu came to the base today because he had to deal with the information channels within the city. The reason why he had to control the channels was due to the fact that his clan had just received such good results from the clan’s juniors. There were still spies located in the clan but he hadn’t been able to completely find every single one of them, after all there were spies from certain clans from several years back. By controlling the news he could make sure that no information could be leaked, however this was a hard task because he had to make sure that other big powers would not notice that the news was being manipulated by someone behind the scenes.

Scrutinising the reports one by one somebody knocked on his office door before opening it.

Speaking Immediately, “Sir, the Robe of Souls organisation has started to probe into the Tian Clan’s situation. They have sent in multiple children affiliated with them to make a move on to Tian Ye Xiu. It seems as if they are modifying their plan to come up with new solutions to deal with the Tian Clan in the future. What do you wish us to do Sir?”

Knowing that being the head of a massive information organisation meant that Ye Qiu had to keep his identity secret in case of enemies trying to force their way into gaining information. He spoke calmly, “Monitor and give me the names of the families of the perpetrators, make sure information from the Tian Clan and the City Lord Household isn’t leaked out to anybody. If you find anybody trying to find information about us, kill them immediately. Otherwise, continue the procedures as usual.”

“Yes Sir, we will give you the names of those affiliated with the Robes by tomorrow.” bowing slightly before closing the door after leaving.

Ye Qiu looked outside his office window and pondered, “They are finally making their move. Seems like I’ll have to contact the City Lord to make sure his son will become friends with Ye Xiu. If we both aren’t able to control the situation properly, then both our families are doomed. The worst thing is if the item in The Seal is taken out. I know that it isn’t the most dangerous thing inside the seal however it would bring countless problems to the world if it is revealed.”

Whilst his father was in deep thoughts, Ye Xiu was immersed in his meditative state, due to him still being a child he was a curious lad, he constantly explored the new things which appeared in front of him. He was slowly trying to understand what each of these things were able to do and what their benefits and disadvantages were. He decided that he should remember every single thing that he saw during his meditative state and slowly try to understand them. Ye Xiu had a feeling that it would be better to understand these things by himself instead of asking for help for the time being. He was currently observing multiple specks of light coloured differently floating around him in his imagination. As he was observing this he was suddenly woken up.


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