Chapter 1

  • Three years pass -             Tian Clan Household

Ye Xiu was busy running towards the library. After learning how to read and most of the characters secretly, Ye Xiu was always slipping out of sight to sneak into the library. Everyday, he spends at least six hours reading books on the geography of the continent, the almanac of magical beasts, the compendium of medicine and herbs and the scrolls mentioning cultivation.  

However, Ye Xiu didn’t notice that his father, Tian  Ye Qiu had been secretly observing him for the past few weeks. His father was happy that his son was sensible and not like other children. This was because he was building his knowledge base, which could pave the way in his child’s future. Thinking about his child’s future, he remembered that he should bring Ye Xiu to test his talent for cultivation and alchemy tomorrow. Leaving silently, he took a last peek at his son before attending to his duties.

Ye Xiu didn’t know that he had eidetic memory so he kept on earnestly reading the same books multiple due to his interests in these fields of study.

After leaving the library to get back to his courtyard, he noticed something shining in one of the bushes. Walking towards the bush, Ye Xiu glanced around to make sure others could not take away his own discovery, after all Ye Xiu was still a toddler. After making sure the surroundings were clear, he picked up the shining object to inspect it. Looking at it, he see that it was a locket with beautiful engravings etched upon the top and lower half. On the top half there was a dragon and on the lower half there was a phoenix. Opening the locket, a bright light suddenly shined, blinding Ye Xiu momentarily. After regaining his vision, Ye Xiu noticed that the locket was gone, thinking that the whole incident was just his imagination he continued on his way back to his courtyard. Reaching the courtyard, he ran towards the building where dinner was being served, seeing his parents already sitting down at the table he quickly settled down.

Ye Qiu looked at his son and nodded. He started to speak before they ate. He said to his son, “Tomorrow you shall be  testing your martial and alchemic talent,” staring deeply at his son he continued speaking, “I hope your talent doesn’t disappoint me or you.” After speaking he started to eat, after finishing his portion of food he walked out of the dining to head towards the spring to clean himself. Arriving at the spring, Ye Qiu started thinking deeply on how to deal with the problems that the future could bring.

Meanwhile in an abandoned building several figures were gathered together. Speaking in low tones was a figure clad in a black robe.

“How are the preparations going? Said the figure.

Another figure clad in a blue robe answered, “The necessary arrangements have been made, the parents of the spies have been notified to have their children to become closer to the City Lord’s son. We know that the City Lord’s son is already six years old, with a talent of grade seven he will quickly grow into a strong person once he hits the age where the growth spurt occurs.”

A voice could be heard, sneering in disdain, “It doesn’t matter how strong he will become, he’s not a threat to us as long as we are in control of his friends, family and actions. When he inherits his father’s position, we’ll have him take out their ancestral heirloom out of The Seal.”

A timid voice squeaked out, “There are still some variables which we have not been able to take care of. The Tian Clan’s Patriarch hasn’t been informed about this situation because of his current stance with the City Lord. I’m afraid that if his son has good talent in either martial arts or alchemy then it could ruin our plans. Even though the Patriarch hasn’t been informed by us, he still knows of our plans due to his various sources which has been collecting information around the city for several years. If the Patriarch does take action and make his son to become friends with the City Lord’s son then we will fail for sure. The Tian Clan has a foundation of three hundred years, it will be hard for us to make any moves on them if they do decide to move forward.”

The man in the black robe spoke again, “I propose that we also send the children to become friends with the Tian Clan’s Young Master, he’s currently three years old so we still have time to come up with plans to manipulate him. For now, continue to observe the clans and sects for any abnormal movements. This meeting is over.”

THe four figures separated one by one to their respective bases. Another figure crept out of the shadows with a hideous smile on it’s face. Speaking to itself, “Once that item is taken out of the Ancient Seal, another fragment of the Demonic emblem will be released into the Dimension.”

As this matter concludes, Ye Xiu finished his food and headed towards his room excitedly, after hearing his father speak he started to have all sorts of ideas for the future. Lying down on his bed, he fell asleep, in his dream he saw a man wearing a robe embroidered beautifully was a dragon  and beside the man was a woman wearing a dress which had a phoenix embroidered on it as well.

The man started to speak, “Successor of our legacy, due to the fact that you are a male you shall inherit the power of the dragons. My wife and I hopes that you can use this legacy to bring yourself to unimaginable heights. Both of us use the concept of fire as our main concept, we have used it to the point that it has formed a dao. What a dao is, is something that you should find out by yourself. You can choose to learn to use the sword or to use the whip. The sword represents dragons and the whip represents the phoenix. Once you understand the essence of either of these weapons and the way they are supposed to be used then you should be able to utilise some of the higher ranked techniques of the dragon or phoenix clan. Within our legacy it contains a dimensional space you alone can enter. The space has restrictions which will be removed as your strength and comprehension of the world increases. The basic environment of the space is currently set to have the qi from the space to be three times more pure and abundant compared to the qi outside the space. Time spent in the dimension is ten times faster than the time spent outside the space. You can only spend a total of twelve hours a day inside the dimension. Herbs will grow faster if you pour spiritual liquid over it, spiritual liquid can be taken from the lake which is located at the foot of the mountain. Bathing in the liquid will give you all sorts of benefits so you should constantly use it. The liquid will be constantly replenished so you don’t have to be worried about it running out. There is a small house beside the lake, in the house there should be the cultivation technique you need and there should also be a library of martial techniques. Choose your martial techniques appropriately and make sure you don’t get blinded by power and greed because learning too many martial techniques isn’t always a good thing. There are other things that are important but you should discover them yourself. Oh, one important thing is that you if you need to exit or enter the dimensional space, just think about the action. I wish you good fortune alongside with my wife, please remember our names, mine is Xing Yu He and my wife’s name is Tie Lu Di.”


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